Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you so much Heather @ Sewing on Pins for nominating me for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I am so happy and smiling so wide I think my smile is making my daughter smile too...and she in the bed sleep! Can you say contagious? My first award nomination in sewing - Wow.

If I am understanding I am to write about ten things that you don't know about me. Hmmmm, this could be easy or hard depending on how it's approached. I can approach it with a chemical equation that would surely cause a migraine onset that would probably last for about a week. Or I can just simply dive into the pool, get my hair wet and to hair dresser. Well, either way, I'm gonna do it - migraine, nappy hair, or not.

#1. I think this one is a chemical equation strategic post - I am currently looking for a job in Health care Management so that my BS in Management/ Health care would not be in vane nor expensive for nothing.

#2. I'm diving in the pool and doing it easy on this one. I learned sewing from my Mom. I would sit and watch her while she would sew. The first time I realized I had the niche was when my Mom was confused on how to set in a panel on a skirt back that had pleats. I lined it up and it came out just right..and even.

#3. This one is neither strategic nor pool diving, just plain on true and to the point. I love God. See I told you so.

#4. I love cooking but I just learned how to BBQ on a grill about a year ago. The first thing I grilled were hot dogs. They literally blew up on the grill! Now, thanks to my Husband (who would BBQ every day of the week if he could) and my Dad (who gave me some BBQ WOWs [BBQ Words of Wisdom]), I can grill. And if I may brag on myself for a second, I do it pretty well.

#5. I love shoes, but what woman doesn't, right?

#6. Like another blogger mentioned, I am allergic to fresh fruit. I am also allergic to seafood. Both make me itch and seafood makes me swell. Benedryl is my friend because I still eat 'em. Sometimes, I start to look like Martin Lawrence or the Nutty Professor. I allergic to water. True stuff, when I drink water, my pipes rust! Oh yeah, I developed a new allergy as of 01/01/10, RTW.

#7. I love Pepsi. I even have it as my background picture for my laptop. I love McDs sweet tea.

#8. I use fake flowers as plants because ALL of my plants die way too soon.

#9. One thing I find amusing is when people tell me I am mean. So I am letting you all faithful readers know, I AM NOT MEAN! Ok, I didn't mean to holler at you but really. I am not. Sounds like I have a mild case of turrets, huh?

#10. As I am typing this out, it is my birthday, and one thing on my wish list is: I would to have the Twinkle Sews Book! Now you know this too. ;)

Thanks to all who have now learned some new things about me. I am glad you took the time to learn that I am the nicest Pepsi lover with many pairs of shoes; who is looking for a health care management job in Greenville, SC and I decorate with fake flowers, use Benedryl to slow the allergic reaction to fruit and seafood because I just learned how to grill and BBQ well after I made my Mom proud to know that I was going to sew just like her and I am going to show her with phenomenal projects from Twinkle Sews all because I love God.

Now it time to pass the Hot Potato and put a few more great and beautiful person's on the Totem's Stool of recognition. I would like to pass the award to,, and ladies you're it.

Come back later to see the pictures. I was rushing to get this done because I wanted to post it on my birthday but missed by a day.

Thanks again, Heather, you made my day.

Until later, Schey.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

As stated in an earlier post, I was supposed to make this Butterick top for myself in this very pretty and comfortable knit fabric. 
Well, my faithful followers, I have accomplished the mission. The compass was easy to read and I made to the rally point before time and unharmed. Here are the first two photos I took before I hemmed the bottom because I just could not wait to take pictures in my shirt. I also have on my new boots with some darn bootcut jeans because my skinnies were mysteriously taken by my sister. So, it took me about 20 whole minutes tucking and stuffing these pant legs into the boots! Boy that was workout I tell ya. But I done it. So here are these two:

 The next few photos are finished and complete. I didn't bother with tucking in the legs and I used different boots. Oh. I made the purse too. You might not be able to see it so well.

Until later, Schey

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Papaya Peach Shake

I made this pattern before. It is McCall's 5794 for Ann. This time I used a rib knit that is very pretty with silver stripes going through it too. It is hardly visible but it is there. I named it Papaya Peach because when I got ready to post the pictures that is what came to mind. Or I was hungry. I think I was hungry. My kids will tell you that I am just greedy...and I can't argue with them on that note. I love food and it's many tastes that one dish can have. Yummy.
This is the pattern photo:

I had this top made for about a month now. I am just getting around to taking pictures. Here is the review of the top. I hope you are inspired and ...enjoy.
Pattern Description:
From the pattern pack it says children's and girls' tops, dresses, tank top and pants. Loose fitting, pullover top or above mid-knee dress has above waist bodice with elastic casing, slightly flared skirt with or without elasticized patch pockets, cap or long sleeve with elasticized wrist and narrow hem finishing; top, A, dress D have self-fabric bow; fitted, pull-on tank top E has optional applique trim; pull-on pants F have elasticized waist and stitched hems.

Pattern Sizing:
Sizes are from 3 to 8. My pack was the 6,7,8. I made size 7 which I could have gotten away with the 6. I like to get growth and wear for my children.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
It could have but I added sleeves.
Were the instructions easy to follow?
I didn't use them this time. Second time around with super very easy instructions...
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like that the pattern and the pieces are straight forward. The items can easily be made to mix and or match. I only made view A and E, though. Nothing to dislike.
Fabric Used:
Rib knit a got on sale from online at $1.99 a yard.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I added short sleeves and instead of turning the neck hem I added a self bias binding. It makes a cleaner look IMO.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes. I'll be sewing again for sure. I surely recommend it too. It can used for the basic summer wardy for the girls. Then add long sleeves and you have a fall and winter top. ;)
This pattern is going to have a lot of wear and tear because the baby is 1 1/2 and I'm saving it for her too.
And this is the final product:

Here is a picture of our picture loving baby who only stayed still to say cheese and run.
Until later, Schey

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Libra's World Is Never Balanced

I promise, there is not enough hours in a day for a seamstress. You would think it would so easy to figure out what you wanna sew, right? Wrong. I spent this morning figuring out what all I may need to sew for the month of September. Of course all of them will not get sewn because of one reason or another. Trying to balance the life of a Mother, a professional student, a referee with experience, a chef and fast food cook, a sanitation engineer, and the submissive virtuous wife when all the prior faces of my life does not take presidence. Wow, is that the job analysis of a Domestititian? Anyhow, this is my life in the scope a magnifying glass right now. In the midst of all this, I want to SEW! (wining and crying in the most spoilest voice I can conjur.) So these are the items in question for the month of September. 

  It's my birth month and I want to make something that will comfortable with a bit of modest sexiness embedded in the outfit. So, top A (the Turquoise one) is my choice with this zebra print fabric.

There were other items on the list but it seems like everytime I plan my plan says no. Sew as I sew, then we'll know. But here are some things that are in line either now or later.
Planned as part of another dress for the LBD competition on Pattern Review.

Was supposed to be sewn for this coming Sunday, but umm it didn't make it. Maybe sometimes later this week.

This is a bolero I plan to knock off. Omg! Isn't this amazing?

This is for my hubbies welcome home. Yeah Baby!

Sew, hopefully things would go well. We'll see.
Until Later.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Polka Dot Confusion

I found this pretty fabric at Wal-Mart. It is what replaced their normal fabric selection. Fat quarters. I really don't know what they are useful for besides the smallest project one could think of. But if you buy enough of them...
This package only cost $1.00. You get one big quarter piece of fabric. I bought two of each. Black and pink polka dots and pink and black polka dots. Makes sense? Well, any how this is what has become of it so far. I wasn't thinking about what I wanted to make, I just started cutting and serging with hopes of figuring out what I really wanted to do with it.

Now, I'm not totally blind of what to do with pretty piece of artful fabric that will make a great pair of bloomers for the 1 year old. The strips can be the ruffles. But that will mean I will have to go back and buy another fat quarter. Yeah, I hear you saying, "Schey, it's only a dollar". Oh, contrary, to the most modest of spenders, it is not just a dollar. You see, I will have to use my oil, gas and time to go to the Wal-Mart, take my time to browse for more fabric and notions while I am making my way to the polka fabric that may not even be there because it is so pretty that I am surely not the only buying it. I must then stand in the express line that is not really express because some unknowing customer thinks that as long as they do not have more than 10 different items, they are good. "NO!" That is not the meaning of that sign. If you have 11 items -period- inside your basket, you need to go to lines 5 through 12. This is if you are on the grocery side. (Boy do I need to stay out of WalMart!) But then, I will have to stop by the most famous french fry restaurant and purchase me a large fry and a large sweet tea for $3.01. Yet, more money out of my pocket. And since 99.999% of the time, my daughters are with me and they are gonna want some too. Since I am NOT sharing mines, oh no, I have to buy them their own. Now, I am out more than just that $1 you thought. So, back to the dilemma at hand. What am I going to make with this oh, so beautiful fabric? Let me know....

Until I hear from you,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brad's Newsboy Cap

I tried my hand at this free program named Wild Ginger. It was a long time coming, I just kept putting it off so that other things can be done. My youngest son asked me one day if I would make him a hat. "Ok". So a week went by then he asked again. "Ok, gotta get some things done". About another a week or so went by and again he'd asked. "If you keep asking you won't get it". So, then I decided to drop what I was doing and sew up a cap for this so very patient son of mine. Literally, i dropped everything! My PEPSI! Oh boy, my Pepsi.

At first the cap turned out looking like Dr. Suess's hat that he wears. Just not striped and it had sord of a rounded point thing going on at the top. I really wish I had taken a photo of this hideous work I thought I called art. But being so anxious to get this thing right, I kept working. Not to mention, I had already put him off for while. So, I made the decision to keep going...I mean keep sewing.

After a while I got it to a workable newsboy cap. I had to shorten the length of the panels by far. I didn't take the cap a loose to do it. What I did was cut that eyesore of a point off. The length was about an inch and a half. Then I had sewn the panels just a tad bit deeper so that the hole at the top would close up again. Now, I was starting to see this cap that I had so intended to sew from the beginning.

I won't make you wait for the debut any longer. So, here you are.
I present to you Bradley and the Newsboy Cap:

    You go boy!
Until later, Schey

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grace with Lace

I ran upon this beautiful fabric at the local fabric store. Since it has already been cut and made into a piece of art, I am forced to use my terrible skills I call descriptions. The material was a poly Lycra lace in blended hues of tan, beige, and light brown. Yeah, I know these colors can be one in the same. But hey, you say tomato I say tomato. Awww, you get the picture.
Any ways, one side of the fabric had this pretty visible lace effect and the other side had a less see through very sexy appeal going on. When I first saw the fabric, I was flabbergasted and just had to have it. I only bought two yards because at the time, I didn't know it was on special. Anyhow, I should have bought more of it. I am not going to post a picture of it here because it is for sale in my Etsy shop. Please take a look and tell me what you think. (I am using this to promote my shop. Also, if there is something that I need to improve in my shop, PLEASE let me know.)
So, visit my shop here. Don't forget to tell me what you think.

Until later Schey.