Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of 2011

There were several articles made by me in 2011. Lots were successful, lots were so-so, lots were unsuccessful. Here is role of what was, what is and what will be.


Waiting for the hemwaiting for the hem (2) Will not be visited again.

Frontfront2 Been gone!

DSCF2439 Just gross.

Front PosingHe still wears it.

Better pic top front Worn once. But I will keep it for that perfect pair of jeans.

LV ToteNever finished.

Eyelet Front Still in the closet.

Demin Front Same pattern as the top. Still wears.

Worn 3 times and tore off the bow and wrote on the front with a pen that won’t come out.

Worn twice because I could not get that stain out and was not keen to wearing the top without a bra.

Front with shirt down Donated to a lady at church who liked this outfit.

Full front Worn twice. It grew. Need to hem it again.

SS I'm cool Never heard from again! Lol

Front One of her favorites.

B5354 front I still wear it…sometimes.


Shorts PinkShorts Plaid

Shorts Denim Still wears them. Loves to wear the plaid under her nighties.

Set on bed Nii feels like a princess in this one. I think she looks like the new Disney Princess but I can’t think of her name right now.

Put your hands on your hip and let your back slip They love these numbers right here.

Black shoe Even though I love this dress. I’ve worn it once and don’t have plans to wear it soon. I’ll see this spring or summer.

S2907 Front Nii loves this one. She asks to sleep in it!

DSCF2810 This top was swiped by Swiper my Sister in OK. I never got to wear it!

DSCF2826 Lurve.

Front Retired after the strap broke. No more Walmart thread. I bought some upholstery thread from Hancock and will fix it.

Front on me Since I’ve lost weight. I love these even more!

DSCF2847 Donation station!

DSCF2880 Lo-lo-love!


DSCF2901 Many wears and many more to come!








Love the colors but worn twice because my husband said I look like a bucket of sherbert!

DSCF2920 Still in the redo phase after some constructive criticism.


BCA on Aloe Front The top is in the donation station. I love my skirt!

With Belt Never got to wear it due to weight loss! But that is a GREAT thing. I am no longer over weight. According to the scale, I am within normal limits. But who says what’s normal? Another story all it’s own.

Diamonds Ann wore these to play in the same day they were made. THAT WAS IT! She thinks they are Urkle pants.

Front wo bolero Hate to see it go, but it’s short.

Pattern most made:

S9825 I thought I blogged this but I guess not because I can’t find it on the blog. This skirt was made several different times, several different ways.

Front w beltVersion 1

DSCF3064 Version 2. Not finished. Must put in hook and eyes.


Version 3: DSCF3069 Love this one. See the inside?


Version 4:DSCF3074  Stretch lace with lining.

DSCF3075 The back.

Last version: #5

DSCF3076 DSCF3079 

Those not pictured or blogged because of circumstances are: A tie and cummerbund for my 13 year old. He wore it to the Christmas Banquet.

A night gown for Ann. A red top for Ann that she danced in during the Christmas Program. She’s on our church praise dance team.  I am pretty sure there are others but these are the ones I remember. So, to the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

Be blessed beyond belief! Love you all, Schey.

See you in 2012 if it Lord willing!

Butterick 4967

***The pictures are a quick well-after-the-fact. This is NOT how she looked! ***

This dress was made for Ann so that she can wear it to the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Annual Christmas Banquet this year. She chose the pattern and the fabric.

As bad as I wanted to do the long white version (c), we had to settle for the three tiered pink version (b) because of fabric constraints. Everything came from the stash (except for the zipper). I really didn’t know how I would lengthen the dress (and keep the tiers even) because my daughter is tall for her age. I just left it as is. So, needless to say, she will get one wearing out of this dress.

Front wo bolero

Description: The pattern is labeled easy. After it was constructed, I would say that it lived up to it’s description. It was pretty easy. It’s a girls’ lined, sleeveless dress with tier variations and back zipper and a cummerbund.

Size: The size range are from 2 to 5 and 6 to 8. I cut the 7 by measurements and should have cut the 8 for the length.

Did it look like the photo or drawing on the envelope? Yes, it does. Almost even down to the color. Ann chose green to tie in for Christmas. I was hoping she’d chosen the red plaid, but this is her dress and she’s got to like it. Besides, I won’t be the one wearing it.

back wo bolero 

Were the instructions easy to  follow? Yes, they were very easy. I would like to warn the beginning sewists to make sure you keep your flounces labeled. One mistake I made was misreading the cut line for the stay pieces. I believe this could have allowed me to add at least one more flounce.

Fabric used? Ann chose white taffeta just like the photo and a forest green taffeta for the cummerbund.

Pattern alterations or design changes? First, since the dress is a bit short, I serged the flounces only. I did not turn up a hem. On top of the serging I put a silver ribbon as trim and used the same ribbon for little bows on the last flounce and one bow centered at the top of the bodice.

skirt w bows

I did not use the hook and eye that the pattern called for because, well, to be honest I just didn’t want to. Lastly, I did not use the pattern piece for the cummerbund. I cut wide piece of fabric, fit it to Ann, sewn to the dress via the zipper and added little tacks to hold it in place in the front. I omitted the flower.

Will I sew it again? Do I recommend? Well, since this is for an occasion, I may not. However, I will keep it in the stash because the two year old might want one when she’s this size. Yes, I recommend this dress for those who have not sewn it and may be wondering if it is at all worth sewing. it could possibly be sewn casually in denim, too.

front w bolero

Bolero up close

FWB again


Conclusion: Very cute dress. Age appropriate. Has endless possibilities.

Back with bolero

The Bolero is from another pattern. I forgot which one and the package has been playing hide-and-go-seek since I finished it. It was made because the arm pits were low. I saw this after I was finish and because of the cool weather.

Until, later.