Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hair Pretties

While taking a break from sewing for the Mt. Pleasant Annual Christmas Banquet, I wanted to do something with the girls because they have been neglected. Well, not entirely, because I was indeed sewing for them. I put my dress on hold because I FORGOT that if I don’t sew their dresses as well, then it might be a huge chance they would not have anything to wear. But those are a separate story.

I ran across this site From an Igloo by Christine who made the most adorable hair barrettes. I had to make the girls some. Before I went a bought any extra supplies we used what was on hand to see how easy this actually was. Let me tell, IT IS EASY.

The supplies you need (taken from Christine’s page) are:

You will need:
- Glue gun/glue
- Yarn (We used thick embroidery thread)
- Beads- (size was small not sure of a measurement)
- Thread/needle
- A piece of cording (Used some scrap small rope from last year’s Christmas gifts)
- Alligator clips or barrettes (The silver clasp barrettes works too)
- Scraps of fabric and –embellishments like ribbon and buttons.

Oh, and don’t forget the sharpie because your dolly needs a face.

I don’t have any in-process photos because working with an anxious 2 year old kind of makes it hard to work with hot glue and take photos. I do have the finished product which came out pretty well.

DSCF2998 Ann wanted to wear hers today to church. I know the real reason. Every third Sunday is children’s church and she just had to have something to talk about. I can imagine how the conversation went. “Me and Mom made pretty dolls for my hair and I want to thank God for letting my Mom need a break from sewing because now I have something new for my hair.” Sounds like something she would say.

Here is a close-up: DSCF3000 Ann made her dolly’s hair extra long because she says it reminded her that needs to not play in her hair again and I want to cut it to make it grow again. Lol. Kids. They really do listen and learn.

Here is the one I helped to make with Nii. I had to get this photo while she was sleeping. She had to get an after service nap because crankiness is not an option! Just go to sleep if you are sleepy… so Mom can get a photo of your ”pretty haaiirrr”. That is how Nii says it while rubbing her hands down the side of her face and head. You get the picture. But here is this one I had to sneak. She kept turning her head back so one is all I got.

DSCF3001 You should give it a try if you have little ones or little grands. They are fast and easy and you can use different things to get different looks. I may make a few more because the girls have some brown see through beads that I want to play around with and see how they come out.

Until the Banquet items,