Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Bolero

Another project to post before the end of a good year and the beginning of an even better one. We had our Christmas program on the 23rd and I decided that I wanted to wear a skirt I had made previously. It is from my TNT and I’ve made it several times until I just don’t bother to review or post it.

The pattern I am blogging about is S2478. S2478

There are nine different styles that you can get from this pattern. Even more if you are creative. I chose to make the Red one that the model is wearing. I didn’t have time to wear it with the sleeve ruffles because, me being who I am, I put the tucks in before the hem. It took sooo long to go back in and hem a piece that have a hundred million tucks in it.

Front on dressform

The front without the sleeves. it looks just fine like it is but I wanted the look with the sleeves.

I used a Red moleskin fabric from the stash. It is thick enough not to require a lining and it feels delicious to the skin. I first fell in love with moleskin when I made my Anniversary Dress a while back. It has a slight stretch that gives just that perfect fit.

Back on dressform


The back and side front.

I cut on the 14 but really really could have done the 12. Maybe make it a 10/12. It is not lined but if I made it again, I will surely line it. My inside doesn’t look all that hot because usually I would have serged the raw edges but my serger is broken. So to keep the inside edges maintainable I topstitched catching the allowance, then trimmed away the access.

I made no alterations or design changes. I did put it together a little different than the directions because of time restraints caused by human error. I love everything about the bolero except it could have been lined. The tucks make it seem sexy and depending on the type of fabric chosen it can be made casual out of denim to elegant if made out of satin.

Here is how I styled it after I put on the rest of the sleeves.

Front closeup

Full front with cream lace top

With cream lace top

Lace top no jacket

It was windy when I took the photos. The cream lace tank was last seen here.

I don’t have photo’s of me wearing it but here is how I wore it to service.

How I wore it

With shimmer black tank

Black tank no jacket

Full back

I can tell I will get some wear out of this outfit because it can be mixed and matched in several different ways. So, until next time, peace All.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Delicate Little Giraffe

New Look (Workroom from Project Runway) 6097

This dress is SUPERB! I am late to jump on the band wagon but I am on it because I truly love this dress. I had bought it once then I couldn’t find it. So, I set out to buy it again. But glory behold, no soon as I got home and put the bag on the table... I found my pattern under some fabric I had cut out for another project. I saved it for my sister since she was going to buy the pattern anyways. Now, when she actually gets the pattern is another story all in itself.


Description:  12 pieces; Misses’ seven sizes in one. I’d say one of the sexiest surplice top dress with sleeve and collar variations that is easy peasy to put together and wear.

Sizes:  It’s a New Look so it comes in size range 10-22 US; 38-50 French; and 36-48 European. I made size 14/16. I usually make the 12 but since I’ve had a baby I had to make some changes. Those changes were supposed to be a 14 in the back and a 16 in the front because I have become ‘busty’. Instead I made the mistake of doing a 14 in the front and 16 in a the back. It worked out somehow.

This dress looks just like the drawing and photos. With my fabric choice, I think it may look better.



Instructions: The instructions were so easy. The very beginner should be able to do this. Make sure you read instructions, make accurate marks, and go for it. For the seasoned sewist: close your eyes and go for it. It’s that easy.

THERE IS NOTHING THAT I DO NOT LIKE ABOUT THIS PATTERN. I LOVE EVERYTHIKNG ABOUT IT. Did I holler? Well, I mean what I said. I love it all. From the pockets to the interfaced collar to the on-point chest coverage. Oh yeah, and speaking of pockets; I love the one-piece pocket construction. I have never seen it this way before and it was EASY.

Bodice Upclose

Fabric: I used this lovely ITY fabric from the stash that I ‘d bought a while ago from I love the feel of this fabric. It just glides and slides across the body. It’s not clingy at all. It has one of the nicest drape to it that I’ve seen from the more luxurious fabrics.

Alterations and Changes:  Aside from what I’ve mentioned before, I interfaced only the bottom collar. I also interfaced the rolled part of the sleeve because I wanted it to have a little structure and not fall flimsy.

Sleeve Fit

Before I could decide on my buttons.


Back Dressform

I haven’t taken any pictures with me wearing it. I am promising to either. I know how that story goes all too well with me. So, if I happen to take some, I’ll happen to post some.

Until laters, Peace and Hair grease.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Crunch

I wasn’t going to attend our Mount Pleasant Annual Christmas Banquet this year. Financially, I just wasn’t able. So, I got a call on Monday morning and the caller told me that someone decided not to go and donated their tickets back. She said she was told to give them to another church member. I was the lucky recipient. Yay! But hold on. Wait a minute. We (me and the girls) didn’t have a thing to wear. My thoughts went into crunch mode. What in the world were we going to wear? I went to the stash to see what I had in both fabric and patterns that was easy and preferably that I’d made before already. For my 3 year old, I pulled out Simplicity 4337.

Simplicity 4337

This is going to be a quick and easy review. I have made this before. It’s been a while. I made it for my niece in Lavender about 5 years ago and I don’t have any photos of it. it greatly resembled the Lavender one the little girl is modeling. Only difference in the two was that the dress I made had an all over sheer chiffon-like lace. I did use the instructions because I have put together many dresses so I pretty much know my ins and outs of a quick fix.

I made the size six for my three year old. Yes, you read that right. And to be honest, it is on it’s last leg of wear. She is tall and heaft...I mean, healthy.

I believe had I used the same fabrics, yes, it really would have looked like the photos and or drawings, but since I used a beautiful Black and White polka dot flocked organza that I’d stumbled upon while I should not have been in Hancock in NC.

048 Second fitting for the waist.

it looks much better. Winking smile It was a steal, too. I ‘d gotten if for $2.95 a yard with an extra $1.00 off. For $1.95, not bad. I should have gotten more of it but I failed to listen to that inner she devil that was pulling at my thoughts to clean the bolt. Darn, sometimes it’s worth the she devil because I sooo see me making myself a high-waist pencil skirt out of that fabric. But, oh well, if I run into it again, I’ll be sure to grab it. I hope it’ll be on sale.

047  Not quite done.

I originally had sleeves cut out and ready go but the way  I’d done the bodice it would have taken up too much time to put them in. So, I left them off. They are still ready to be put onto something. Something maybe black, white, or red.

I don’t believe I would make it again because it is an old pattern and I have made it already twice. There are so many other girly patterns I want to give a try. But, I do recommend it to others to try. The only photos I have is of my daughter wearing it while at the Christmas B0anquet.

A few more photos:


051The bolero is from another pattern I made a year ago for my oldest daughter.


The other outfit I made in a crunch for the Banquet was New Look  6130. I made it out of a Leopard print pointe I’d gotten on sale from Hancock’s. I love the way this fabric feel. It was on sale, too, by mistake. The bolt was marked 80% off when in reality it was 30 or 40% off. I can’t remember exactly which one. but I got it for what it was marked. I made the coordinate pattern into a dress with a detachable peplum. I made the top C sans the peplum part; attached the skirt E to the top then made the peplum separately with a band and two snaps for closure. Too cute. I have since sold the dress and will make me another day.

053                                         056     057


That’s all for now. I have a few more things I need to photograph before the New Year and bring 2012 to a close.

Until I erase the camera and bring you more cheer,

Peace, Love, and contagious Joy.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Copy Cat? Maybe so.

My husband bought me this dress for this past Mother’s Day. I was pregnant and needed some comfortable clothes to wear for church. We went to several places then ended up at Burke’s. I had not been to that store for a while. I found this dress after picking up something then putting it down. Then looking at this item and frowning my nose only to eventually go back to it. I did finally pick this dress.


I’m not pregnant in this picture. Baby was actually four weeks old. I like this dress because I can wear it post pregnant.

I wanted another dress like it but never went back to Burke’s because it’s about a 45 min drive. So, I remembered I had some very nice and soft fabric in the stash that felt exactly like the dress. It’s polyester and lycra. Very flowy and slippery. I went through my pattern stash and found New Look 6782.


View A without the braid or View B sans the belt fit the bill. I just lengthened it by about 6 inches. The instructions were very easy to follow. I am trying to remember because it has been a minute since I‘d sewn it. I don’t remember referencing them except only to do the hemming of the ‘sleeves’. I made size 14 and serged off a lot. In retrospect, I should have made the 12. I could have easily fit into since I had only gained 10 whole pounds! It’s now that I am gaining weight!


I made one change to the pattern to try and make it similar to the original one. On the picture above, I cut a seam across the back just like the original.

Here are a few more photos:

2012-09-12_11-11-54_314Back: full length

2012-09-12_11-11-31_516Front bodice

2012-09-12_11-11-22_118Front: full length

I tried NOT to get heart on my boobies but no matter how I turned the fabric, I had gotten the hearts, only turned in a different direction. And I still got this effect.

The skirt portion is not hemmed. I liked it this way. It is actually the selvage. I can’t give a full review until I make it according.  

2012-09-12_21-14-01_321                       2012-09-12_21-16-01_193

I don’t like the way there is much skin showing by the breast. I think I know how to fix that for next time.  I just simply don’t cut that dip as deep? Chime in and let me know.


That’s all except I won’t try the blow out look with a perm again!

Until next time,


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pinterest Inspired:

Simplicity 5259 and Butterick 5354


I have longed for this outfit since I saw it on the NEW social network- I am in love with this site. It’s the new FaceBook in my opinion. I have made both patterns before. I don’t have a photo or review of the skirt because it was before my blogging and Pattern Review days. I think I gave the skirt away. I’ll have to check on that.

Misses Pants and SkirtsView F...the pink one.

The top is found here. This one is in the trash because I already knew I wouldn’t keep it long. It was a ‘muslin’ per se.


The fabric for the top is a polyester jersey knit in cream from Fashion Fabrics and it’s been the stash for a while. The lace is a mystery with equal stretch as the knit and I don’t know where I bought it from.


For the skirt, I used a twill. It is a medium weight in celery green, I’d say. I love the feel of it. It was acquired during a swap with my sister-in-law about four or five years ago. I was going to make a jacket from the rest but thought it would be too much of that same color. I like it but I am not in love with it. I found a final resting place for it with my sister, Evoni. She would find something to make of it.


Both pieces are very easy to put together.

However, I complicated things with the lace on the top and I was going to line the skirt but then I didn’t have enough lining fabric so that got nixed. It still came out good.


I made the skirt in size 16 because that is how big I was when first made it. After fit and cut downs, I think I ended with a size 12. I am a 9/10 in ready to wear. I just had a baby girl, too. So, hopefully, I loose a little more weight. I know will since I am nursing.

Zyan in pot 9-12

I tried to do one of those cute pot shots...LOL

Here’s a better one.

Zyan pose 2

Here is my Pinspiration piece:


Here is my version that I wore to church today:


I used what I had on hand. Nothing purchased. Boots and bag, of course. The color is more like the inspiration not the light turquoise looking color.

Side with Jacket

Side wo Jacket

Excuse the face, it was sunny.



Message for today (Missionary’s Day): John 4:35 “It’s Harvest Time”


Jewelry - Not a good shot.

I know you may be saying, “Hey, that top doesn’t look like that pattern!” No, it doesn’t. I pinned out the tucks on the pattern then cut the fabric in the finished pin out. I only have lace in the front because that’s all I had enough for.


Ok, I admit. This looks nothing like my inspiration. But I like it a lot.


Well, that is all for this SOTD (Sass of the day). Yeah, I make up my own.


Until later. Peace, ya’ll.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ra- Ra- Rasputin (Burda 7381)

My son is SO skinny! It is hard to find pants that fit his 28 waist. And he is tall. I see now that elastic may just become one of his friends until I become confident enough to make a more tailored pair of pants for men. I tried to experiment on my husband but he wasn’t having it. Lol I find it kind of hard to certain garments for men - especially the picky ones in my life.

Burda patterns are said to be good patterns. I have quite a few of them and just had not the time to put any together until now.



Bradley saw this pattern while I was shopping one of Hancock’s famous sales. It was my first time even seeing these patterns on sale. (I have a few I had already bought off Ebay.) I do remember about five years ago I had asked the sales lady if they sold Burda’s here and she told me they had stopped a while back and didn’t know if they would start again. I had been stationed in Germany and fell in love with Burda, but I didn’t know the language that well and decided it really wasn’t worth paying that much for a pattern only to sew it blindly. But, whadaya’ know? Let there be Burda!


The description on the pattern pack says: Burda Young; Shorts; semi-fitted


And it fits US sizes 34 to 46. I cut the smallest -34. I really thought this was going to be huge on him. IT WAS NOT! Granted it’s a tad bit but not a whole lot like I thought it would be. I think it’s also because I did not do the elastic like the pattern calls. I did my own way.


He had originally asked for View B, the pair with the cargo pockets. Then he changed to wanting the pair the huge side patch pockets. Then went to wanting ALL the pockets on one pair! Naw, Buddy.


I used a medium weight khaki twill that I’d bought for $1.99 a yard from Hancock a WHILE ago. Another stash buster item. I still about 4 more yards left. What else can I make? Not sure, but I did run across Simplicity 2648. I may just redo this one again. Here’s the first go around. I love LOVE it. The Anniversary Dress 2010.

I lengthened the legs into pant length and inserted my elastic differently. These were the only two pattern deviations that I’d done.

I love that this pattern is really simple and easy to make. There is no fly opening. You just pulled them on and off.

It’s kind of hard to get my boys to take photos so I am happy to deal with the ones I have.

2012-10-06 CrispersI put a good good crease in these pants.

2012-10-06 Ra Ra RasputinHe looks like Rasputin to me in this shot.

2012-10-06 Island VacationHe said he had swag....

2012-10-06 Thinking ManNow he says he’s the Thinking Man.


Now back to the Rasputin shot. It was derived from the Wii game Just Dance 2.

I love to see my son do that dance. Lol. I think he looks like him in this pose. So, here’s to you Rasputin. I wish I could sneak a video of Bradley doing it. But since he hasn’t let that happen, here’s what you get.

Until the next project. I think I have three more. Fish sticks and potato wedges. Chow.