Thursday, March 18, 2010

And it Looks Like the Winner is...again

Ok, we are having a little technical difficulties on the 1977 dress poll. Remember this post? See, I am supposed to be posting the type of fabric and have my audience, you, the voters, choose my fabric. Welllll, I don't have the cord to upload the pictures of the few chosen fabrics. Sew, I will let you know that this might be the culprit to my cord being uplifted by an unidentified kid napping source.

I do believe you are the blame of my not being able to upload anything to my dear computer. How do you plead?

Not guilty.

Well, guys, you have it. The defendant has pled, "Not guilty".
Sew, until I find the cord, because I am certainly not buying another one, I'll be new-picturesless.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here's Something Neat

     Ever seen a top that you liked so much but it was way too much for your pocketbook, bag, wallet, purse, whatever you want to call it? Well, sew have I think we are not the only ones. I ran across this amazing site by Bethany. I am going to try this and see what I come up with. I have a few shirts that need to be recycled to something better than what they are now. Way to go Bethany of Craftopia.

Until later, Schey

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pattern Review 2010 Bag Challenge Final Phase

OK! We have all waited for this finale to come. I know I have! From having to sew, resew, rip, rerip, curse, recurse, I think all is well.
This was the first bag I saw and just was not, could not, and did not pay $59.00 for it. I thought oh well, out of site out of mind. Then I saw the Vogue 8642 bag. But I couldn't afford the pattern either and I missed the Hancock sale. Sew, I decided to do what any seamster would do...SEW IT MYSELF! Ha ha.
With no further ado, I present to you my new bag:



Back. The color is way off in this shot. It is burgandy not red nor fuscha.

You can read a review I done for this bag on Pattern Review.
Thank you for you time and I hope to see you again for the next project.

Pattern Review 2010 Bag Challenge Phase 3

I have had a hiatus from sewing because of classes (Healthcare Management), colds, camera needed batteries, needed to find some more chain... you name it, I had it, needed it, or was short of it. Anyhow, here is another phase of this gorgeous bag construction.

This shows the chain put on the hardware that was sought and bought from a bag from the Goodwill.

It was mandatory to have some sort of organization. Sew, I remember seeing this organization strip commercial and decided to knock it too. I muxt admit, I could have done a bit better, but with time restraints and other things that was not feasable. But this strip measured 24" by 4" before construction .

I serged the longer ends and folded down 1" from the top...pinned....

Then I turned the bottom portion into the top portion...pinnd and then sewed a 3/8 seam allowance. On both sides, people.

Next, I made little sections of varying sizes to accomodate my needy things. There is a space big enough for a few cards and my DL. A space for a couple of pens, a tube of lipsyick, ...

A pack of napkins, a tube of hand lotion or cream...

This is the org strip turned with the items on the inside...

Now the items are turned with the items on the outside.

A view with the org strip inside the bag.

Well, you are going to have to read the next blog to see the Standing Ovation for the knocked off
bag that I sew fell in love with.
Until later,

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pattern Review 2010 Bag Challenge Phase 2

Now, I have been out of commission for a little while due to the weather, kids had colds, I had migraines, and not to mention my classes...but I am BACK! Seewwww, let's get back to business. I have been working on this bag VVEERRYY little at a time. But, today, I have got some progress going because as of right now, there is only 3 days left. Here's what the bag went through to get here today:

 To rose or not to rose. I am talking about the middle of the ruffles. I could not get this mess right for the sake of my soul!!! Oh, my freakin' goodness! The middle looked like someone had made a squirt or poop right n the middle of the ruffles. Sew, out went the dreadful want-to-be-but-not-really-made-it rose. In came the button-that-want-to-be-a-brooch oh sew pretty in the middle of the ruffles. After having said every curse word in the book and making some up of my own as I went along, it was time to call it QUITS.

First of all, the color is all WRONG! It is Burgandy! The holes are for the hardware that will hold the clamps for the chain strap. The pic to the right shows the hardware from the back of the bag.
This photo shows the hardware holding the clamp that will hold the chain strap. I still have to get alonger length. 1 foot was NOT enough!

Showing the magnetic clamp. This is how the purse will close. Clamp, crackle and pop. Well let's not hope sew.  

Showing the inside lining with magnetic closure. You can also see how the metal rods go through the corners.


Until later,

Pattern Review 2010 Bag Challenge Phase 1

This a purse, bag, or whatever you want to call it, that I saw on recently. I later saw it on the VoguePatterns. I so love this pure. I do not so love this purse to pay for it. Let alone pay full price. Sew, what does any seamtress or sewist does when they want something but refuse to pay what's on the price tag? Well darn it, we make it ourselves. Sew that's just what I am going to do! Here's the one to Vogue: I am referencing to the cream colored rose bag. What a Beauty, huh? Well, here is what has happened to the bag so far.

1. This the burgandy velvet for the main bag.
2. The black pellon that will help to keep shape of the said bag.
3. Gold ribbon that will attempt to be ruffles for the rose.
4. The gold lining for the inside of said bag.
5. A few of my pattern pieces that I made up while trying to emulate said bag.
6. Last, there are a few hardware pieces that revived from other purses that no longer live.

The photo to the right does no justice for the color of the lining but it shows the detail of the design very well. The color in the first picture is closest to the real thing.

The lining is all sewn and ready to go. I will do a removable compartment that will help with organization. But that will be the last thing I do.

The Ribbon is ready to go. I started this round and round we go and have a bit more to do. The ruffies are read to be ruffled.

The rest of the ribbon to be ruffed.

Bag Challenge Phase 2
Bag Challenge Phase 3
Bag Challenge Final Phase

Monday, March 8, 2010

And it Looks Like the Winner is....

Well we have 55 minutes to go. I'll be back then.

And the winner is Simplicity 8265! Now down to the fabric. I have taken note that I will need to chop the hem up a little for the cream dress... sew, I have really taken that into consideration. Keep in touch to see what fabrics are in the chop line up.

Until Later Schey

1977 Part I
1977 Part III

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Anna


This is Anna's birthday dress that she asked me to make for her. She gave me the colors she wanted and described what she wanted in the dress. She chosed the trim and zipper color, too. After I was done she told me that she now looks like the princesses on one of her favorite cartoons. I think it is Mariposa but I am not sure. Well, it seems like I have a little designer on the rise. If I have time I will up load the pattern and/or how-to.
PS She wore this dress to school with a pair of jeans, a white Peter Pan long sleeve blouse under, yellow socks, and tennis shoes with lime green with a leather coat. The wake up temp was 29 degrees!

I have added the Technical Drawing to the dress. I am not a drawer, so all it is a look-at-tutorial. But it works.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Sew, I have two patterns from the past. You know, the one's they call vintage. I am challenging myself to make me something, hmmm, vintage. But this is no ordinary challenge. I am going to make a dress copyrighted in my birth year. 1977. Sew, I have two to choose from. Vote, message me, comment me - doesn't matter ow you get to me let me know which one I should make and the one with the most votes gets the scissors. Chop chop.