Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I LOVE McCall’s 6553

It’s a Fashion Star pattern and it’s been in queue since it’s debut for about a year. I loved the look when Kara Laricks introduced her design to the world. The dress sold out like a snap when they on sale at Saks 5th. Oh no! I was not going to pay for that dress, only praying it would become a pattern for the public to sew. It did! I grabbed one as soon as they went on sale at Hancock’s.


Very easy dress, as it is labeled, and comes in sizes 6 to 22. I cut the 14. Although the pattern calls for double knit, cotton knit, gabardine, or suiting fabrics, I used a poly/cotton non-stretch blend from the stash. It’s also part of the 2013 Style your Stash challenge over with SarahLiz and the Crew. I’ve had this fabric for a while because I wanted to showcase the print and not chop into it. M6553 was a good choice. Both the fabric and the pattern is flowy and that was great match.


I love everything about this pattern. It’s very sexy yet conservative. To me, it almost have a retro feel. I really love the fact that it has pockets. Not that I would use them but they are there in case I want to.



The construction is great and easy to understand. I followed each step even though I’d done a few out of order due to preference. I could have out this dress together in no time but due to packing for my upcoming move it took me a day to cut the pattern. A day to cut the fabric. And two days to put it together. You don’t really need the directions. I just decided for some odd reason to follow them.

My daughter decided to put in my button:


The back is a slit with a button. I think I used a button that is too heavy but I like it so I’ll keep it.


Here it is on Aloe:


Here I am wearing my new dress:


With all this said, I’m outa’ here!


Until next time, Gadget, next time! Lol


OH! Wait! It hurts when you acquire something and you LOVE.IT.SO.MUCH but you CAN’T.WEAR.IT! Awe man. My sister gave me these shoes because they were too small for her. And guess what. They are too big for me. However, I know just the person who would love to gain these and add to her stock.


Who said life will be full of gorgeous shoes anyways? Well, I beg to differ! LOL Until next time, Scheryka.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Adorable..I love the pink fabric too.. Happy sewing.

Jacq C said...

Lovely dress - I think the match of fabric and pattern is perfect :)

SarahLizSewStyle said...

That is a fun dress - fabric is gorgeous - it looks as though it feels great to wear. The shoes are going to make someone very happy...

Good luck with the move - always so disruptive - just make sure you keep your machine in sight :)

Marjorie said...

Love it! Looks perfect for a hot summer day. And I agree with you that that fabric was worth saving for a pattern like this!

Beverly said...

I see why you love the dress. It looks wonderful on you!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, All! SarahLiz, my machine is the last thing to get packed. I think it may ride in the front seatbelt! Lol