Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zebra Stripes for Santa Baby

     I haven’t sewn in over a month and how do I start back? I sew a Christmas stocking for the baby of the house. I got tired of looking for something different only to find the same old unexcited basic flat - just let me get to the point - ugly - Christmas stockings! So, what’s a sewist to do? What she should have done in the first instance. Sew It! So, I did. And this is what turned out.

Christmas stocking 301

I love it! And as Zyan gets older, I am sure she will too.

I simply traced one of the other kids stockings, added seam allowance, and sew. Quick and easy. Only 15 minutes to sew up. Even longer to clean the mess because (lesson learned) I didn’t mark and sew from the back of this furry animal. Just a little of the mess?

Christmas stocking 101

Here it is before it was stuffed with goodies for Christmas.

Christmas stocking 201

That is all. I want to squeeze some sew time in. Before the laid back days are all to gone and then back to the 9 to 5. Hopefully I’ll churn something out before the 31st.

Until later. Smooches and smoothies for all!


Vested Suit with S3911


     I made this skirt a while ago and never reviewed it. It’s just a skirt with no bells nor whistles. What I do like is the wide contoured waistband.

New Items 040

     The vest is almost made up in this shot. I just wanted to show the skirt. It has a front split and a side zipper.

     I cut the vest in the 16 because that is what’s been cut since I bought the pattern. I never made it up. So I cut the fabric out in the 16, forgetting to grade down. The 14 would have been better.

New Items 076

     I made the view without the collar. I left the lining out and instead used biased binding for the edges and hems. Everything else was left as is.

     New Items 039

     I have some meaningless photos because I was playing with the camera on my phone. Oh well, they all came out the same. Nothing spectacular. At least I know what I want for Christmas this year. (sneaky grin) So, here are two more meaningless photos.

New Items 037                  New Items 049








     A photo of the side splits:

New Items 119

     A pocket:

New Items 043

     I don’t know the fabric content as usual. It was stash. But it could pass for a twill, kind of denim -ish if you may. I actually started to make a pair of pants out of it but decided I wanted a skirt and then made a vest out of the rest.

The next few are just photos if worn with a sapphire blue blouse. I love this color and wish I can find some denim in this color for a pair of jeans.

New Items 115

New Items 116








New Items 118

     Another 1 and 1/4  yards to add to the 2013 Style Your Stash. Smooches Readers! Stay focused!

~~~ Scheryka~~~

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Multiflexibility Skirt

Skirt in question?

Simplicity 2344 with Khaliah Ali.

New Items 074

First off - PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SEAMS - ask me how I know this.

     Second piece to add to the wardrobe for the new career move. I made the skirt E in size 14. According to the corresponding measurements, I should have made the 16 with the 30 inch waist. HOWEVER, even with making the 14 it was too big. I took in 1/4 inch on each side seam. I don’t know what’s up with all that. It’s still a tad loose than what I’d like it to be.

New Items 121

     I used a stretch fabric. It feels like it want to be a sateen but then again it doesn’t. Maybe a stretch broadcloth. Yeah that’s what it feels like. But not the thin cheesy kind. It’s quite substantial. It was in the stash for a while because I didn’t know what I wanted to sew with it. I love the color and the print and wish I could find more of it. The pattern is only two pieces and uses twill tape for the waist facing. I used a metallic -ish ribbon that is the color of the ‘tan’ in the skirt and top. It’s from the stash too.

New Items 122 

     The skirt has a left-knee side slit and the zipper is on the left-side seam. How in the world did I get my zipper on the left-side slit seam is beyond me AND get this. The skirt fits so much better turned around back wards. So what do I end up with? My slit ends up on the back-right area right along with my zipper. Oh, well. I like it. And guess what? I am going to make a black one just. like. it. Ok Maybe the zip and slit will be on the left-back though. All grins here.

New Items 123

     That’s all for this one. I guess I need to stop and take the time to do a more thorough review because by the time I get to the posting I am so ready to move to the next sewing project and I’ve probably forgotten what I need to type up.

     I used 1 and a 1/4 yard of the fashion fabric and I’ll that to the 2013 Style the Stash over here with the other stash busters.

Until the next post,

~~~ Scheryka ~~~

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Breaking the Ice with Just a Small Roar

     This top really doesn’t need a post dedicated to it because it is so simple. I only made it because I’ve wanted a leopard print top like this for a while and just never took the little time to make it up. But there’s a time for everything and I guess now was the time for the top.


     I used only one yard of fabric. It’s a leopard print woven with a tad bit of stretch from the stash. It’s very confortable. I made the 14 based on my bust measurements.

     I used a short length of lingerie, or panty elastic, at the gathered part mid-bust just to see what works. It does and it yields a bit of give when putting the top over my big ole head.

Nl6035 Neckline

     I used two small folds to finish the neckline. I used some Wright’s lace for the armhole and bottom hem. I love this stuff. It just might become a staple in place of facings and fabric bias in future garments. It was in the stash so I decided to use it.

     Here it is on Aloe. She’s such a good lady.

NL 6035 with Khaki Skirt                         NL6035 with black skirt

Excuse the wrinkles. I’m in no mood to ironing for photos.

     There’s nothing really to brag about with this top. It’s a top that I’ve put off for a while and don’t really know why. It’s a wild thing print. It can be changed with many items in the wardrobe which makes it a staple and very versatile. I plan on wearing it with burgundy, orange, etc....

Until later,


Friday, October 11, 2013

You Have Not Because You Ask Not

*****This post is not about sewing. It is about something near and dear to me right now. Just a story of what I feel I need to share. I pray it helps someone to keep their head in the game and don’t give up.*****

     There were many different "things I wanted to be when I grew up" but I have always had the passion to work in the medical field. When I was young, it didn't matter where as long as it was medical. Within the last 10 years, it still didn’t matter as long as I was helping to make a difference in other’s health.


     Fast forward to 2006- mid 2008. I decided to go back to school to get some education under my belt. No joke and I am a jokester at times. My career advisor asked me why did I want to become a Medical Assistant. My reply: “Because I want to wear scrubs. I think they are cool.” No joke. I said that. I graduated with my AAS in Medical Assisting and landed my first job as a Medical Assistant with the pediatric facility I'd completed my intern. I worked there for a year before another twist in life came along. Right before I returned back to the Upstate, SC, in November 2008, I had decided to pursue my career for Healthcare Management. In order to do that I had to have the education. I enrolled in Excelsior University, later I’d transferred to Park University, so that I can obtain my BS in Healthcare Management.

     Well into classes I found out that most positions would require me to also have my RN to work as a case manager. Oh, no! I was not going to start over. Not again. Not me! Hmph with a lot of attitude. I entertained the thought of getting my RN. I quickly washed away to the back of my mind because , frankly, I was NOT going to do any more schooling than I’d already done. I mean really, even though I’d had my VA benefits, I still had college loans to be repaid. And soon. I’d done some research on positions that did not require me to obtain or already have my RN. That journey was unsuccessful.

     Still going to college working towards my BS, I’d put in for several other positions. I mean literally - HUNDREDS - of jobs. Some I knew dag on well I didn’t qualify for. I put in for jobs in other states; even in other countries! Let’s see here. I put in at all three local hospital systems in Greenville. From Account Specialist to Patient Transporter to Environmental Services. I’d put in with public school system. I thought since I had worked for them previously, it’ll be easy peasy to get back in the system. NOT! I’d put in for Cafeteria Worker (which I am more than well qualified to work). I put in for After School Worker, Office Personnel, ISS Aide (the position I held when working with them previously), Special Education Aide: I even put in to be a custodian.

     The DMV. Just about every temp agency. Non-profit organizations. The local newspaper, work at home gigs, community and technical colleges, daycares, WalMart, Bi-Lo, Fed Ex, car dealerships and the list could go on on and on. I’d have interviews but landed no job. I even tried finding acting jobs. No joke.

     I started to entertain the fact that I wanted a job where I could wear some really cute clothes like a skirt and nice top and a pair of sick boots. Or maybe jeans on Friday with a dress blouse and wedges. A job where I had meetings with the big dogs or I was a big dog. I had made scrubs for my scrub love and now I had started planning my dressy; casual dress; dress down position I had mentally charged in my head.

     One day I told God what I wanted. It wasn’t clearly thought out or written down; it sord of just rolled off my tongue and out of my mouth. I was like, “Lord, you know I have a passion to help people.” I believe my passion for it grew stronger when sickness and ailments hit close to home. My own family. My Dad was alcoholic. How could he be helped? My Mom has high blood pressure. How can she manage this and still not have to donate her heart to help pay for it? Still even closer - I and my three younger sisters suffer from bad headaches and migraines. If that doesn’t do it, then my husband has epilepsy and sarcoidosis. My oldest son suffered from asthma when he was younger. My youngest son also have epilepsy and a heart murmur. My oldest daughter has an irregular-regular heart beat. The middle daughter has nothing but a case of being a kid. Thank goodness for that. The baby has a list of things that right now I care not to name.

     I told God, I was unsure. I knew I was unsure but I let him know the desires of my heart. I wanted to be in the medical field. I wanted to be able to help those who maybe didn’t have the monetary means to help themselves. I wanted to help the homeless. The poverished. I wanted to be able to make decisions on who to call for what situation. I wanted to help someone manage their failed attempts a weight loss. I wanted to be able to help the young pregnant mother find resources to help her and unborn baby flourish. I wanted to be able to help the man I see coming from under the interstate bridge asking for money, food, or a job obtain healthcare and place to live. I wanted to be able to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in another person’s life. Oh, yeah, I wanted to have the option to wear my scrubs if I felt like it or my business office attire. If I felt like it.

     Let me tell you. When God has His hands on your life it’s no, NO, stopping you! I went to the Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day affair that is nationally known. I actually took my husband there so that he can have his prostate screening done. It was free so why not? I was supposed to get my breast exam done but I spent my time networking for a job instead and by the time I went they were closed.

     Anyhow, I went to just about every station looking at the literature and getting information from car seat safety to weight loss to abuse. And at every station I asked the representative, “Do you know if your company is hiring?” Every single one gave me the website and possibly a name that I could speak to about landing a job. The very fist station was with New Horizon Family Health Services. A federally sponsored medical center that has grown to become almost, almost, as effective as the local hospitals. This was the only company I simply emailed my resume to. The others, I’d made a profile and log in information, filled an application, and left my resume to be thrown in the field of technology to no longer be heard of again. 

     Glory behold, it wasn’t a week when my cell phone rang and a lady named Grace asked to speak to me. It was concerning my resume that was submitted. Ok, now before she actually told me the company, my mind automatically went into over drive trying to figure out Which. Company. This. Could. Be. because I promise just about every company in the Greenville and the surrounding area had a copy. Grace told me she was with New Horizon and she wanted me to meet with a head nurse for the facility. Sure. No problem. Just tell me when and where and I’m there.

     We met. She’d given me the spill about the company’s history. She asked the infamous interview question, “So, tell me about yourself.” As long as I have known, since high school that is, this is my time to shine! My time to show and make the interviewer believe why I will be the right person for this position. I did a good job. And my known strategy has been for every interview I’ve been on was to refer to the position as if I already have it. Now granted, it has worked but not with all employers.

     I thought I’d went in there for a Medical Assistant position at their Greenville location. Somewhere the conversation changed to me possibly working in Greer office since I live closer to that location. The interviewer started talking to me like I has already gotten the “You’re hired” statement. Or “Welcome aboard!” She told me my position would be like a traveling Medical Assistant servicing the 13 counties of the upstate where I would possibly also double as a driver. That’s a plus because being a traveling nurse was once a thought I’d fancied. Although I didn’t want to actually do the driving. But since I’d had experience moving military vehicles that was another asset. She recommended me to have a second interview with the program manager at the second location.

     I got a call a few days later from human resources saying that I am to have a phone interview with the program manager. I waited anxiously until d-day. The call was 40 minutes long. Within this phone call I went from being interviewed as a traveling medical assistant to actually being interviewed for a Medical Support Assistant. Ok! Now what exactly am I supposed to be hired as again? Lol

     A week later, I’d gotten a call saying that the Program Manager wanted to meet face to face before I actually started to work. I’d got to get the quick start run down of the job description, meet the rest of the staff, and tour the facility and the mobile unit. I was shown where my office (which I’d be sharing with another person) would be and my desk with it’s manuals and forms that are necessary in order to complete my tasks. I’ve never had an office before. Whow! I mean seriously, my longest job I’ve held was raising kids and next to that was being a enlisted soldier in the military. Who have you known to have their own office in these two fields?

     Again, I’d gotten yet another job title. This time it was Referral Coordinator that will still do the jobs of the two previously mentioned job titles. Ok, this is starting to sound like I will be the gopher of the facility. Am I to work front or back office? Drive or sit? What in the hell am I supposed to be doing? Lol

     So, before I left I found out that in a nutshell my job title is Case Manager. I will be working in the front administration and back clinical office. I will be a back up driver to a regular driver they are in the process of interviewing. I will be the Referral Coordinator. I can wear scrubs if I choose. Or I can wear business casual if I prefer. What in the world did I just get myself into?

     JUST. WHAT. ASKED. GOD. FOR! I am about to walk into my dream career! God had opened the doors that NO MAN can close. In 20/20 hind site, he has closed doors that no man can open! I am going to walk into my blessing and I thank God for being God alone! When He shifts your atmosphere don’t be afraid to go there. Even though it may not be exactly what you want or asked for it to be, if it’s God’s Will you will be more than exceedingly blessed to be in the position He has authored for you to be.

     In the past two years things got so rough there were times when I wanted to give in and give up. But my faith in God and the faces of my five kids wouldn’t let me. When I tell you I wanted to lay down a just die, it is the truth. But I held out and held on. And God came, not when I wanted him too, but right on time.

     In the words of many gospel song artists, “Speak into the atmosphere” and when God start “shifting the atmosphere” in your favor “Go get your blessing” because “What God has for you it is for you.”

     So, now I have to put my other talent to into overdrive because I need a few trousers and blouses for the office and I would love to have some chic new scrubs to wear when ever I chose to wear on what day I choose to wear it.

To God be the Glory!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Blue Pique....

...’pearls’ and flowers. I had 2 yards of this baby blue pique in the stash for a while. It was originally meant to be a sheath dress for myself but I never got around to making it. It was claimed by Ann for a top that she’s wanted for about a year now. So I made her the top and she was able to model and wear it tonight.


McCall’s 4554 Easy Endless options OOP

I made View C but it’s not shown on the envelope front. This could easily be a go to top for Ann. It can be dolled up or down. The model on the envelope is wearing her top with vertical ruffles down the front and versions A and D are plain. I added some crocheted roses to the front of Ann’s top with some ‘pearls’ to simulate a pinned brooch and necklace.

Front Close up

Cut in the envelope size 10 for fit and 12 for length. It fits pretty well, being that I made it in a woven fabric instead of stretch like the patterns calls for.

There was no need to read the instructions since it’s just a basic top. Since my serger is still sick, I zigzagged the ends, done a small double turn at the neckline and a wider, probably and inch, at the bottom and sleeve hems.


The back is nice and simple. It’s a blank canvas to do what you want to it.

Full front                                  Sidef posing

This is how she plans to wear her new shirt to school in the morning. I love Oxford shoes!

I also made the pants in the pattern but of another fabric and that’s going to be a post all in itself. And let’s just say there was a lesson to be learned by the rising sewist.

Until later. Be wonderfully blessed!

~~Scheryka and Ann

Front Posing                                   Side front posing

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disney’s Hannah Montana Simplicity 2380

Ann 9Ann 1Ann 2Ann 3Ann 8


This is one of the easiest patterns that I have sewn for the Ann. Nii put her request in already. Unfortunately it’s starting to get cold so I need to change gears. If it wasn’t a shame I’d make a whole slew of them but there are so many other patterns that I have in the stash and I really want to get to them at least once. I won’t put this one up just yet because my oldest wants a few for the next school season, too. She also wants the bolero which I may make for this beautiful fall weather.

S2380 Hannah Montana

It’s a girls’ jumpsuit that is in short and pant length. There is also a dress version and a bolero as a topper. It comes in sizes 7 to 16. I cut the 10. The fabric is from the stash, it’s a pindot shirting in royal and white and a red plaid shirting, both from

Pindot and plaid

The only thing I’d done differently was left off the tie string and put only the elastic waist. For some reason my girls tend to sit on the strings and tear them off. So why put them on, right?

The pattern comes with patch pockets. I would add in-seam pockets for Ann next time and keep the patch pockets for Nii.

It’s a good pattern to teach beginners with as well. Nothing hard. Just some basics that’ll be used in future projects. It’s also great because there are no zippers nor button holes. View C, however, does call for three buttons. They’re only for decoration, though.

Silly Shots

Ann 7Ann 4Ann 5Ann 6


I made the outfit and review in July but am just now getting around being able to post it. It is also part of the 2013 Style the Stash Sew a Long.

Until next time, Smooches!


Friday, September 27, 2013


It’s been about two months since I’ve posted due to life. I am just taking the time out to say, “Thank you!”, to my followers. Thank you for taking the time to follow my sewing blog. I hope you are inspired in one way or another. Even if you learn how NOT to sew, wear, or style something . You all always give such nice comments. I am inspired by you and your blogs as well.

I do have to say, “Happy Birthday to Me!” I am the big 36 and loving it! It is a blessing to be alive these last and evil days.

Happy Birthday Diamonds

My outfit for today has actually be an UFO for about 2 years. The story started when my sister Evoni and I had our little own personal sew-a-long. How ever this endeavor quickly ended when she lost mojo. No, wait, I think I lost the mojo. Or was it that sewing instructions were lost? I think it was because I couldn’t decide on a lining. See that’s what happens when you wait so long to sew things. You age. You forget. Then you blame others. Oh well. It’s all sewn up now.

Blur front

It is Vogue 1214 (OOP)designed by Alice and Olivia. When I bought this pattern I was head over heals in love with it. It is rated as Average by Vogue and has a pattern for the vest, leggings, and belt. It’s described as close-fitting, lined top has front band extended into shawl collar, snap closure, front darts, side front pockets, back detailed seams, godets and topstitch trim. Belt has elasticized back and topstitch trim.


The back has detailed seams? Yes! It’s an 8 paneled back with a ton of top stitching AT. EACH. SEAM.

Back w stitches

Back w belt

I had initially cut the 14 (two years ago) and now it’s too big. So, that is a plus in itself. And now it’s a year after a baby. She turned one August 27th. I believe the 12 would have been a better fit.

I love the godets and how they flow. I love the top stitching. Even though it is a ton of it, I love it. I love the collar. I love the self fabric belt. I love that it is not the basic vest. You know like the one’s worn in the day that coordinated with Uncle Bill’s and Aunt Mae’s boots. I love the twist on this vest. So me. There was nothing that I did not like.

I used a black and white suiting I’d purchased from probably 2 1/2 to 3 years ago. The black and white is so small it looks gray, just like the vest the model is wearing on the envelope. So it’s a stash and a UFO. The lining is a poly from the stash also. The snaps and the elastic are stash.

A little detail

Blose up belt

Close up back with belt

Initially when I started putting this vest together - after the long pause- I was NOT going to line it. But then I didn’t want to lose the look of it and didn’t want to have to draft facings. I am GLAD I went ahead and lined it because it looks, hangs, and feels so much better.

LiningCrappy lining

I did not put in the pockets because I will not be using them. I saved the time and just eliminated them. I also put in the lining my jacked up, kind of quick way. Actually I tried doing it the way I was shown by an alterations person who works at Men’s Wearhouse. Let’s just say I’ll be working on that so I can get it right. I tried to strategically place the snaps so that the panel does not gape. I put them on per the instructions then took them off and repositioned them. Well, it worked on Aloe. It’s not working on me. I will take these off and used a bigger size when I redo them. Oh, I did not self line the godets. I just turned up the seam allowance and stitched it down. I thought they would be stiff and look like log flags on a log truck.


I don’t think I will sew it again. It’s unique. I will attempt to go into the side seams and take it in because I really do like it. HOWEVER, if I find some white suiting in this same weight, I may just change my mind.

Close Front Neck



Front w Belt

I don’t know how the center front got like this but it did and I’m not crying over it.

Back - talking

Another crappy shot

side back

Until my next project. Apple cider and cinnamon sticks. Later Huns!

*gosh I need a good camera and some landscape*

*maybe I’ll learn how to photochop Winking smile*