Sunday, November 3, 2013

Multiflexibility Skirt

Skirt in question?

Simplicity 2344 with Khaliah Ali.

New Items 074

First off - PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SEAMS - ask me how I know this.

     Second piece to add to the wardrobe for the new career move. I made the skirt E in size 14. According to the corresponding measurements, I should have made the 16 with the 30 inch waist. HOWEVER, even with making the 14 it was too big. I took in 1/4 inch on each side seam. I don’t know what’s up with all that. It’s still a tad loose than what I’d like it to be.

New Items 121

     I used a stretch fabric. It feels like it want to be a sateen but then again it doesn’t. Maybe a stretch broadcloth. Yeah that’s what it feels like. But not the thin cheesy kind. It’s quite substantial. It was in the stash for a while because I didn’t know what I wanted to sew with it. I love the color and the print and wish I could find more of it. The pattern is only two pieces and uses twill tape for the waist facing. I used a metallic -ish ribbon that is the color of the ‘tan’ in the skirt and top. It’s from the stash too.

New Items 122 

     The skirt has a left-knee side slit and the zipper is on the left-side seam. How in the world did I get my zipper on the left-side slit seam is beyond me AND get this. The skirt fits so much better turned around back wards. So what do I end up with? My slit ends up on the back-right area right along with my zipper. Oh, well. I like it. And guess what? I am going to make a black one just. like. it. Ok Maybe the zip and slit will be on the left-back though. All grins here.

New Items 123

     That’s all for this one. I guess I need to stop and take the time to do a more thorough review because by the time I get to the posting I am so ready to move to the next sewing project and I’ve probably forgotten what I need to type up.

     I used 1 and a 1/4 yard of the fashion fabric and I’ll that to the 2013 Style the Stash over here with the other stash busters.

Until the next post,

~~~ Scheryka ~~~


SarahLizSewStyle said...

I had a chuckle at this - anyway, who knows what way the skirt is supposed to be worn? It is lovely fabric. When you work in a stretch, you will always need to take in a bit. Looks great, pretty fabric

Mary said...

Zippers can go anywhere they will fit :-) I like the skirt in that floral fabric.