Friday, May 7, 2010

Butterick 4841 for Nii..ummm Ann

I was supposed to be making this jumper for the baby. It is Butterick 4841 and I cut in size large. According to the measurements that is what I was supposed to cut. But according to the weight, I should have cut a medium. Not sure how or why since little Nii is a lump of buttercream icing. Yeah, the kind that goes straight to your thighs and stick there. Fat. And heavy. So how the mix up? I don't know but I have remedied the catastrophic vital measurements and weight dilemma by giving it to Ann. She now have her own take of a throwback.  

This is what transpired from an unknown reason of a blooper.

The hearts are super cute! Bought off eBay and if they weren't so unique I'd get more. But I think something that is very striking should be minimal.
 I am so loving the 3/4 legs with the boutique ruffles. Can you say vintage or throwback? I think so.
A closer look of the ruffles. ...and her $1.00 sandals.

Until later,

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