Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taming That Neckline Gape

Sew, there are a few people that have that annoying probem with their necklines gapping down and showing a little more than they would bargain for. I am one of them. Although I have yet to try this solution, I am pretty sure it is tried and true. Alsew, this blog is dedicated to my new Burdastyle family member Ranjani. I ran across this page from VoguePatterns (Gotta give credit where credit is due). Sew, here's to you...and myself.

Until later,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Cosmo bags

Here are the Valentine Cosmetic Bags I made for sale on my site: Why don't you come by and visit sometimes. Here's a photo for you that are interested at heart. 
Ok, sew you be the judge. You like? Or you don't like? Well, it really doesn't matter because I like them. Hehe. Ok, I'm outa here. I'm in search of a apattern that was out in the golden year. The year I was born. 1977. When I find it, I will make it and post it. Be on the look out. 
Wow, I can't wait to see this. Until next time, 

Anna's Jalies

Ok, sew I stumbled on a pattern where there are 22 - 27 sizes in one! WOW. Here's the link: Jalie. These are the best freakin jean pattern! Ok, I made my oldest Princess, Anna, a pair. Here's a few photos:
                Now I have washed them
and they have not come apart! They are WELL constructed! I am going to make me a pair next. I thought I'd make hers first just in case I blooped then it wouldn't be too much fabric lost. Haha. Sew, if you like what you see these come in size 7. Well, this is the size I cut hers in. Mine will be in a size 10. Kids jeans $15 and ladies, $30. I knwo you may say, "That's high," or "That's more than the store". But can you get a pair of custom jeans from WalMart or Penny's? I thought so.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Valentine Sweetheart

Here is a link to my VC- Valentine Cami.
It was supposed to be for another contest but ummm, I'll probably just keep it as is and don't freakin' enter. I can't stand not getting response to questions that are asked over and over. The description should already be at the links page. So, I'm not going into further details. I'm hungry. So when i get done eating...what ever it is I find and concock a meal out of i might be back. Until...

my stomach stop growling...

Schey Butta