Friday, May 28, 2010

Swirls and Dots

Sew, I have been working the girly things for, well, the girls of course. I loved making this outfit for the baby of the family. and believe me, she enjoyed modeling it. I couldn't even get a decent photo because she wouldn't keep still. Just imagine her twirling and turning in it. I was beghasted. (My own word that you can find in Schey Butta's Book of Her Own African American Vernecular Language. It means: ecstatic, elated, and exuberant. I am making this one a few more times. As soon as find some more, very pretty, fabric. I may break down and buy some Tutti Frutti. I think.

Here the review from PR:
Pattern descript:

INFANTS' REVERSIBLE DRESSES, PANTIES AND HAT: Dresses A, B have elasticized front and back neckline, right shoulder strap and tie ends at left shoulder; dress B has hemline ruffle; panties A, B have elasticized waist and legs; panties A have elastic form self-ruffles; view A has purchased trim for dress and hat; view B has contrast ruffle at lower edge of dress and hat.

Combinations: (Small, Medium, Large)
Head Sizes: [Small (17"), Medium (171/2"), Large (181/4")]
I made size large in the dress and panties. No hat was mad because it would be waisted time. She'd never keep it on.

Fabric used:
I used some very pretty cotton that I bought from WM...again, before they stopped selling fabrics here. I wish I had bought more of it.

Did it look like the pattern?
YES indeed.

Alts or changes:
None. This bad baby is made right out the bag.

I like that it is reversible and VERY simple to make.

If you have not made this for your tod, what are you waiting for!?

Here are the photos I did manage to get.

Until later, Schey.


mamabird said...

I've been working on this pattern and can not for the life of me make it work so at the point when the pieces are turned. A friend of mine is a more experienced sewer and even she that there is something messed up with the pattern. How did you do it?

Anonymous said...

Someone commented on the review posted on ( which confirmed that there was an error in the first printing of the pattern.

I ended up only stitching the bottom edge first, turned the dress, and THEN I slip-stitched the neck edges.

Anonymous said...

I just need help with Panties B. Idon't understand the instuctions at all. I sew together first set and also the contrast. Then it says to put right sides together and sew leg edges together and turn. That's where I run into problems. No matter what I do I can't get them to turn out right.

Anonymous said...

I too have been sewing for years now and can't get the panties B to turn as per instructions. How did you do it?