Monday, May 31, 2010

1977 Photo Shoot (If you can call it that)

The journey for this dress came a long way and a long time ago. I won't keep procrastinating because I have so many things to do. Not to mention classes start back up on the 7th. Sew, I'll be nurturing, mothering, guiding, learning, teaching, sewing, cooking, cleaning, etc....You get the picture, don't you? Well here is the dress and me in it.

Here, I tried to get an old porch that favored the old days in the country. Well, why not use my own back porch!

Everybody know that back in the day we had that tree we had to chop and form a pile of burning logs for the winter to come. Me...I just sat back and looked pretty.

This is the stump of the tree that made the pile. I guess I'll have a seat and wait on that cold glass of Lemonade I asked for.

Looking off neighbor's back yard. (Why does that poison Ivy keep coming back! I need to get that down.)

Up close...I am too pretty. Don't you think? Well, if I don't think highly of myself, I shouldn't expect anyone else too. So, darn it I look good!

Just kicking up the heels. Boy would I look a mess if this wood fail. LOL I'd laugh at myself...really.

Thanks for your time, until later, Schey and BBQ grill.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

1977 Part IV

I had the poll for the vintage pattern of my birthday year. For those of you who voted, you voted for this pattrn here.
I was really hoping that you all voted for this one because this one is more something I would really wear:

I had the choice of two fabrics. The first was a Poly crepe in cream and the second was a stretch rayon blend double knit in ivory. The first was closer to the look on the pattern so that is the one I used.

Anywhose. I made the dress. In the midst of other chores and duties, I finally got to it and it ws done in two days. I spent one day cutting and one day sewing. Well, three days if you wanna count the day I did this:

Looks kind of funky doesn't it? Bet you can't guess what I done. Haha, yeap that's right. I had sewn the sleeves as the dress and the dress as the sleeves. Now, don't ask me how that happened, but with me being was no surprise!

Ok, it's fixed. Looks better? It does to me too. On the pattern the sleeves are gathered with elastic. For me, that was not working. I felt a bit constricted with the elastic neckband AND the sleeves. Looks like a choir robe as is so I tried to do something about that. 
I had lots of fabric where I could make a makeshift belt but due to wanting an immediate fix, I subjected to grabbing the "stintion" cord that was just hanging around. (Ya'll know we don't say the whole word of every word round here.) Yeah "stintion" cord. LOL This was the quick fix:

I done a photo shoot with this dress if you would like to see. Or if that is what you would even call it. I wanted so bad to find a vintage car to fit into the background but that wasn't something that going to happen. So, come back in about a day..or two, to see the pics.

1977 Part I
1977 Part II
1977 Part III

Until later, Schey and Aloe.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Swirls and Dots

Sew, I have been working the girly things for, well, the girls of course. I loved making this outfit for the baby of the family. and believe me, she enjoyed modeling it. I couldn't even get a decent photo because she wouldn't keep still. Just imagine her twirling and turning in it. I was beghasted. (My own word that you can find in Schey Butta's Book of Her Own African American Vernecular Language. It means: ecstatic, elated, and exuberant. I am making this one a few more times. As soon as find some more, very pretty, fabric. I may break down and buy some Tutti Frutti. I think.

Here the review from PR:
Pattern descript:

INFANTS' REVERSIBLE DRESSES, PANTIES AND HAT: Dresses A, B have elasticized front and back neckline, right shoulder strap and tie ends at left shoulder; dress B has hemline ruffle; panties A, B have elasticized waist and legs; panties A have elastic form self-ruffles; view A has purchased trim for dress and hat; view B has contrast ruffle at lower edge of dress and hat.

Combinations: (Small, Medium, Large)
Head Sizes: [Small (17"), Medium (171/2"), Large (181/4")]
I made size large in the dress and panties. No hat was mad because it would be waisted time. She'd never keep it on.

Fabric used:
I used some very pretty cotton that I bought from WM...again, before they stopped selling fabrics here. I wish I had bought more of it.

Did it look like the pattern?
YES indeed.

Alts or changes:
None. This bad baby is made right out the bag.

I like that it is reversible and VERY simple to make.

If you have not made this for your tod, what are you waiting for!?

Here are the photos I did manage to get.

Until later, Schey.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

McCalls 5031/5168

This is next on the list for the 6 year old. I have two fabrics on mind so far. Both are quilter's cotton and after washing the fabric the first time they are so soft. One fabric is a purple leopard print that I had originally planned to do a leopard applique on. I thought it would look better as this top. I may do the bottoms if I have some strips left over to make cuffs on them. The second fabric is a paisley and flower print in pink and purple. Also a quilter's cotton. It was supposed to be a skirt...for me for the spring, but again, it will look much better as a top for Ann.

I promise these little outfits go together real fast! I am loving this one. I made the top in both fabrics. Very cute.

We added yo-yos to the tops to give them "her" look. I let Ann choose how she wanted them on the tops. I think I have the next fashion designer on hand. Move over Rebecca Taylor and Anne Klein.

Here are some more photos to glory in.


I wanted to make the pants to the pattern but I think Ann has found a way to actually get what she wants. She said, "A skirt would be better because it is faster and cuter." Ok she won. No pants. This is the pattern to the skirt, though.

Take your choice, either the green skirt or the last skirt on the right. Yeah the blue one. I did not do the pocket because less IS more. Really. She got yoyos here too.

Yes, the skirts are opposites. You see I cut them double to only find out I needed one of each piece. But a good seamstress never fear...yeah right, just make a mistake in your silk or organic cotton and see what kind of words you can conjure. Until the next project, Schey.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week 2010

So it is the end of the school year and FUNDS R TIGHT! Not being able to participate in giving the teachers their end of year gifts does not have to suck after all. As long as you can sew, the sky is the limit. This is the list that was provided by the school that was "totally optional".
(Some of the letter has been deleted to keep information - private information.)

To: Parents of Students in Mrs. _________ K Class

From: _____________ (Room Parent)

Hi All - The end of the year is approaching quickly! I hope that this has been a good year for all of you and your children.

As I am sure that you are aware, Staff Appreciation week is May 17-21.

(Details provided in the ______________). Participation is fully voluntary and optional.

Mon - homemade cards / also cafeteria appreciation

Tues – donating classroom supplies *wish list below / also office admin. day

Wed – bring in a single flower to be added to a vase in the classroom / also engineering/plant management day

Thurs – wear your class t-shirt / also related arts day

Fri - Teacher’s special treat day (favorite candy, small gift or gift card) **favorites listed below / also resource/guidance/ instructional coach day

In addition:

* We need 2 volunteers for lunch relief on Monday May 17 and Friday May 21. If those days don't work for you, another day would be great too.

* If anyone would like to send in a vase (or 2) let me know (for Wed., the flower day), please let me know.

End of the Year Teacher gift - If you would like to put in money toward a gift for the teachers let me know. I was thinking that a monogrammed market basket might be a really neat gift for each of them. Any additional money could go into gift certificates for them. Please let me know your thoughts and/or to make arrangements for money collection.


Paper (colored copy, white copy, construction); Brads; Staples; Hole punch (4); Green Ball Point Pens (6); Small Paper Plates; Books with tapes; Big Book Dictionary

Mrs. ______________ replied, "I could go on forever...we have no funds coming in..."

**Mrs. _____________ FAVORITES - FOOD: Seafood, bread, cheese, hot tea COLORS: Peach, coral, cinnamon RESTAURANTS: Panara, Cracker Barrel, All Seafood restaurants HOBBIES: Gardening, landscaping, anything outdoors, reading – all books (not too much murder...)

**Mrs. ______________ FAVORITES - FOOD: Greek and Italian, coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts COLORS: Green & aqua RESTAURANTS: Panara, Olive Garden/ Olympian HOBBIES: Gardening, hiking, walking, travel, reading


Thank you, Lord, for the gift of sewing and being creative. This saves a lot of money. All you who sew for yourselves, you know what I'm saying. We did participate in the homemade cards because luckily I have this kit that is pretty nifty.

I like it a lot. All you need is the card stock paper. I have even used regular paper with it. Just don't rub as hard.

OK, for the supplies list, I sent in a set of 8 dry erase markers that I got for $3.00 a piece. I am doing this for two kids, so that mean I purchased two of them. Nothing else was done. I did, however, make these very special totes for the kids teachers.

The older child is in 5th grade and has one teacher. This was the tote sent to his teacher.
Yes, I know the contrast is upside down. But guess what, it was super too late to fix that when I saw it. You see...I was done. When I put the bag up for the picture...ummm why is that upside down? Easy, Schey, you didn't pay attention to detail. Duh.

My kinder kid has 2 teachers. So, I couldn't send in one bag and have them toss for it. Even though it did cross my mind. (snickering). I made two separate totes for her teachers. They look like this. 


Schey Butta and Aloe

I would like for everyone to meet a new friend that I have been waiting for, for a very long time. Wouldn't you like to have this friend when you need her the most? She doesn't speak unless it's through telekinesis. She listens very well because she has this feature where she sits where you tell her to and she doesn't move unless you move her. With the economic on a slow up rise, you don't have to foot the bill to feed, yet another, mouth. You can actually take all your frustrations out on her, too. You can just stick the hell out her and she won't say a word. Have you ever had such a friend? Well, thanks to my frugal attitude and the lack of help to make duck tape dummy, I saved $20 dollars and an extra 10% off the regular price of my friend.

May I present to you ------------------->Aloe.
From this point on, we will be known as Schey Butta and Aloe.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pattern Review 2010 Lined Jacket Contest

I joined, yet, another contest on Pattern Review in hopes that I will either one day be good enough to earn a trophy or just good enough to notice skill improvements. This was one contest where the item to be made drove me nuts. I mean I was almost on the admit list at the local hospital due to unknown insanity reasons! I had this pattern in my stash for some time now and the contest gave me the drive and not to mention I needed a white suit for Women's Day at our church. Now, I really had to get this done. Under fire and a loaded gun, I dove right into the cut and slash to get this bad baby under way. This is the pattern that was under this gun. 
This is what I got. I had to have Fuchsia accents for Women's Day, so I made this cap sleeve top with out the adornments. You can see it in the next picture along with the hidden, but obvious, baby fat underneath it.

This skirt is Butterick. I made the black and white view without the center front seam. I also added the fuchsia flat piping down either side of the front. 
Here is the back view. I don't know if you can see it but I can and think it is just because I know it is there. ...the dreaded iron spot! Oh and yeah I know it is wrinkle. Didn't have time...well I was too lazy to iron it. I fabric covered the buttons on the front and the sleeves. Here's a better picture of that.

More pictures and then the Pattern Review review.

The review:
This contest came right on time. I needed a white suit and fuchsia accents for Women's Day at church. I had nothing white and nothing no where near fuchsia. I took the opportunity to make this jacket that was in the stash for a while. Along with it, I made S2599 in Fuchsia. I am not doing a review for it but this top is not for me. I sewed size 12 and added 1 inch to the side seams. I left the top blank with the sleeves and without the ruffles so that it could fit nicely under my jacket. The skirt is B5466. I done view D with a few mods. And I also added the fuchsia stripes on either side of the CF that I put on the fold instead doing a seam down the front as the pattern calls for. And this is my Women's Day White and Fuchsia suit.

Pattern Description:
(From the back of the envelope) Misses/ Miss Petite Lined Jacket with Individual Pattern Pieces for A, B, C cup sizes

Pattern Sizing:
US: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 EUR: 42-50 FR 44-52 I made View B in size 16 in US using a c-cup.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
I think waist is not as small, though.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Heck Naw! And I am mildly putting it. But it could be just me. I don't know.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked the cup sizes and the princess seams.

I HATED the fit and stuff directions. I read those things 3 million times and still didn't understand...I just did my own thing.

Fabric Used:
For the shell I used white stretch twill and for the lining I used fuchsia broadcloth, or was it the poplin? One of them, can't remember.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

1. I used covered buttons.

2. I initially added 2 inches to the sleeves but later took them out.

3. I didn't do the actual pocket...they are only the flaps.

4. The under collar and pocket flaps are in contrast fuchsia.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Nope not sewing this one again. I believe we met on the wrong foot. Anyone want it? Yes I do recommend for the more experienced sewer. By all means, sew it.

I still love my jacket and the rest of the outfit with it.

Simplicity 2627 for Nii

Just taken this one so you can see the ric rac detail.

Made for the baby of the family, I introduce to you Simplicity 2627 in size medium. I first made this one for her but it was way too big. So, either due to my negligence or the oops of the pattern printer, Ann inherited a nice retro looking romper. I believe if I could fit it, I'd actually wear it myself. As you can see the photos came out very dark and needless to say, you cannot keep a little tot still enough to get a decent photo. 

This is the back of the jumper. It has an elastic at the bottom of the straps around the waist.   

Hopefully, I can get better pics before long. Or before I forget to. Which ever come first. lol Well, until later, Schey.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Butterick 4841 for Nii..ummm Ann

I was supposed to be making this jumper for the baby. It is Butterick 4841 and I cut in size large. According to the measurements that is what I was supposed to cut. But according to the weight, I should have cut a medium. Not sure how or why since little Nii is a lump of buttercream icing. Yeah, the kind that goes straight to your thighs and stick there. Fat. And heavy. So how the mix up? I don't know but I have remedied the catastrophic vital measurements and weight dilemma by giving it to Ann. She now have her own take of a throwback.  

This is what transpired from an unknown reason of a blooper.

The hearts are super cute! Bought off eBay and if they weren't so unique I'd get more. But I think something that is very striking should be minimal.
 I am so loving the 3/4 legs with the boutique ruffles. Can you say vintage or throwback? I think so.
A closer look of the ruffles. ...and her $1.00 sandals.

Until later,