Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Blue Pique....

...’pearls’ and flowers. I had 2 yards of this baby blue pique in the stash for a while. It was originally meant to be a sheath dress for myself but I never got around to making it. It was claimed by Ann for a top that she’s wanted for about a year now. So I made her the top and she was able to model and wear it tonight.


McCall’s 4554 Easy Endless options OOP

I made View C but it’s not shown on the envelope front. This could easily be a go to top for Ann. It can be dolled up or down. The model on the envelope is wearing her top with vertical ruffles down the front and versions A and D are plain. I added some crocheted roses to the front of Ann’s top with some ‘pearls’ to simulate a pinned brooch and necklace.

Front Close up

Cut in the envelope size 10 for fit and 12 for length. It fits pretty well, being that I made it in a woven fabric instead of stretch like the patterns calls for.

There was no need to read the instructions since it’s just a basic top. Since my serger is still sick, I zigzagged the ends, done a small double turn at the neckline and a wider, probably and inch, at the bottom and sleeve hems.


The back is nice and simple. It’s a blank canvas to do what you want to it.

Full front                                  Sidef posing

This is how she plans to wear her new shirt to school in the morning. I love Oxford shoes!

I also made the pants in the pattern but of another fabric and that’s going to be a post all in itself. And let’s just say there was a lesson to be learned by the rising sewist.

Until later. Be wonderfully blessed!

~~Scheryka and Ann

Front Posing                                   Side front posing


SarahLizSewStyle said...

Your girls are both gorgeous - and that top is just so lovely - she looks so pretty - and it must help motivate dressing in the morning - no I don't want to wear that :)

Scheryka said...

Yes, it does help with motivation! Usually I would get a few tops and bottoms and have her choose from that. But now, it's all ready the night before! Winning!