Friday, August 26, 2011

Vogue 1249–Mark & James (Badgley Mischka) Jumpsuit


Pattern Description: Misses’ Jumpsuit: Close-fitting (through bustline), partially interfaced, lined jumpsuit has back invisible zipper.

Rating: Average.

Pattern Sizing: This pattern comes I combinations AA(6-8-10-12) and EE(14-16-18-20). I cut on the 14.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, it does! The color is the same too.

Excuse the tan lines:DSCF2880

I am getting better and better with Vogue patterns. There was a point where I would just throw the whole project away because I was not happy with the final results.

On Aloe:DSCF2867

Were the instructions easy to follow? First of all, let me say that I was totally surprised with the instructions. A. They are VERY EASY to follow and, B. They are only a page and one column long. I was looking for the instructions to be three pages. Also, there are only seven pattern pieces.

***I would like to add that for pattern pieces 2, 3, and 4 you need to make three sets for each and interface two of the three sets. For pattern piece 1 cut three and interface only two. You can go ahead and sew all three sets the same in one sitting. The instructions have you to sew the lining later in the game.***

***Concerning the boning: Be sure to cut the ends just shorter than the length of the seams. If you cut them THE size of the seams you will NOT have a great looking garment. I had to go back in and trim the boning more because they hindered the lining from turning to the inside decently.***

Not quite right:DSCF2869Test still not quite right:Jumpsuit back long boning 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like that it was a jumpsuit. Hands down, I bought the pattern. And after seeing them made up by Erica B., I made up my mind to do this before the end of the summer. Then I saw Andrea post hers. I thought I’d better get moving. I also liked that it included boning insertions (something I have done only once and needed a little practice on). There is nothing to dislike. Mischka is a great designer!

It’s fully lined. DSCF2871

I actually prepared a waist-stay (that I recently learned about)but I didn’t put it in because this jumper is so stable it doesn’t need it. I might go back and put it in just for practice. I also was supposed to put in grosgrain ribbon as Erica B. had done, but I left it off too until I sew the next one. (Couldn’t figure when to attach it). I got all kind of different outcomes. I don’t have photos of those.

Fabric Used: Surprisingly, I used a slightly off white cotton shirting with just a bit of stretch. I could have used something with a little bit more stretch but I used what was in the stash. Erica recommends using a stretch and I must say however, I do know had I made the jumpsuit in a more stretchy fabric, it would be more confortable. (Not that it is not now) The lining is the same cotton shirting. I bought 6 yards of this for $1 at Hancock. Great find!

Front fitting #2 Love it with the black belt.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I shortened the pant legs because I am not 5’6” instead I’m 5’3”. I made the ruffle on fold because…well, that’s what I wanted. Also, I had to take in the area just under the arms because the first…and second… time around I had so much space the bodice stood at least two to three inches from my chest. I went in the first time and took out 3/8 inch on each side and put it back together. It was still too big – even after I had pinned it out :/ I went BACK in and sewed a wedge (kind of like the gaposis fix) an inch wide on each side. That did it. It’s better but not perfect.

DSCF2868Back: won’t turn proper if boning isn’t shorter than the seam. Zipper pinned for fit.

Jumpsuit big chestInches away!


Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I want to sew it again. I will surely get more practice on the invisible zipper and boning. My zipper isn’t all that invisible but it’s getting better each time I sew one. 

DSCF2872Zipper slipped stitched to lining.

I do have a stretch suiting somewhere in the stash and would like to use that and make it without the ruffle and wear it with a bolero. Yes, I recommend this pattern to anyone who likes it and can pull this look off.

Back: DSCF2881


My new shoes: $39.95 DSCF2884

Conclusion: I love my jumper and although my legs feel lost in the huge pant legs, I know it will quickly become a favorite of mine.
Necklace and earrings from Avon. Belt and bracelet from It’s Fashion.DSCF2882

Until Later, Schey.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Horrible Results–B5608

This top has been made for some time now and worn but I just didn’t feel all that thrilled to review it. I said I would when I saw Claverie post her review. So, here it is:
Pattern Description:
From the website back of pattern: MISSES' TOP: Pullover, hip length tops A, B, C, D. A, B: over-the-shoulder bias cut drape is stitched in front and back darts. B: elasticized at lower edge. C, D: pleated at front neckline, darted in back, with or without gathered cap sleeves. I am reviewing version A.

Pattern Sizing:
The size cominations are: Combinations: BB(8-10-12-14), FF(16-18-20-22) Mine is cut on the 10 but I meant to cut the 12.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes... it did. But not on me. Not even on Aloe. But it can be a decent top once modified.
DSCF2889     DSCF2892

Were the instructions easy to follow?
The arm hole and facing part were NOT easy. The pictures were half helpful but when I referenced them to the written instructions I made myself even more confused! What I did was pinned it the way it was supposed to look then sewed it in bits and pieces from there.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the neck line of this top. Now that I am done with it I still like the lines but it just doesn't work. The confusing construction of the facing slash bodice slash shoulders slash etc...

Fabric Used:
I used a polyester knit with "wicking capabilities". I believe my fabric choice and the fact that I cut a size smaller are the contributing factors to my discontentment with this pattern - which is why I will yield the right to redo it and just pass this one to my Mom.
DSCF2890    DSCF2891
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I added... I believe, 2 or 3 inches to the hem. I made the hem 1 inch too.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes, I plan to sew it again to make right my sizing and fabric mistakes. I recommend it only if you make mind that a tight knit may NOT be your best choice.

Conclusion:                                                                                      I think the color is the only thing going for this top. I wore the top several times to see if I can get used to it. I did to a point but realized I could not go on being this unhappy. I'm passing it along....
So, therefore you will only see one photo of me in it. I took several and they were all ill-fitted. I was trying to get used to it. That never happened.
Before leaving for Chili’s:DSCF2847
Note where the bust are and where the point stops. Yes, I really need to do the 12...or a good bra!
DSCF2849One more picture - after Chili’s.
Until later, Schey.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8 Great Pants!

And I made one with a little bit of others…

Simplicity 5350- OOP

Simplicity 5350

Pattern Description:
8 Great Pants All in One Pattern; Misses' Design Your Own Pants with Straight and Wide Legs. I made View A with View F's tie waist band and View H's pocket. I put the pocket on the back instead of the front.

Experimental pocket:Experimental pocket

Pattern Sizing:
Sizes 4 through 18. I cut on the 14. LISTEN SEWERS: If you are making these pants for yourself or anyone with a little more junk in the truck than a popsicle sure to check the butt scoop. I need a little more. This pattern is clearly for the noassatalls!

This is kind of how it looks on me, just not this bad. If I make it again I'll have to fix that scoop:Back on Aloe

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Well, it may have had I chosen one version and stuck with it but I mixed three different pairs to get what I was looking for.

This is how I wore it to church:Front on meThe top is a Burda download. 

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Sure they were until you get to the fly and zip. Maybe it was because I am used to doing my fly and zip a certain way. But I did not like this version and will do this part the Jalie or Betzina way next time.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked the many versions and that I was able to come up with my own version. Also, depending on the type fabric you are using you can get a casual to dressy type pant. I am not fond of the bootie scoop and the zip and fly. I did manage to make it work, however.

Tabs open:Front laid flat 
Fabric Used:
I used a suiting and know it was not a silk because right now I am in no situation to buy silk, but that was the only choice I saw with 'suiting' on it. I do remember seeing 'suiting' though.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
As stated earlier - added F tab and H pocket to A pant with the cuff. Instead of putting the pocket on the front I put it on the back. I did not trim the waist tab like in View F. I did not do the eyelets either. I made a button hole and put a button on. I also made the cuffs first turn a bit bigger because I am short. I have to wear these pants with a type of heel or I am subject to clean any floor that I walk on with my hem. I also attached them from the top of the hem…just a preference I was playing around with.

Big cuff:Pant leg cuff 
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes, I am going to sew it again. Hopefully for the fall. This will give me the chance to work out the scoop. If you can find this pattern, I really do recommend it. It has great potential. I thank Lynnelle, on PatternReview for selling it. I was looking to see if she had made them but couldn’t find a link. THANK YOU, Lynnelle! 

Tabs closed:Flat front tabs closed

Great potential for a great pair of trousers. I see a work wardrobe from this entire line.

Side-back:Back on me

Now I see why there aren’t too many pants on a dress form:

Front on AloeFront on Aloe tabs closedThey will never look right. It’s the pole. Oh well.

Until next time, Schey.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Fall Patterns

There are some very pretty patterns from the Big 4. Since I am winding down my summer and need to begin on a few fall essentials, I started looking at the selections available. Butterick has:

5673 B5673 This one, designed by Maggie London, would be great for color blocking. I am thinking Black and White or a Burgundy and Gray.

5674 B5674   Although, I am not always swayed by Suzi Chin’s designs, this one looks like it has some great potential. I like the feminine flow of the lines. This could possibly be my Holiday LBD.

McCall’s has a few that I like for myself and one that  Ann, my daughter, likes.

6391 M6391   Ann likes the plaid shorts and the pick-up skirt. Me too. She has even picked out her fabric for the skirt. She asked for denim but I think it will be a bit heavy to pull off the pick-up effect. 

6389 M6389   I like this top for her. The ruffles are too cute. I have some pretty white and yellow seersucker for this one.

6396 M6396   I am drawn to the lines of the skirt in this number. I see the bottom in thin       (p)leather.

6402 M6402  I like the black skirt and have some brown animal print (not sure which animal it’s supposed to be) for this one.

6404 M6404   I must, must, must grab this one! I looked at the blue top on the left at one point. But when I took a closer look, it seems as though the top is twisted and with an ill fit. It kind of looks likes the model is uncomfortable. So, that one is off the list.

V1258 V1258  A Vena Cava pattern. I have another plan for this one.

V1264 V1264   I like this jacket and hope a can pull it off so that it does not ages me.

This is just a few of the patterns on the next sale list that I plan to pick up. I see a lot of leather looks that are in my near future. I would like to mix them with a few bold fall colors like

Burgundy:60" Poly Poplin Burgundy   Teal:100% Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Teal

Coffee: Kona Cotton Coffee  Mustard:Stretch Bamboo Rayon/Cotton Jersey Knit Mustard

What do you have planned for your Fall wardrobe? Chime on in.

Until later, Schey.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Butterick 5054 Back to School Backpack

     There are several back packs or book bags to choose from. They range in all sizes and prices.

Like this Teton for $15.91     Product Details

Or this Tie-dye for $39.15     Three Cheers For Girls ! TIE DYE Fabric Kids Girl's School ...

Or take this one…     for $89.95.

Awe man, things can get high. I saw a few for a hundred bucks. There is no way I am paying over $20 for a second graders back pack. This is the one my daughter wanted:


This one was on sale for $25.00 from Avon. And since I liked it myself maybe I could spend the extra $5. But, it was sold out. My daughter came up with the bright idea of reminding me that I promised to make her a tote bag and since I haven’t done it yet, how about a book bag instead? (This child really needs to be a government contractor because she can cut some deals!) So, of course I had to succumb to the implied point that I was going to make this book bag or she would not be happy.

Into the stash, and I love my stash. I buy patterns that I might need one day or will sew up eventually. I first ran into this pattern: Butterick 5505

B5505But I quickly changed my mind. I thought it was too grown for her. So, we settled on this one:


I cut the pattern out Monday, worked on it almost all day Tuesday and finished it Wednesday. I must say it’s pretty cute.

PATTERN DESCRIPTION: Young adult backpacks and MP3 player covers. I made the backpack E.

PATTERN SIZING: One size. But there is a pattern for a small MP3 player and (an implied) regular or larger sized MP3 player.


Inside front pocketBack

WHERE THE INSTRUCTIONS EASY TO FOLLOW? Absolutely! Even though there are 45 steps to this bag, they are very easy to understand and if (which is highly unlikely) that you get confused, the photo steps are useful too.

WHAT DID YOU PARTICULARLY LIKE OR DISLIKE ABOUT THE PATTERN? I like that it was just what I needed just when I needed it. (But that was my doing. lol) Really, though it’s a basic book bag pattern that, if tweaked the right way, you can really make it yours. I dislike that it does not include the basic adjustable straps that is found on the usual bags. But like I said – it’s basic. I did use a few hair beads for a bit of decoration. Not from stash but I didn’t have to buy them either.

Closer of side w lining

FABRIC USED: Everything came from the stash. I used an upholstery remnant I got for $1.75 from Hancock Fabrics a while back. There wasn’t a description but I am led to believe it is a type of twill. For the lining, I used a cotton with a slight stretch (because the fashion fabric had a slight stretch too) that was left over from a previous project I had done.

Inside backpack           Inside w supplies

PATTERN ALTERATIONS OR ANY DESIGN CHANGES YOU MADE: I didn’t interface the bad as the directions called. (I was low on interfacing and in the process of trying to de-stash. So, I saved my good interfacing for a project I hope to have finished before the end of summer.) I did not add the second covered pocket to other side of the bag. Also, I left off the elastic that goes into the top of the open pocket. (My daughter takes forever to put in and take out her water bottle with those elastic pockets. I am glad it fits way in and actually stays put. And for a personal touch, I embroidered her name on the bag because I am tired of the stick pins, bobby pins, paper clips, staplers, and etc…, the teachers put on the kids bags for ID. I just made their job easier while preventing my daughter from being stuck! SMH.  

Side with pocket                    Side w-o pocket w zipper

WOULD YOU SEW AGAIN? WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS? Yes, I hope to sew it again, but I know how that goes. It may never get sewn and if it does it will be a while. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a basic backpack pattern. But beware of the possibilities and the fact that you will need to do your own adjustable straps.

CONCLUSION: Good back pack pattern. I want to do another view eventually. They are so cute and one can not have too many bags.      

And how about a bag for $4.75?


Fabric: $1.75, Zippers: $3.00, Thread, Beads…all from the stash.