Sunday, May 6, 2012

McCall's 6074 Resurrection Dress

This dress was the easiest but most pain staking ever! It wasn't error of the pattern, fabric, nor myself. It was error of that thing of a Brother sewing machine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I have had it since 1998, but it doesn't act bipolar all the time. It only cut up when ...well, when it wants to. I'm just going to call this condition electronic bipolarism.

My sister, Evoni, over at EvyLu's, and I made this dress together during Spring Break. We both had a helluva time with our machines. And I am not talking a good and loving time. I mean hell and high waters of a time! Let me see, there may have been a total of 2 broke needles, 2 bent needles, TONS of thread speghetti under the bobbin houses, clicking and ticking noises, fabric jams through the plate, and so many bobbin house moving in odd directions that we can shake a stick at! ( I wonder what that really mean, "...shake a stick at".) I used to always hear Momma say it and still don't know what it means.

Anyhow's, I am only 5'3" and the patternis obviously made for the usual models who are at least 6 feet something in the higher inches. We were doing View C which is the longest of all the views and we both had to cut it to the length of View D, and the dress is right were it lands on the model for View C. Yeah, we're short people.

DESCRIPTION: Misses' 1 hour puul-over dresses in 3 lengths with deep v front neck line.

SIZES: The pattern comes in sizes A5 (6 to 14) and FF (16 to 22) I believe we cut on the 14. It could have been the 12. I am not with the envelope to makek sure.

DID IT LOOK LIKE THE PHOTO OR DRAWING ON THE ENVELOPE WHEN I WAS DONE: Well, yes it did. It is too easy for it not to look like it.

WERE THE INSTRUCTIONS EASY TO FOLLOW: What instructions? I don't believe we really used them until it was time to put in the elastic and its casing in the front bust area.

WHAT DID I PARTICULARLY LIKE OR DISLIKE: I liked that there are only 2 pattern pieces minus the elastic casing and that it is one the easiest patterns out there. One could easily make an assembly line worth of these bad babies in a matter or a few hours or so. There are no dislikes.

FABRIC USED: I used a black, white, and grey striped knit from Hancock Fabrics.

PATTERN ALTERATIONS OR DESIGN CHANGES: Aside from what what is already mentioned above...none. However, next time I make this dress I would like to do a facing for the neck and arms. Turning and sewing does not look very well finished to me.


CONCLUSION: This is the pattern for all your spring and summer maxi dreams. Go get it and sew it up. I see cut, copy and paste (modifications) all over this dress to get the high-low effect, short, long, asymmetrical, tiered, you name it. And it is great for beginner sewers, too. Give it a try.

Sorry there are no photos. It seems as though photos are stuck on my sister's hard drive and I have not had time to photo any more. Once they become available, I'll provide them for you. In the mean time you can enjoy EvyLu's dress.