Friday, April 30, 2010

Lekala 6093

I decided to make my husband a pair of jumpers for work. He's a military vehicle mechanic by trade and loves to fix on his 1986 Monte Carlo. Oh yeah, there are perks in this...I don't have to pay labor and those awfully high service dollars for my car! But back to the sewing project that's at hand. 
I heard him make the comment that he was tired of messing up his clothes when he was working in the car. Granted now, he does have work clothes, but once they are dirty and greasy they need to be washed and it's usually grease and goop and who knows what else. So, me with my ever so loving and thoughtful self. I didn't want my washing machine messed up with motor grease and goop. My goodness, I have to prewash my denim for my jean projects, afterall! I can't have a stained machine...yeah but with all that denim dye bleeding from raw denim it amazing I haven't been banned from the laundry room! 
Oh, yeah. I got off the subject again. So, the pattern I found for him, because I can't really find too many patterns for the males in the house, was Lekala 6093. I know, you're probably thinking LeWho?! Ok, here's the site: Sewing Patterns. It is a collection of the different patterns that are offered to us. You must type "Lekala" in the search box. Go to about the 11th page and the 5th row, 1st picture (or about the 198th picture if you have the view all activated). You should see this man: 

I told him I was going to make him two pairs and put my little touch to it. And I did as I said; except I didn't make him two. The jumaper has been finished for about 2 weeks now. Not once has he worn it! DO he not like it? Is it not good enough? Or is it too good to be worn? You wouldn't believe what his answer is: "Well, it's too good to be worn and messed up. I'm going to wear it our first." WHAT!? I mean, I made this for you to work in. But, do you think I believe this answer? Neverrr. Lol. Needless to say, I had to get the jumper off the hanger out the closet where it was HANGING UP! I took pictures without him in it. So, here is what I got:

Suspended from the champaign glass rack from the roof. (Nope, I don't drink. But I would like to have a pepsi on the rocks.)

A little closer. You can see the two waist pockets and the chest pockets.

A look at the straps and zipper. Yeah, the pattern photo has buttons. What man you know want to button up when they can zip up and be done? Really though. Simplicity is the key. 
Did you see my design element of love? 

The tool lining...I thought it was so cool when I ran across this fabric. But by it being pricey, I only ordered 1 yard and lined the top front and top back bodices, straps, and lined all 4 pockets with it. Really there was none left. I twisted and turned that fabric to get the most used.

For his second be made after he weats this one!, will have an old cars lining fabric. I love what I do.

Until later,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Frilly and Jeans

Ever went to the local department store and just knew you were going to purchase the right pair of jeans? Well, me either. They are too big. Or they are too small.  
Well, let me tell you about this pattern by pattern maker Jalie. I know, I know. I'm a little late jumping on the Jalie wagon.   ..But not really. You see, I have already made Anna's Jalies.
I did make me a pair of Jalie's, but they were mistakenly made from NON STRETCH denim and the pattern specifically calls for STRETCH denim. Now, I could show you how they fit but I refuse to be copied and pasted on YouTube and put on blast around the world. Let's just say they didn't make up my thighs and my pockets were on my high thighs. 
But let me redeem myself. I REMADE JALIE AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. I may never (I didn't say I WILL never), buy a pair of jeans again. Move over Old Navy, Gap, WAL-MART! Jalie has entered the building. 

Made with Jalie is actually a top that was made about a year back. It is McCall's 5853, a very comfortable top that I plan on making again in the sorda' near future. Ok, I won't make you hurry up and wait any more. Here's my outfit.

Quit looking at my toes. No, they are not painted! Next, are the pictures of this beautiful ensemble. No body does it better than making something something that you know no one else will have.

Fron pocket detail.

Leg hem.

Waistband  and yoke.

Yikes, won't do that design again.

Leopard pocket lining.

The inside of the fly and zip.

The embroidery is my name. Bet you won't find that mark in your local shop.

Yes, I know. The pants are just a bit short. I am going to take about an inch down.

The frillies are just strips of circles sewn on straight. Too easy. And with a great knit there is no need to finish the outer edge because the fabric does not ravel. At first, I thought the print was too busy for the frillies but they actually hide my extra serving of macaroni and cheese very well.

This is how I feel now that I know I don't have to pay for another pair of jeans.

Until later....

Friday, April 16, 2010

All Rectangles!

I am linking to VeryPurplePerson because even though her dresses are, "just big rectangles gathered on the top," they are all very special of their own. She seem to think that they are all kiddy in version. I beg to differ. They are all just simplified. Something we all need in our lives today - simplicity.
---Keep up the good work Very Purple.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

McCall's 6034


     I like this pattern very much but was hesitant on making it. I saw several reviews on this blouse and said, "Oh whatever, I'm making it". But of course, me the I-never-buy-anything-at-full-price had to wait until there was a sale at the local Hancock's. Say it with me, "It is better to pay $1.99 than $16.99 for a pattern". Sew, it went on sale and I bought it. Here is the link to the pattern. I made view b, the candy blue colored one one the model. I wanted to make view a but the print page look so intimidating right now. I'll hit it though. Because I can do all things.... Anyhow, here are my conclusions and the photos and the crisis I suffered to get this top done.

Pattern Description: Misses tunics in four different views.

Pattern Sizing: Extra small - Extra Large. I done Med.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, I think it does...Do you? Tell the truth.
Were the instructions easy to follow?Sure they were.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Likes: Offers four different views and seem like it can be transformed into a woven with a zip maybe. I may give it a try one day. Disikes: Non that I can think of right now.
Fabric Used:A slinky knit, (or it could be the Cotton Lycra Knit) in a very pretty Turquoise color. I got it on sale at Hancock a few months back for $1.95 yard.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Alterations done because of carelessness: The bottom band was cut in four pieces instead of the two the pattern calls for. (I was supposed to put in on the fold and didn't.) So, I had to sew them together to get the called for two pieces and then assemble them accordingly. Alterations because of my personal wants: I put clear elastic while I stitched the back neck. The fabric is already slinky, I didn't want the back neck gaping as the front is a cowl.

The second error, oops alteration, was that I had to do a french seam to put on this band because I put it on so that the seam was to the outside! Wow, I didn't see that one coming. There was no way those threads were coming out by me. So, I simply enclosed that darn eyesore into a French seam. Wow.

Alterations done because of the pattern: If you see here, there is a GIANT under arm peek a boo going on. I remedied this by sewing up a big 4 1/2 in up into the armyce(sp?) 4 and 1/2! But I'm happy with it now.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I am going to try it in a woven with a zip on the bias. Also, I want to do View A once I get un-intimidated. Yes, this is a very recommendable pattern.
Conclusion: I like. I like.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Blue Butterick 4449

Sew, I was invited to a colleagues wedding March 27th. This dress gave me pure hell. I mean, I actually felt like I was never  gonna get this dress done. Let alone done on time. I would have been posted photos but for a strange reason, ALL the photos taken at the wedding were erased from my camera! I am furious...well, not as bad as I initially was. But I am still upset.

The pattern I chose is an OOP Butterick. I think it may be vintage. It's this one here:

The first chest line was way too big. The first chest line alteration - I took in the side seams a little more. About an inch each side. This made the front look funny. I think because the side bust seam that's going on.

Second take - I let the side seams out again. Then the chest was gathered with a 3/4in elastic. IT LOOKED HORRIBLE!!! RIP!

Take three. I took the elastic out. Now what?! Ok, I don't why I did it but I did. I took in the funny front side seam by an inch. I took in both side seams by an inch, too. This kind of worked. It still looked funky though. Sew, with time winding down, I still didn't know what to do with my over flow of material and the possibility of having the wedding stop in mid Bridal arrival because my happily so called breast jumped out the bag. By this time, I was pulling out my eyebrows and ironing interfacing on the side. (Anyone know of good way to get the glue off my iron?!)

Fourth round. I got the house iron and redone the strips of interfacing, (this time on the right side!). This gave me the smooth top hem I was looking for but there was still the chance of, let's say. a Janet Jackson wardrobe mishap? Quick, it's 10 pm and I finally got the idea to put a strip of elastic under the arm, in an inconspicuous are, to pull the extra fabric taught. YES, It worked! Why didn't think of that in the first place.

No, I didn't use the drill and nails for this project, but it seem like I did. Actually, my dear husband was putting a shelf at the to of the "sewing hut" for my school books and others.

Now, a few hours of being sleep deprived with puffy eyes, 1,000 rips, and the need for brows, my dress looks very well made to my likings. I should have done a bolero or shawl but due to time restraints. Sew, here is my special dress that I made for my friends wedding.

I shoulda' put on some lotion, my legs itchin. lol

Keeping my posture in check.

Back view, didn't know it was like that. Jenny! Craig that is. Haha.

The top hem. It's kind of falling because I'm trying to take pictures and keep my 1 year old out the way.

PS. I should have taken a photo of the elastic under the arms but, umm my photographer was frustrated with my camera so it got cut short.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Follow me. Come back soon. Comment. Do what ever but don't be a stranger.
Until later, Schey.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

This pattern is an OOP. Don't know what OOP is? No, it's not a mistake. It stands for Out Of Print. It has been discontinued. I have made this dress three times so far. This is the only up to date photo shoot Ihave for it because it was made for this past Easter. Resurrection Day. The day Christ arose or resurrected from his borrowed tomb.
It actually has a bolero or short jacket that goes with it but do to time restraints, staining a front porch, rearing four children, supporting a dear husband, keeping the house clean and food cooked, and battling allergies, it was NOT done. I do plan on sewing it up because it is cut out and ready to go. Even though it is a one time wear I'm sure I will find a nice home for it. Zeta, (my oldest sister), you have any suggestions? I just have to make sure I do it discreatly because Ann does not give her clothes up easily.
Sew, I guess you are tired of waiting, huh? Ok, here goes...

I didn't line the bodice as called for in the pattern. I put some twill tape around the neck edge and turned inside; stitched. You can't see it here but I modified the neck. It was originally a kind of sweetheart shape but since I couldn't put the twill in on that type of neckline, I cut it v-neck. Simple as boiling water.

I know you can not see the dress real good because my darling daughter thought the photos were for her basket our church gave out to the all the children. Sew, here is the print of the over lay closeup:

Yeaper, it's Easter eggs.

Question of the day: Why is it that the symbol of Easter is a bunny and we dye chicken egg? Can you answer that one for me?

Now this one is for the baby. It is pattern New Look 6877 in size large. She is pretty big for her age. It is also made in the same material as Anna's dress. I kept it simple though. You really don't want too much fuss when it somes to clothes and a baby. I didn't do any changes to the baby's dress. Made it right out of the bag. I am going to do another one for a more casual look because she is just so cute in it. Not nothing frilly, something so she can play in. But that's at the bottom of my never ending list of things to make this spring and summer. Here are her photos:

 Ok, sew, she's not a happy camper. Here are your alternative views....

 front                                                            back
Here's the pattern. I done the third view with the fourth view sash. Happy Easter everyone!

Schey and the bunny crew.

Things I've Made...

Ok, I have been busy doing other things lately sew, sewing has been on the back burner from point to point. Before I post some past things I have made, here is a list of the patterns I need to post:
1. The dress I made to wear to a wedding.
2. Chenii's baby jean romper.
3. My 30 minute skirt.
4. The girl's Resurrection (Easter) dresses.
I think that is all...

Now to my older things that I have made:
A pair knit gouchos I needed for the left over baby fat because I couldn't fit my jeans...or anything else for that matter.

I made this skirt for our Breast Cancer Awareness service at church two years ago.

The top was made for Anna when she was three. It was supposed to be a dress. She put it on for a top when she was 5. WOW! And look her style. The girl has got fashion passion.

For my oldest sister, I made this "maternity" top. It really isn't for maternity, but you sure can make it that way. I tried to turn it but failed. Sew, if you turn your head slightly to the left, you can see it.

Corey's house pants made from this past Christmas. I chose Orange because he plays football for a school whose colors are Orange.

The robe chosen by Brad because he likes basketball...or so he says. I think it really doesn't matter as long as he's moving around. 
 Chad's house pants that he has finally worn. Now these were made almost three years ago and he has worn them - maybe - four times. Go figure. I like them. I also made a matching scarf or small blanky.

Ok, I am done for now. When I get back I'll be posting Chenii's baby jacket.
Until later, Schey

peace love and Sewing!

Simplicity 5540

This dress was made for Anna last year...I think. I am just now adding this to my site though. I made on in red, blue, orange, and yellow. Sew, you know this is an all time fave for me. Anad..I plan on sewing this again this summer and using it for my, now, 1-yr-old when she gets older. The blue and red one went to, Anna's cousins who lives in PA. I know they are happy with them. Here are a few pics of the creations.

Here are two. I knew I saw the blue one in my pics but now they are gone. I'll post it when I run across it again. Like I said I will doing this one again...soon.

Until later, Schey