Friday, September 27, 2013


It’s been about two months since I’ve posted due to life. I am just taking the time out to say, “Thank you!”, to my followers. Thank you for taking the time to follow my sewing blog. I hope you are inspired in one way or another. Even if you learn how NOT to sew, wear, or style something . You all always give such nice comments. I am inspired by you and your blogs as well.

I do have to say, “Happy Birthday to Me!” I am the big 36 and loving it! It is a blessing to be alive these last and evil days.

Happy Birthday Diamonds

My outfit for today has actually be an UFO for about 2 years. The story started when my sister Evoni and I had our little own personal sew-a-long. How ever this endeavor quickly ended when she lost mojo. No, wait, I think I lost the mojo. Or was it that sewing instructions were lost? I think it was because I couldn’t decide on a lining. See that’s what happens when you wait so long to sew things. You age. You forget. Then you blame others. Oh well. It’s all sewn up now.

Blur front

It is Vogue 1214 (OOP)designed by Alice and Olivia. When I bought this pattern I was head over heals in love with it. It is rated as Average by Vogue and has a pattern for the vest, leggings, and belt. It’s described as close-fitting, lined top has front band extended into shawl collar, snap closure, front darts, side front pockets, back detailed seams, godets and topstitch trim. Belt has elasticized back and topstitch trim.


The back has detailed seams? Yes! It’s an 8 paneled back with a ton of top stitching AT. EACH. SEAM.

Back w stitches

Back w belt

I had initially cut the 14 (two years ago) and now it’s too big. So, that is a plus in itself. And now it’s a year after a baby. She turned one August 27th. I believe the 12 would have been a better fit.

I love the godets and how they flow. I love the top stitching. Even though it is a ton of it, I love it. I love the collar. I love the self fabric belt. I love that it is not the basic vest. You know like the one’s worn in the day that coordinated with Uncle Bill’s and Aunt Mae’s boots. I love the twist on this vest. So me. There was nothing that I did not like.

I used a black and white suiting I’d purchased from probably 2 1/2 to 3 years ago. The black and white is so small it looks gray, just like the vest the model is wearing on the envelope. So it’s a stash and a UFO. The lining is a poly from the stash also. The snaps and the elastic are stash.

A little detail

Blose up belt

Close up back with belt

Initially when I started putting this vest together - after the long pause- I was NOT going to line it. But then I didn’t want to lose the look of it and didn’t want to have to draft facings. I am GLAD I went ahead and lined it because it looks, hangs, and feels so much better.

LiningCrappy lining

I did not put in the pockets because I will not be using them. I saved the time and just eliminated them. I also put in the lining my jacked up, kind of quick way. Actually I tried doing it the way I was shown by an alterations person who works at Men’s Wearhouse. Let’s just say I’ll be working on that so I can get it right. I tried to strategically place the snaps so that the panel does not gape. I put them on per the instructions then took them off and repositioned them. Well, it worked on Aloe. It’s not working on me. I will take these off and used a bigger size when I redo them. Oh, I did not self line the godets. I just turned up the seam allowance and stitched it down. I thought they would be stiff and look like log flags on a log truck.


I don’t think I will sew it again. It’s unique. I will attempt to go into the side seams and take it in because I really do like it. HOWEVER, if I find some white suiting in this same weight, I may just change my mind.

Close Front Neck



Front w Belt

I don’t know how the center front got like this but it did and I’m not crying over it.

Back - talking

Another crappy shot

side back

Until my next project. Apple cider and cinnamon sticks. Later Huns!

*gosh I need a good camera and some landscape*

*maybe I’ll learn how to photochop Winking smile*


Judith said...

Happy Birthday - and just love your vest that you made! It looks absolutely super on you - colour and style just perfect. I can't believe the amount of seams you must have sewn, and topstitched - your patience and sewing skills are to be congratulated ... J

Scheryka said...

Thanks Judith! The lining is not topstitched, thank goodness! lol

Evoni said...

I like I like!!!! It only took 2 years to complete..... Lol it looks very professional u make me want to go sew mine.... Give me another year and I'll post mine ... Lol. We both lost our mojo on top of life grabbing us and saying hold up.... :-)
Happy birthday sis.... Kisses

Faye Lewis said...

A very happy birthday to you. Nice vest.

Ysenia H said...


Scheryka said...

Thank you, Ev, Hun. Yes, you need to finish your vest! Ok, I'll be waiting in a year. Don't forget, it'll be on my birthday so I'll be checking.

Thank you, Faye and Ysenia!

Candice said...

Happy Birthday! I love your version of this pattern!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Happy Birthday Scheryka - I'm glad you tackled this project - believe me, you'll feel better and your mojo will come back when you get old UFO's off the list. Plus you moved - always very draining. It is a lovely jacket, and really, belted for casual, looks fine. Your blog made me laugh today :)

Bdayo.Com said...

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GodsgirlT said...

Happy Belated Birthday and many more to come! Such a cute vest!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Candice! Thanks Sarah! I am glad you got a laugh, it's good for the soul! Bdayo, I've never heard of the site, however, I'll give it a visit. Thank you, God's Girl! How are you!

Mary said...

I am in absolute awe of how this looks on you. It's fantastic.

Scheryka said...

Thanks Mary!

Myra said...

Happy Birthday! Love the outfit!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Myra!