Saturday, November 2, 2013

Breaking the Ice with Just a Small Roar

     This top really doesn’t need a post dedicated to it because it is so simple. I only made it because I’ve wanted a leopard print top like this for a while and just never took the little time to make it up. But there’s a time for everything and I guess now was the time for the top.


     I used only one yard of fabric. It’s a leopard print woven with a tad bit of stretch from the stash. It’s very confortable. I made the 14 based on my bust measurements.

     I used a short length of lingerie, or panty elastic, at the gathered part mid-bust just to see what works. It does and it yields a bit of give when putting the top over my big ole head.

Nl6035 Neckline

     I used two small folds to finish the neckline. I used some Wright’s lace for the armhole and bottom hem. I love this stuff. It just might become a staple in place of facings and fabric bias in future garments. It was in the stash so I decided to use it.

     Here it is on Aloe. She’s such a good lady.

NL 6035 with Khaki Skirt                         NL6035 with black skirt

Excuse the wrinkles. I’m in no mood to ironing for photos.

     There’s nothing really to brag about with this top. It’s a top that I’ve put off for a while and don’t really know why. It’s a wild thing print. It can be changed with many items in the wardrobe which makes it a staple and very versatile. I plan on wearing it with burgundy, orange, etc....

Until later,



Judith said...

Great little top ~ you will be able to wear it with any number of colours ... J

Zoë said...

Love the top! Will you ever make the blazer from that pattern? I really like it :)

Scheryka said...

Thanks Judith, I agree!
Zoe, yes, I have the blazer cut out in a gray suiting. I just have yet to put it together.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

It's a cute top, I'm glad you made it up - you'll enjoy wearing it. I've got the pattern somewhere. Glad you are fitting some sewing in again. I know what you mean about having to iron for photos -sometimes that is just too much :)