Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anniversary Dress Part 2

I know I have been gone for some times with this Anniversary Dress.

As I have said, our date is on the 29th. I am about done but not quite. Ha.

An oxymoron, huh? Well, here are a few more pics of how the dress came to pass.

These pic show the neckline and armholes being prepped for the lining.
The hem from the inside out and the outside in.

The first dress is the back with zipper and hem. The second is the
front with out zipper and I think it is
without the hem. Backwards, huh?
I couldn't get the pictures to switch
seats with other. They told me no.
Sew, I obliged.

Until later, Sew and Sew Forth,
Schey Butta.
I'll show the Anniversary Dress on finale night.

Anniversary Dress Part 1
Anniversary Dress Finale

Saturday, January 23, 2010

In the Mean Time....

Ok, sew I have not been here in a few days. We've got a couple of stomach bugs to get rid of. I tell ya public school is a head ache. But homeschooling intensified my migraines. Can't win for loosing, huh? Well, since I don't have new pics of the Anniversary dress nor have I started on the lingerie entry, I'm going to post some older articles I have sewn in the past.

Ok, here goes...I made this dress a few back for my oldest daughter, then age 3. Or was it 4? Lol. The mind of a mother. I promise I'll get that taken care of....One day.

Ok, another one....

This one was made for my niece, TK. Again, a few years back. Believe me, the pics does this dress no justice. Oh, yeah, it's a very soft Lavender color.

Now, since I'm a Medical Assistant, I had to make me a few scrubs. I'll post two for right now. This one reminded me of a darn hotel room when I finished it! But, sew what, I wear it anyways.

Now be honest with yourself, doesn't look like I ripped the spread off the bed at Motel 6?

Next to the last picture for tonite is my medical smock top. I like this one a lot. I usually wear it with a long sleeve in the office. But this is in the bedroom, sew who cares if my armpits are hanging out?

Ok, for your laugh of the night.
Have you ever had a last minute thing to do and you just didn't have the right materials to get it done effectively and when you are done you wish you had done the darn thing right the first time? Well, this is one of my moments! LOL
There was this online contest online. The object of the contest was to take a not so cute dress and make it cute and wearable. The dress had to be turned into a cocktail dress. Here's the original:
Ok, sew I know my dress is not on the page...and I don't blame them! But at least I know someone....somewhere will wear it. Watch the clip:
Ok, ya'll, goodnight.
And sew on and sew forth.
Until later,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anniversary Dress Part 1

This is part 1 of the anniversary dress. My husband and I were married January 29th nine years ago. I don't have photos because we never had a wedding. But we plan on having one next year for our 10th year. I'll post if I'm still blogging! This stuff is a headache at times.
I have decided to make my dress this year because I anticipate him taking me out....somewhere. (LOL) Good luck, huh? Well, anyhow, I bought this pattern a few weeks back and I love it. You know I had to wait for it to go on sale though. Here it is:
I did letter b with c's front strap. It is in a hounds-tooth red and black. It used to look like this:
then it looked like this:

I kept working till late night through these steps.
1. Neatly cut out and waiting for me to finish eating dinner.
2. I put the skirt together first because it was the easiest! Make sure you Iron as you go. This is a must if you want professional looking germants.

3. I have to put the darts in the back bodice. I never get these right on the first try. Sew, here I go to see if I can get them right.
4. Next I had to put the front bodice and the back bodice together.
The bodice has Princess Seams.
Princesses can be a pain in the a**!

Well, I have to go now because one Princess got on my nerves and the other one...

Well, you can see for yourself. And my babysitter is wide awake.
Good night Princess.
Good night serger.Until later,
Schey, the Princess, and the serger.
Anniversary Dress Part 2
Anniversary Dress Finale

Active Wear is Done and Posted!

Sew, I have finished the Activewear entry. It is seeewwww not what I wanted it to be but it did turn out pretty good. I think I used the wrong kind of fabric. Very stretchy. Yikes! But if you want to see it. Here it is:

This was a real pain in the:

He really shouldn't have worn that! My eyes!

Here is the finished product....
I'll be back in a lil while to post the Anniversary Dress in Progress.

Until then,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sorry ......

mY caMera hAs DEAD baTterIes. I can'T uploAd anY PhotOs, SeW, I'M telLing You whAt i aM worKing on.

1. I have the anniversary dress cut out and partially pinned.
2. I have to start on the lingerie contest entry for PR:
If you make it here soon you can see my ReFashion entry. But just in case you didn't here it is again:

Also, I'll post the Activewear entry as soon as the camera gets batteries.
Until Battery time.....


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sewing List

Sew I am trying to get a list together
for the things I need to sew. Right now, I am @
1. Finish Activewear Contest Entry
2. Finish and Start Anniversary Dress
3. Copy and start lingerie for, yet, another sewing contest.
(Hey, I am going to win of these contests, darn it!)
4. 10 year Wedding after the Marriage dress
(If you had a courthouse wedding then you know what I'm talking about!)
5-10. A ton of girl items to make
11. Oh yeah this might have to be squeezed in up top:

I love plaid and this outfit is hot! Sew, guess what, I'm going to make me one!
And I bet it won't cost

Until Later.....

OoPS. I forgot about the contest entry. My walking set! Now this just can't be good because the contest ends on the last day of January. I have what, 2 weeks?! And this is what it looks like:

Yikes! I better hurry up because this is what the annivesary dress looks like:

Our anniversary is on the 29th. I also plan on entering a lingerie contest as well. Sew, I think I need to hurry up. That contest starts on the 15th. Oh wait...was that yesterday!? LOL Not to mention my daughter want a jean dress. And I try to make an extra for my nieces. One day I'll win the title as "Sew Queen of the Year".

I made the resolution to not buy anything new - clothing articles, that is. This is for me and the girls. This also gives me the opportunity to start making panties. I just hope they are wearable. And not like the outfit Denise made for Theo on "The Cosby Show" HAHA. Don't remember? Watch it here:

Well, you've had a second of laughs. I've got to go sew. And nurse and cook and clean and .....I'm starting to think that's why my outfits are still at the cutout stage. What do you think?

Until later,

Love Schey.