Tuesday, June 25, 2013

V8711 and NL6521


I’ve had this pattern since it came out in 2011. The lines in the pattern seemed to render sexiness and a soft sex appeal. It reminds me of an up side down tulip.

Described: as Misses’ skirt: fitted, above mid-knee or mid-calf length, mocked wrap. I made the longer of the two skirts for fear of the shorter one being a little sluttish. Not knowing how far the wrap would gape open.

The sizes: are AA(6-12) and EE(14-20). I cut the line 16 and used a red t-shirt knit from the stash. It has the textured of a more expensive t-shirt knit than one you’d buy at a chain market.


The instructions: were very easy to understand. However, I don’t know why Vogue have you using unnecessary pieces for underlining the side insets at the hip. I thought it would make too much fabric in an undesirable area. Especially on the side with the gathers.

The only alterations I made were to leave off the underlining. Regardless to reading the instructions, I constructed the skirt my own way. Like I do with most of my sewing.

I like: the lines and ‘tulip’ look. It fits and make the booty look good. IMO.

Caution: I am not sure if I didn’t understand or if it is how the instructions are meant to be, but at step 13 you pin the back yoke to back skirt. The middle of the yokes seem like they should be sewn with a center seam. However, in the photos they don’t even touch and there is no mention as if they should or shouldn’t. I put a center seam and kept going. It turned out great. But I can also see how it would have worked had I not put the center seam.

I paired the skirt with:


Very OOP, 2005, and I like the pattern a lot. I’ve made the wrap top several times before my blogging days were born.

It’s described: as Misses’ six sizes in one. I cut the tank in a size 12 using a very soft gray t-shirt knit, also from the stash. I can still remember those days when I would cringe at the thought of a knit fabric. But now, I catch that knit by the heels and show it who’s boss! I love to sew with knits now.

I like that this pattern renders a very nice TNT pattern for the basic v-neck T.

I didn’t like: the just turn and stitch feature at the shoulders but that doesn’t warrant me to not make it nor recommend it. That’s an easy fit depending on the look you are going after. Me, I wanted something I could easily put on for shopping and doing errands rather than my usual jeans and top.

I did make a booboo. I put the neck band on perfectly! On the wrong side. I fixed it. It came out even better!


Alterations are that I left off the shoulder draw strings.

Here are few more photos taken on Aloe and of me wearing my outfit today.








Until later. Don’t stop sewing!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

I promise I’ve Been Sewing!

Hi, All. Although it seems as though I’ve started another hiatus after just coming off one, I promise, I’ve been sewing. I just haven’t had a photographer who can take some decent photos.

My nieces and nephew came to visit while Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 3 year anniversary. So, what better way to keep the girls, ages 9 (my daughter) and 15 (my niece), made some DIY shorts that sells from $35 to $98. They made their jeans for less than $5. WooHoo!

Here’s the video that they found on YouTube and got busy with.

She has some great videos. Check them out sometimes.

Free People Shorts, Denim Light-Wash Destroyed Crochet

These are regularly $88, on sale for $65 at Macy’s. K-Mart is even in the race with their version.

Route 66 Women's Jean Shorts - Crochet at Kmart.comThey are $13.

The process went ok. The bleach didn’t work as well on the dark colored jeans but it’s ok. The girlies were left to decorate their pants the way they wanted to. My Bedazzler., yes ,I have one. I mean, who doesn’t, got much needed use. So, I won’t go on with babbling, here are the photos of the weekend photo shoot.








Here is the second pair that my niece made. She made tabs on the side and added stars at the pockets.



Photos with Aloe.



The red skirt on Aloe (my dressform) is V8711. I am tweaking it and have to decide on a top for it.

Oh, by the way, I love this skirt. It is soooo sexy!

Until later, Kisses and Hugs galore. Just don’t touch my hair! lol Love you guys.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Graduation and a Dress for Nii

I am writing this post out of town so I don’t know what pattern I had made for Chenii. I pulled out some fabrics that I had bought for the girlies and let her choose which ones she wanted to make her dress with. Here is the pile of fabric she had to choose from.


A pile of purple as she believes she’s really the Purple Princess. Some of these were for me to make scrubs when I was working in pediatrics. She chose the very first one at the top for the lower tier in the skirt. The third fabric is a Hanna Montana print that she chose for the ruffle down the front and the top skirt tier. The solid purple, six down, was for the bodice.

It was worn to my son’s graduation. I’ll post the pattern once I get my hands on it.

Pattern S2943 Oop. I didn’t even know it was Oop.




These are from the fitting. I didn’t get any while at the graduation because I was too worried about MY photos done. Lol


My husband graduated too! Yay! Here are some photos we took and the dress I am wearing (that has now become property of my baby sister) is Simplicity Workroom 6097.

Simplicity WorkRoom 6097



Until another post.

Kisses and thigh slaps,



Thursday, June 6, 2013

Graduate and Dress: Update

Last night was graduation night! Yay! My big baby is growing up. He’s not grown yet. My babies know Momma’s complete definition of grown is: Grown AND OWN YOUR OWN. I won’t be wordy just pictures for the most part. I’m still tired and have one more graduation to get to. I have to drive 8 hours for this one.

The photos didn’t turn out to well because it was dark, I was using my cell, and it was raining. So we had to what we could.

IMG_0532“Keep still Corey.” He doesn’t like photos.

IMG_0533“Is this good enough, Ma?”

IMG_0534“Come on Ma. You taking too many!”


IMG_0538One with Dad. (The next graduate.)

IMG_0539Dad, Grad, and Brad Laughing out loud

IMG_0540Grad and Brad (He’ll be graduating in about 5 years.)

IMG_0542A big class of over 500.

IMG_0560One of the lucky shots that look half decent. Yes, I have 5 babies. The oldest is the graduate and the youngest is 9 months.

IMG_0561A little better? (Look at the dress.) Lol

IMG_0562Not good AT ALL!

IMG_0563Again? Nope.

IMG_0546A lady’s room break.

IMG_0551I love the back of this dress.

IMG_0548Another shot. I wish I’d known my forehead was trying to steal the show! Lol

IMG_0549Show shot.


But this is what counts the most!


See you all in a bit. I have another stash review but I’m tired.

Peace and knee grease! ~~Scheryka