Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabric Stash 2011 - M5670

Another project for the Fabric Stash contest 2011 is labeled McCall’s Crafty.



I made this top before for my oldest sister as a maternity top in a peach eyelet fabric. I believe that is the name of that kind of fabric. Most times it has embroidered holes in it.

I thought I had a photo of it but I just spent 20 whole minutes looking through my photos and did not find one. So….

This time, I am making the top for me. NO I am not pregnant. I have four and they are more than plenty! I am going to make my top in a denim, maybe a brocade, it might even be a decorators fabric.

Oriental Demin

Looks a bit Oriental in style.

You see, in my previous years, I never kept tabs of the content of my fabric. I am getting better at it and I must admit, I have room for improvement. I think I may even do either a pair of pants or skirt in the same fabric. I will surely have to make certain that I break the look up with some COLOR! Right now, as I type and look at the fabric, I am thinking of maybe a red, but that is too common and the most obvious. I do have some yellow and some purple that I can spare. I might just stay simple and keep it black and use my accessories to add the color. I’ll have to see what the fabric, pattern, and my preferences says about those decisions, though. 

For the sake of time and my eyelids are being held up with tooth picks I’ll just post the finish look and come back and do better.


DSCF2439                          DSCF2441

Until better pictures and the sleeves, Schey.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sewing Hut

I have been trying to get my sewing area together for a while now. Every time I try, there’s always something that gets in the way.

Fabric fright

The Georgia Aquarium came at one point.


There was a snowstorm. We had LOTS of fun!

The military lowcrawl

We put up our front porch, too.


Beautiful weather came along and I wanted to enjoy that – NOT CLEAN!


But, I finally tackled the sewing hut. You see why it’s called the hut.


Yeap, the hut. with everything pulled out except a few items that had nothing to do with sewing and the fabric stand you saw in the first picture.

The boys got new bed sets and did not need their old dressers, so I acquired this one. It’s my new pattern desk/file. Whatever you want to call it. 

Aquired pattern dresser

Can you see the sewing table below? Along with my roll-away caddy that holds miscellaneous items.


I started pulling everything out so I could see where I was going with thing.

Gettin it!Almost there

Most outsideMore fabric in bucketsMore fabric in boxesTrying to break down and see how much fabric do I really own!? So far, I counted 10 Avon boxes full, 9 boxes from online orders, 9 buckets of various sizes (The turquoise is one of two of the bigger buckets.)

By now, it was starting to get dark and time to finish dinner. So I had to stuff things back inside that were not sorted. I have some of the fabric bins and boxes inside. The dresser now holds my ‘to-do’ or ‘you’re next’ projects. The shelf above it holds fleece, flannel, and sewing books.  

Gettin there

Everything else stuffed back in for tomorrow.

Almost there; got dark

Until tomorrow, Schey.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric Stash 2011 - Kwik Sew 2763

I have been working on this top for a while since the beginning of the contest. I made this polo style top for my youngest son a while ago. (He’s the only male brave enough to allow me to sew for him.) Now, I am doing the same pattern for the fabric stash contest in a green pique knit. The red is a pique also. My son asked me to do this top and make sure the stripes go up and down this time. His words are that they are supposed to be on the right side. Well umm with all the work I done trying to make sure his stripes were on the right side:

                         Lining up other side back    

Here I was trying to line up the back and get those stripes looking good.             

Trying to place frontStripes are really a PIA! Here, I was trying to line up the front stripes so that they would match with the ones on the back. 

Checking stripe placementI am rechecking the stripes here on the back pattern piece.

They still ended up on the left side! LOL.

FrontYou think that maybe I can get away with saying, “Well, they are on the right side. My right side.”? I tried it and it didn’t work but he is happy with it anyway.

Oh I have an extra model who has to be in photos.

Front Posing Posing. I know you do not see any buttons on the top. This is because the little munchkin in the previous photo got a hold of the buttons and now I have to buy more. But that’s good because I had matching green buttons and my son said he’d like black better. OK cool, so that gives me a reason to go to the fabric store and catch the President’s Day sale. 

Back w the Dream Girls

Here is the shot from the back. I am kinda liking these stripes. Yeah. And once again, the Dream Girls had to get their shots taken too.




Inside backHere is the inside back facing. I am not sure if the pattern called for this part to be interfaced or not. I didn’t refer back to the instructions because I remembered how it went together the first time. I didn’t interface it, though I did interface the front because that part would get lots of handling with closing and opening buttons.

Inside front  Front facing.

Front Neck wo buttonsNeck

Here are the front and back collars. I wanted the black stripe to be on the edge but that didn’t happen. It’s ok, though, it is still cute and most important, my son likes it. I still have to make that run and get buttons in the morning.


Here is my most professional hem I have ever done on a knit! Pattern Reviewers and some of my most favorite blogs have helped me a lot.

SleeveHere is the sleeve detail.

Now I have to get those buttons and put them on.

Ok, so the buttons BEEEN on. I just now made the time to update the blog with photos and the new Ralph Lauren of the Upstate, SC.

Brad ks top 1

Did you catch that?


Let me do it again.

Brad ks top

He thinks he’s GQ. You go boy!

Until Later,


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fabric Stash 2011–McCall’s 6034

Another addition to the Fabric Stash contest over at Pattern Review. I thought I had posted this one but remembered I needed more pictures.

McCall's 6034

And guess what? I still need more pictures. So that will be a goal (read: reachable) when my son gets home from school. This pattern is not a new one. Not to the market nor to me. I made another view a while back and decided to give this pattern another visit. This time, I attempted view A in a small.

The fabric I used is such a pretty black slinky with some shiny spots that are not really glittery but gives off some shine. Although I thought that the fabric would make me itch with the self lining for the front bodice, surprisingly enough, it don’t. I haven’t worn it, per se, a whole day, but for the time I had it on, which was about an hour, I had no problems.



The picture really does this fabric no justice. It is really pretty and I had originally intended for it to be a cami to wear under my lower cut tops for church.

Front pattern piece

This is ONE ODD SHAPED front pattern piece! There are lots of pleats in here. I had thought at first they were darts but no, darts come to a point; pleats do not. And I think this piece alone has nine. It measures just about 54 inches.

Front Pattern piece length

Here is the difference between the front and back piece lengths. The back has just as many pleats as the front! (Sigh)

Front n Back length difference

mile markersI had to mark my miles with thread this time because the marking pin nor the chalk were working. Here is a close up of the mile markers.

markers up close

I do want to remind myself and tell you to remember to cut only ONE of each pattern piece. I did not pay attention and cut TWO of each. So, I am going to keep one for myself and enter it into the 2011 Fabric Stash Contest at Pattern The second one will be sold.

Did I mention that I am glad that there is a self panel lining on this bad booger? My fabric is VERY see though and a double layer helps a lot.

Very see through

I told you so…VERY SEE THROUGH!

I had to do lots of pinning because I was so scared the fabric would walk and talk while I was sewing it. So I put TONS of pins in it. I am sure I would have had to that if I were to use another fabric with better stability and a lot less slink.

Lots of pinning                    Pins upclose

You can see the pins and the pleats in the pictures above.

Top on Aloe (back)                    Top on Aloe (front)

The back and front on Aloe. I can right through her! I will most definitely make a solid black…something to go underneath this one.

Here’s a better picture in the sunlight. I think I like it even more than before.

Better pic top front

So, this is all for now, until the sonnies get home from school. I think this top will be a good mate with a pair of skinnies and booties. Or maybe a pair of dress trousers.

Until 4:30.

I know, 4:30 took a long time to get here. lol But that is life, or at least my life. It’s busy. As promised, I got you more pictures of the blouse…with me and fat in it. Goodness, if anyone know how to loose belly fat PLEASE let me know!



Ok, I’m done. Excuse the photos. I need to do better with my photographer! Like fire him. lol