Sunday, November 28, 2010

Endless Combinations 2010

These are the J. Stern jeans pattern. They are the first piece for the PatternReview Endless Combinations Contest. The purpose of the contest is to make endless possibilities for outfits that will end the dreaded ‘nothing goes with nothing else’ in the closet syndrome. I have a lot of UFO pieces, RTW and hand made, that are stuck in the closet. They are good pieces, they are just lonely. To remedy this from happening again, I think my new way of thinking is to build new looks – endlessly. You start with a piece, I chose a pair of jeans since a wardrobe can spin off in several directions with just a pair of jeans. This is the pattern:
                                             J Stern pattern
I used a black stretch denim even though the pattern does not necessarily call for stretch. It’s a personal preference because it feels much better than being all stiff like a frozen sausage in non-stretch denim.
During construction, I incorporated a few tip I learned from other phenomenal sewers. The first thing I decided to do at the last moment was bias bind the pocket seams. This gives the pockets a so much better look. The next time I will make sure the thread matches. It was too cold to run out to the sewing “hut” and grab some thread so I used what I already had for the jeans. I also would liked to have used purple bias but I couldn’t find any and really didn’t fell like making my own. Note to self: MAKE OWN BINDING WHEN NONE CAN BE FOUND.
J stern inside pockets The next picture shows the pocket prepped with the coin pocket from the wrong side. I am glad there is coin pocket piece. Makes it more RTW.
                              J stern inside pockets
This one is the coin pocket face front. J stern front pocket 1
The back pocket design was an after thought. I wish I had made my mind up before I cut them out, but since I didn’t, I made a simple design and I am quite happy with it. It’s only on one pocket though. I wasn’t quite wanting the symmetrical look.
J stern pocket
I took picture with the hot pink top I wasn’t too long made. The top is not part of the contest. I needed something to take the pictures in besides nude “buttons”.
The length of the jeans are quite long for me. I am 5’3”. I do think I will keep them a bit long so that I can wear them with some heels. In this picture, I am wearing a pair of hot pink mules where the heel is not so tall.
J stern hem length  

Here is the front view:         Here is back view:
J stern front           J stern back
J. Stern pocketsJ. Stern yoke rise
Up close on the pockets.                            Up close on the yoke.

I need to redo the back loop because the stitches are pulling. I always get that! I think it is due to the fact that I need to raise the yoke. Which I will do on the next pair. Excuse the raggedy belt. When you have something that feels so comfortable, you don’t want to let it go.

Here are some more pictures that I took with the jeans because I felt the pink top over powered the fact that the jeans were focal point.


                           J stern front 2                      J stern back 2                     J stern side

I should have taken pictures and then ate! But I was full, though!

My son wanted to play with the camera so I told him to use it on me. I know, how conceited. But what can a Mother say? My children love me and I love them.
J. Stern side
Until later, Schey

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A NewLook 6780

This top has been in the makings for a looong time.
It has been finished for a few weeks now. I just kept misplacing my camera, then I had to get batteries, you know how those things goes. But here it is now. The top is taken with a pair of jeans that I finished about four or five days ago. I am entering those into a contest that I will talk about later.
Newlook bandThis shot is the side showing the band. I thought I had a picture of the front but it must have been deleted. I may post it later. I have forgetfulitis.
I like the top quite well even though I did not use the material called for it. I used a hot pink less-stretchy type cotton twill with black and tonal stripes. It was originally supposed to be made into a skirt but I really wanted to make this top in hot pink and this was the only hot pink fabric I had at the time.
Here are a few more shots. No, I did not make the gray pants. If you could get close up, you can see that the pants are gray with tonal and black pinstripes and, of course the top is hot pink with tonal and black stripes. I like that together. I’m told I have no style….what everrrr.
Newlook 6780Looking at my daughter change the tv to iCarly then hide the remote. ….Kids are smart. You can see the wonky here.
Newlook top 1Newlook top 3
About to fall in the first one. Second view is semi-back.
Newlook top Just a lighter shot of one the previous ones.
Hopefully I will remember to post a front view.


Newlook6780 front

Here is the PR review:

Pattern Description:

From the pattern pack: Misses knit tops. Easy.

Pattern Sizing:

Sizes 6 through 16. I cut the 12 in view B.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes, except for my changes on the sleeves and neckline.

Were the instructions easy to follow?

I don't know because I didn't look at them. This blouse is pretty straight forward. I only had to refer to the picture to know there were gathers in the neckline because I didn't pay attention to the pieces while cutting them out. (I was wondering why the neckband wouldn't match with the neck and sleeve edges.)

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

Honestly, I don't know why in particular I like this pattern. I just do. Not to mention, the style (I made, IMO) looks good with a great pair of jeans, adorned with boots or some bad heels. The only thing I do not like about this pattern is the fact I don't know why I do like it. I know, I know...

Fabric Used:

I don't know. It look and feel as if it's a twill with a bit of stretch. It is hot pink and has hot pink tonal and black stripes. Originally, I was going to use the fabric for a skirt but I saw this pattern that I had tucked away for a while and the two just looked right for each other. So they made a friendship.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I made no alterations but I did change the sleeves to a straight sleeve at the last minute. I wanted to do a placket with snaps but couldn't find my snap tool, so I self-lined the sleeves and left off the elastic. They are more bell shaped.

Newlook 6780 sleeve




I also left the front and back neck top parts ungathered and gathered all the fabric to the sleeve caps. It makes the neck line a bit wonky but I know it is because of the weight of the fabric pulling to each side. Maybe in the future I will take it a loose and redo it the right way. I didn't use a knit but a fabric with only a slight stretch.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

I will. And I may make it a little longer for a dress that I may wear some jeggings with. I would recommend this to others because I have already done. My sister wants one now. But she is a sewer so she can do it. She's a beginner, but this pattern is so easy, she can do it.


I should have used the fabric the pattern calls for because the stretch was not enough to accommodate the lower band to the bottom of the top. It's a bit snug but it will do. It actually holds the post baby(S) bump(S) in, so I'm not complaining! And since it's inconspicuous, it's no biggy.

Sorry for the crappy photos...Until later, Schey

Monday, November 22, 2010

Polka Dot Confusion – Done!

Remember this post? Well I have finally decided what I wanted to do with it. No, it is not bloomers for the baby nor did I have to go through as much fuss. I did, however, have to buy two more fat quarters that went up from $1 to $1.25. I just got tired of having that "unfinished eyesore of a what will become of fabric" looking at me every time I opened the sewing doors. So, I decided to get done with it and make those dots become something pretty and useful.
I was going to do a give away but since my give-a-ways don't do so well, I decided to keep it and my and my babies will get plenty of use from it. I wanted to do a guessing game and whoever guessed what it was gets the prize. But I like it so much - no one's getting it. HAHA
But here it is:
                             View Polkadot Apron
Until later, Schey

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Pattern Wardrobe - Simplicity 2868 - Pattern Review Contest 2010

     So, I am wanting to enter, yet, another contest on Pattern Review. I CAN NOT believe that I only got 2 -2 - votes for my LBD. At the time of this posting there were 414 views, helpful to 1 and very helpful to 3 persons. I'm fine with it though because I have an outstanding LBD that I love. Here's the LBD blog.  
     For this contest, One Pattern Wardrobe, the key is to use one pattern and make a look with it. (Like a mini wardrobe.) I have several patterns that fit the bill and since I am trying to use patterns that I have not made yet, I went through the stash and found plenty. Of the lucky bucks these were the choices:

Five Simplicities

McCalls - two.

And two Buttericks.

I had a good Simplicity stash that needed to be worked on. So I think that is why this pattern won.

I have just about as much fabric in the stash as I do patterns. So, I made it my business to NOT buy any new fabric for this contest. I bust up the stash and all the boxes, crates, and shelves and buckets and bags. I couldn't really make any solid and sound decision so I closed my eyes and started pulling out fabric. From the ones that were lucky enough to make the pull, I chose from them. This is what became of the random selected (blindfolded) choices:

The red was the intentional choice. A Girl has got to have color.

As the sewing progress, so will this blog (I think - I have a habit of meaning to do but do don't really happen). So come back and let's see the One Pattern Wardrobe give birth to another outfit that will mysteriously end up on hangers in the Mrs. closet and yet still pushing the Mr's. wardy to his little devoted corner. Seriously, ladies, do we really need all this space? Yes - I'll answer my own question.

Until later, Schey