Wednesday, May 26, 2010

McCalls 5031/5168

This is next on the list for the 6 year old. I have two fabrics on mind so far. Both are quilter's cotton and after washing the fabric the first time they are so soft. One fabric is a purple leopard print that I had originally planned to do a leopard applique on. I thought it would look better as this top. I may do the bottoms if I have some strips left over to make cuffs on them. The second fabric is a paisley and flower print in pink and purple. Also a quilter's cotton. It was supposed to be a skirt...for me for the spring, but again, it will look much better as a top for Ann.

I promise these little outfits go together real fast! I am loving this one. I made the top in both fabrics. Very cute.

We added yo-yos to the tops to give them "her" look. I let Ann choose how she wanted them on the tops. I think I have the next fashion designer on hand. Move over Rebecca Taylor and Anne Klein.

Here are some more photos to glory in.


I wanted to make the pants to the pattern but I think Ann has found a way to actually get what she wants. She said, "A skirt would be better because it is faster and cuter." Ok she won. No pants. This is the pattern to the skirt, though.

Take your choice, either the green skirt or the last skirt on the right. Yeah the blue one. I did not do the pocket because less IS more. Really. She got yoyos here too.

Yes, the skirts are opposites. You see I cut them double to only find out I needed one of each piece. But a good seamstress never fear...yeah right, just make a mistake in your silk or organic cotton and see what kind of words you can conjure. Until the next project, Schey.


Snowflake said...

Oh my, isn't she quite the model. She looks absolutely beautiful. Can I borrow her to teach my little 4yo to wear a skirt and that it actually looks cute?
Well done on the project, you've got my finger itching again.

Schey_Butta said...

Sure you can. Thank you. And what are you waiting for, Lady, go sew. ;)