Sunday, December 26, 2010

Follow a Sister

Ok, to all my devoted and loving Followers, we have a new seamstress to the lovely world of sewing. She has not been sewing for too long but she has dibbled and dabbled here and there through the years. Just in the recent year she has gotten serious about sewing and really want to be able to make what SHE wants and NOT what Walmart, Gap, Sears and Ross says she has to wear. She says sewin is the hardest thing next to child birth. I disagree and I know, as you all know, she will soon over come the fear of sewingitis. She has already overcome the fear of being a stash-a-holic. lol I believe she is doing an outstanding and wonderful job. I am particularly jealous of her most previous creation. I am going to get this one done to satisfy my needs craving need to copy cat and get a version of my own. Well, I don't want to keep babbling on, so without further ado, I want to introduce you all to my loving really, she is my sister, Evoni.....
Let's all meet her right here. Remember to lock her in your faves. Itwould be great too if you became a follower and root her on while she's on this exciting journey of freedom.

Until I take pics of the few items I made in limbo.
I'll be back.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Collage of Endless Combination 2010

Paisley Parfait

J. Stern sideJ Stern. Disregard the top. I needed to cover the lover.

NL6606 pose 2Matching top to jeans.

V1052-3Jacket to jeans…

V1052-1Jacket to top and jeans.

DSCF2230Skirt to top. This is the unfinished version because I need a photographer for the finished product. The skirt can actually work with the jacket even though that wasn’t the intentions. And again I need to take those pictures. But the products are done and the reviews are done. 


It’s a Vogue1052 Endless Combination 2010

This third piece to the Paisley Parfait is Vogue 1052.
I had much fun and trials with this pattern. I like it a lot and plan on getting a lot of wear from it. Especially with jeans. Here are the pics. I am sorry for the vagueness for I am trying to beat the clock:
V1052 collar take 1V1052 collar take 2
These are the collar tribulations. Before and after the fix.
V1052 pocket marking
The welt pocket marking that did not quite make it to a pocket…because I didn’t know what I was doing.

V1052 pre backV1052 pre front
Front and back. Too cute.
V1052 trim take 1V1052 trim take 2
Collar trim before and after.

V1052 Welt pocket
The pocket that did become a pocket. I need to work on this welt pocket stuff!
Here is the unfinished lining because I ran out of material. It is finished in a sense – the arms and side front and back are not lined but the lining is neatly finished and I like it. So that is all that count. No one will know but me…oh and you, and you and you ….
Here are the buttons that I wanted bigger.
Pictures of me just posing.

I think I should keep the shirt tucked in….but then again. I kinda like it like this.
Until later, Schey

Endless Combination 2010 The Final Piece

This is the last and final piece to the Endless Combination 2010 contest on PatternReview. I have been through some serious highs and lows with this contest. It wasn’t because of the contest but because of priorities that were going to be met under all circumstances. I was taking STATISTICS II while this contest was underway.
 I want to let you all know that I passed and I am VERY glad I did! Hip hip, Hooray!

This piece was very easy and simple to do since it is basically straight lines and only three pieces. And two of the pieces are the same. It took less than an hour to sew it. I will update this blog when I get the actual pictures uploaded. I need this part to be done for the count in the contest. When you have time go on over to and take a peek at all the entries and cast your vote. I think you have to have an account as well. Here are two of the in the making photos so that you can get a quick look.
DSCF2230               DSCF2231
So, I will be back early in the morning – my time – to up date with the pics.
                                           TWO: DO NOT TOUCH MOMMY'S SEWING - EVER! LOL
I will redo the skirt because it had a dual purpose...that I am sure my Hubby would love. So it's a redo must!
Until later, Everyone.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Endless Combination 2010: NewLook 6606

This is the third item for the Endless Combination 2010 contest on Pattern Review. It is made from the stash fabric that was the backdrop of the Inspiration piece: The Booties. Here is the fabric:

NL6606 print 
Love love love it!
NL6606 pose 2
NL6606 side
NL6606 back
Here is the review:

Pattern Description:
There is no description on the package but I would say Misses' tops with shoulder strap and hem variation with simple palazzo-style pants in six sizes. I made version c.
Pattern Sizing:
Six sizes from 8 to 18 and I cut at the 14 line.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
I believe so. In fact, I think mine is better, especially in the purple paisley print.
Were the instructions easy to follow?
From what I scanned they were fine. But this top is actually easy to put together with out them.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the hem line especially.
In fact that was the only reason I bought the pattern in the first place. It has been the stash for a while but now I have a fabric and a push (contest) to get this top done. Dislike? Ummmm, this is not a dislike but a sewer-b-ware: If you use sheer or semi sheer fabric, don't skip the top bodice lining; Unless of course that's the look you are going for. But I will be wearing this top out and about and do not need anyone looking at my headlights. (The pattern does call for lining. I just thought I'd put my 2c in. Because I plan on making this for a nightee, which will be sheer.)
Fabric Used:
A poly charmeuse but it feel like a little cotton is there...
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
No design changes, no alterations. I did use a solid fabric for the lining. It is a tad bit heavier than the fashion fabric. I'm trying to use the stash and I really like the feel of how it came out. t is not cold against my skin when I first put the top on.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I plan on sewing it again for a night shirt to go wth some night shorts in a red and white heart satiny fabric, but about that later....
Recommend - sure.
Next time I will widen the straps - personal feelings not the pattern.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Endless Combinations: The Inspiration

After changing my mind a few times on what I wanted my theme to be for my Endless Combination 2010 contest to be, I settled for one of the most beautiful fabrics in my stash. But the decision wasn’t just a hunch, it was motivated by some very pretty, oh so my style, booties.
I put them on with my J. Stern Jeans and was taken aback. I loved the look. I knew right then I had to change my mind on my color scheme, then. I went from purple, black and white with my pop color to be red; to purple. Yeap, just purple. This was the red and white heart fabric I was going to start with:
Red Hearts Satiny
     Here are more views of the inspiration:
The background fabric is the inspiration fabric that I had in my stash for a while and finally decided it was time for it to make its debut. I have named my Endless Combination:
Purple Paisley and Papaya Passion
Paisley Parfait

Until later, Schey