Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trace and Make?

.........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!  I tried my hand at tracing a RTW piece that I had inherited from my sister. I like the piece a lot. It is a sleeveless long bolero slash vest. It's a knit and too cute. Here is a picture of this piece of art. 

Kinda cute? It's not dresses with anything so it may be kind of hard to imagine. Sorry for my solomn look too. I mean really how hard is it to point and push? Get it right already will you! But I tried to remake this with another knit that was a bit tighter than the knit that this top is made out of. Mistake number one. Number two... I forgot to add seam allowances! Why do I always forget to so this when I know ..."Hey Schey, you're gonna regret this when the piece is done." So I know what I have to do now. Make me a sign that clearly suggests that I ...

                                  So, here is how the duplicate turned out.

Front                                                                Back

Now, without the seam allowance and a lot less hang and stretch as the original fabric, it fits my daughter much better. ...And she is only six....yeah six!

Here's the pictures of her trying to be like Mike....I mean me.

Fits her real good, huh? Well, she has since put the bolero/vest in her closet. Better luck next time, Schey.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black and White and Pretty all Over

The purpose of this blog-isode is to post a black top I made about 2 years ago and a skirt I made about a month or two ago. I used to use my daughter's room as my sewing spot while she was still a tod. I thought that things would be much easier if I could sew while she slept and watch Days of Our Lives at the same time while I'm getting some washing in. (Talk about flexability and multifunctionality!) Yes, it's a word. It's my word. I do not remember the pattern number for the top but I do believe it's an OOP McCalls. (I'm just too lazy to get up and go see.) I am not crazy about it all. I will make it again eventually because I kept the pattern for some reason. I believe it was because I wanted to make it on the bias. Then maybe I'll like it. Anyhow, I paired it with my most favorite skirt right now. I got the idea from a member on Pattern Review. I can not remember her name and tried to look up her skirt but failed and refused to browse through those hundreds of posts. (Wow, I just read what I typed...I did not try to look up her skirt!) LOL But I did try to look up the post to her skirt....ok that sounds better!) (So if you happen to be reading this blog and just so happen to know who I am talking about, hit me up.)
Update: I found the post! Her name is Domestichaven - here's the link to her skirt. She used a different pattern. I used Butterick 5466.
All I done was add in this exposed zipper at the back seam and gained instant gratification and sexinism. (Yeap, that's a word too.) It is fully functional and cosmetic. I made sure I used a heavy duty metal sipper and sewn several rows so that I won't one day sit and rip. What a site to see. Haha. But since I have lost just bit more weight it would only be mildly of an eye ache to the general public. And please Mister Officer don't jail me because my outfit decided to give the onlookers a Rated R trailer peek. But these days, what was once called R is now PG-13! Wow. Also, I paired with my favorite white top. It looks much better that way. I love this look. And the shoes! OMG! The shoes. Well, here's the outfit.

The white top is so much more better.

Due to an 11 year old not be camera savvy, this is the best I can get you of the zipper for righ tnow.

Until later,

Jalie Again

Jalie is one well-known woman I tell ya. Another version of these such wonderful pair of jeans from a printed pattern is yet to come. I am working on Anna's school wardy and out come another pair of jeans. These are made from baby cordaroy (I think it was 21 cords) in Sunshine Yellow. The Butterflies were Anna's idea and she placed them the way she wanted them. There were extra butterflies left over so I put three on the back pocket horizontally and one on the front beltloop. Very cute. The top is RTW but Ann thought hot pink went well with the yellow. She was right. Oh this is so cute!  Kohl's ...move on over!   

Yeah, I know I need to comb her hair; but I'm sewing for goodness sake! Such cutie. 

Leg detail.

Back pocket.

Beltloop detail.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kwik * Sew - Red Polo

Ok, this is the first time I have ever sewn a Kwik Sew. I must admit the name fits well. I was at first a bit timid but I quickly got over that. Being time to go back to school and I have this awesome talent that I have been blessed with, I took some initiation into my own hands and made a polo for my youngest son. In the stores they can range from about $32 to $8 (if they are on a good sale). I really like this pattern and plan on making one in green just like this one. I bought the fabric from my now favorite online fabric store Without all the mouthing off (good for nothign typing [talking]), I'll now give you the pictures. After you read the review.

Pattern Description: Men's shirt and shorts

Pattern Sizing: All in one from small to xxlarge. I cut the size small because my son has the height of King Kong and the weight of JJ Evans...On Good Times. (Google it)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Oh yes. Just don't take a close look at the collar! lol

Were the instructions easy to follow? YEAP and I got worked up for nothing! Ha! This pattern lived up to its name...

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved EVERYTHING! So that leaves nothing to dislike.

Fabric Used: I think it was a golf knit (from the website) btu what ever that is from the list of choices....

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I cut off 2 and 1/2 inches from the hem because even though my son is tall he's not in the sky yet. The seams were supposed to be sewn at 1/4 but I sewd (sp) at 5/8 to kind of bring down the size for to fit my string bean. Oh yeah the shorts are sewn at 5/8.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I plan on doing it in a green just like the red but my sone wants me to flip the stripe but the stretch doesn't go that way. But ummm I bought 3 or 4 yards at 1.95 of each color so I'll try it and see if it works. Yes, I recommend.

Conclusion: Great great pattern and outcome.

Sunshine McCalls 5794

                                                             So there is nothing like waking up and the sun is shining brightly in your window. What's the first thing you say? Arrgghhh! Closed the blinds! And then you quickly grab the pillow and cover your head. ...Yeah, that's exactly how I felt when I told my daughter to try on her new top. It's really cute and, to me, a bit short. But hey with all this heat that we've experienced this summer, it might be just what the doctor ordered...less clothes. Make sure you have your sunblock.

This the main reason I made this pattern. I fell in love with the pattern about 3 or 4 months after I fell in love with fabric. So when they finally met, this is what became. It is McCalls 5794. It is supposed to be a top but I made a size bigger and now it looks like a dress. Maybe a short one. But it was worn Sunday over a pair of jeans. Right now it is being modeled by a very hungry 6 year old because she didn't want to eat her dinner. Oh yeah, I am loving her poof. (I know you see it.)

Here is the back view of the top. I like how the waist is cinched with elastic. For her size, she really needs it. Maybe one day she will eat her cornbread and greens. Until then she should enjoy the days without cellulite and stretchmarks!   

The to pup close. Yeah I know the under top is orange. But hey, my eyes were playing tricks on me until I put the shirt on top of the t. Once I did that, they wanted to focus. And then my brain said to me that yellow and orange doesn't really go well for this ensemble. I politely told my brain to shut up and go back to sleep!

Side view because she wanted a picture like her big brother. (He's in the Red Polo page.)

Sneezing and about a shot. Looks like she's dancing.

Until later, Schey

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Love - Re-Usies

So, this is my new found love. I am tired of having to buy new plastics bags for lunches, snacks, baby minister meals. Yes, baby minister meals. I bet you are wondering what I'm talking about. Well, let me explain that part. If you are a member or have ever been to a black Baptist Sunday church service then you know what I am talking about. If not...well, this is when all the singing has been sang, the prayers has been prayed and the monies has all been taken up and counted. Now, it's time for the bread. Yeah, the sermon. The Minister preaches and this may take an hour or more of, sometimes...ok more times than not, of hooplin and hollering and you really may not know what the message is supposed to be about because this is all you here. Now, this is where the Re-Usies come in. Your baby or toddler just refuses to go to sleep from the base in the speakers that are bouncing off the walls. So, you pull out this pack full of Cheerios and start to (almost stuffing) feed the cereal to the child so he or she will shut-up. That is baby minister meal.

Totally washable and dishwasher safe. There is a sandwich bag and the snack pack that is just big enough to hold...get this you calorie freaks...your 100 Calorie snacks. Yes, I said it! You can wash and reuse instead of buying more and more bags and spending more and more money. Also, is a bag I was playing around with is
trimmed in red. It has no closure so I'll keep that one for my sun flower seed hulls. (My sisters have me running my blood pressure through the roof. Not really but I better stop before I do.)  

The sandwich and snack set is for sale. Please visit There will be more to come. Until later...and if more time permits....