Sunday, February 17, 2013

Top for my sis...

I’ve made this top for myself. But when my sister came to visit, she claimed it! Then had the nerve to ask if I’d make her a “special” one. Ok, so she wanted a purple one, a blue one, an orange one... Ok, just a purple and blue one. First one is free, Sis. When I get you hooked, you’ll become a paying customer. She is not ‘photogenic’ ...that’s what she says, I think otherwise, so I honored her wish to take neck down photos.

The pattern is Very Easy Vogue 8581. V8581

The short sleeve version.

This pattern goes together so quickly, one could easily do several in an assembly line action as long as the thread can be universally used.

MISSES' TUNIC: Tunics A, B, C have front and back upper gathers, neck binding, lower elastic casing and raglan sleeve variations. A: sleeves with elastic casing. B: three-quarter length flared sleeves. C: gathered sleeves and sleeve binding.

I made size 12, I believe, in a rich purple knit that I had stashed to make myself a halter.

I will be making this pattern again for myself because it goes well with the perfect pair of jeans. Here are four photos of my sister wearing her newly Scheryka-made top.


Left sideRight side


Until later, XOXO, Scheryka.

Capering in My Cape & Interview Ready

M5764 vs M5913 Easy Stitch n Save and Vogue 8751

January: cape. (Yes, it’s the middle of February, but hey...)

It is getting cold out! I mean, it is cold outside! So, that means I need new outerwear. I have a black leather jacket that’s about had its wear and a poo - I mean olive green wool pea coat that I wear most often. There’s also my Class A Trench from the Army but, really. I want (need) something new; something different. I got to wondering through the pattern stash and found a LOT of trench, jacket and coat patterns that I want to make. When I pulled out McCall’s 5913,


I thought I’d make a cape. But I mentally traveled back and forth between a cape and a trench. I really wasn’t ready to tackle an in-depth piece just yet, so I settled for a quick and easy cape. That’s the point when I also found McCall’s 5764. Which is OOP now.


Hmmm, these two patterns are the same. One difference though is that 5764 offers “4 Great Looks” with “One Easy Pattern” while the Easy offers only three. It took a hot minute to figure the difference. I found it! The fourth look was a collar variation.

M5764 line drawing 2 

I love the longer belted version. It’s just chic to me. I cut the 12 since it’s meant to fit loose. I didn’t want too much of a swing.

The instructions were GREAT. Nothing confusing or fussy. I also compared the instructions to the Easy version. They’re the same with just a few combined here and few separated there.

I used a black wool-like fabric with white-lined plaid that was mistakenly shipped to me. Instead of the company wanting the fabric back they happily replaced it with the right one free of charge. Yay! Win-win for me. And who doesn’t love a win-win situation?


I didn’t make any alterations. I did change the way it closes. I put in invisible snaps instead of buttons. I initially wanted a zipper but I’m trying to use stash items and I didn’t have a separating zipper on hand. So I settled on the invisible snaps. I also omitted the interfacing since this fabric is thick enough by itself and holds its own... even after the wash.


I love that it’s simple, fast and easy. I wore it with a pair of Vogue trouser pants I made for an interview. They were an in between item that I needed. These pants were SUPER EASY. I knew I needed a pair of dress pants a week in advance. My interview was on a Thursday. I cut them out Tuesday night and started construction Wednesday night. ....LATE Wednesday night. In fact I went to bed around 2 then decided to get back up and go ahead and finish them. I was done something to 4 am. I love them. Although I could make the hip area a tad wider. (I tell ya, post baby weight gain is a mess!) Hence the side pocket gaps. Everything else, just great... especially the waistband. I love a wide band. I also made a 2-inch hem. I’m 5’3” if you need a bit of reference.

Trousers: Very Easy Vogue 8751. I guess it’s because I have constructed several pairs of pants. This Very Easy Vogue lives up to it’s name. With taking care of home duties, school duties, and a nursing baby, total these trousers took 6 and half hours from start to finish, excluding pattern cutting. Originally, I was planning to make View A with the belt loops, but I was kind of strapped for time so I made View B.


I cut the 16. I’ve been having to go up a few sizes since having baby Zyan. I have got to get this weight off soon! It’s not me and since I do not trace my patterns, I refuse to have too many patterns cut too large for me.

I used a semi stretch suiting from the stash that was perfect for this pattern and its purpose. I needed some interview trousers - that I could fit - for a medical office.


I like everything about the pattern and pants except that the legs are a bit wide for my liking of this type garment. Had they been a little more flowing and for another purpose, I would love it. I am also a bit short, standing at only 5’3”. And now since I am a chunkster, it makes it worse. IMO. Next time, and I want to make them again, I’ll take off 3 inches of the leg width.


I made a few exceptions and changes. One, Since I procrastinated until the last moment, I did not have time to interface the waistband nor zipper placket. I’d sewn the waistband together and constructed it as one piece. I made a 2-inch hem for the legs. Oh, the legs are wide! And instead of using only 2 hook and eye that the pattern called for, I used 3 to make up for the interfacing that I did not use. It did the trick but only for a little while. As in - for the moment of the interview only. I can get away with that since it’s really due to the extra pull (killing) my belly is giving the band. That will SOON be history.


I had planned to do a little jacket to go with it but since I waited so long to get started that was surely a no-go at my station! I wore it to the interview with my leather jacket. Basic and nothing fancy. It was cold so I let my outerwear serve as my ‘jacket’. The office was cold, too, so I kept that bad baby on!

I pray I get that job. But even if I don’t, I’ll still be happy-go-blessed!


Until my February project,

x o x o