Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zebra Stripes for Santa Baby

     I haven’t sewn in over a month and how do I start back? I sew a Christmas stocking for the baby of the house. I got tired of looking for something different only to find the same old unexcited basic flat - just let me get to the point - ugly - Christmas stockings! So, what’s a sewist to do? What she should have done in the first instance. Sew It! So, I did. And this is what turned out.

Christmas stocking 301

I love it! And as Zyan gets older, I am sure she will too.

I simply traced one of the other kids stockings, added seam allowance, and sew. Quick and easy. Only 15 minutes to sew up. Even longer to clean the mess because (lesson learned) I didn’t mark and sew from the back of this furry animal. Just a little of the mess?

Christmas stocking 101

Here it is before it was stuffed with goodies for Christmas.

Christmas stocking 201

That is all. I want to squeeze some sew time in. Before the laid back days are all to gone and then back to the 9 to 5. Hopefully I’ll churn something out before the 31st.

Until later. Smooches and smoothies for all!



Sarah Liz said...

I tramp the shops as well, only to come home to sew :). The stocking is gorgeous.

Judith said...

You have exactly the right idea with this gorgeous little stocking ~ use your fantastic skills to get something unique ... smart thinking ... J

Scheryka said...

I would think I'd learn my lesson by now, Sarah! Lol Thank you!
Judith, thank you! It is unique. Or at least I haven;t seen one like it, yet!