Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vested Suit with S3911


     I made this skirt a while ago and never reviewed it. It’s just a skirt with no bells nor whistles. What I do like is the wide contoured waistband.

New Items 040

     The vest is almost made up in this shot. I just wanted to show the skirt. It has a front split and a side zipper.

     I cut the vest in the 16 because that is what’s been cut since I bought the pattern. I never made it up. So I cut the fabric out in the 16, forgetting to grade down. The 14 would have been better.

New Items 076

     I made the view without the collar. I left the lining out and instead used biased binding for the edges and hems. Everything else was left as is.

     New Items 039

     I have some meaningless photos because I was playing with the camera on my phone. Oh well, they all came out the same. Nothing spectacular. At least I know what I want for Christmas this year. (sneaky grin) So, here are two more meaningless photos.

New Items 037                  New Items 049








     A photo of the side splits:

New Items 119

     A pocket:

New Items 043

     I don’t know the fabric content as usual. It was stash. But it could pass for a twill, kind of denim -ish if you may. I actually started to make a pair of pants out of it but decided I wanted a skirt and then made a vest out of the rest.

The next few are just photos if worn with a sapphire blue blouse. I love this color and wish I can find some denim in this color for a pair of jeans.

New Items 115

New Items 116








New Items 118

     Another 1 and 1/4  yards to add to the 2013 Style Your Stash. Smooches Readers! Stay focused!

~~~ Scheryka~~~


Sarah Liz said...

It's a stunning combo Scheryka - worn alone or with the skirt.

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Sarah Liz! It feels good to post again before the New Year! AND to sew something!