Monday, May 31, 2010

1977 Photo Shoot (If you can call it that)

The journey for this dress came a long way and a long time ago. I won't keep procrastinating because I have so many things to do. Not to mention classes start back up on the 7th. Sew, I'll be nurturing, mothering, guiding, learning, teaching, sewing, cooking, cleaning, etc....You get the picture, don't you? Well here is the dress and me in it.

Here, I tried to get an old porch that favored the old days in the country. Well, why not use my own back porch!

Everybody know that back in the day we had that tree we had to chop and form a pile of burning logs for the winter to come. Me...I just sat back and looked pretty.

This is the stump of the tree that made the pile. I guess I'll have a seat and wait on that cold glass of Lemonade I asked for.

Looking off neighbor's back yard. (Why does that poison Ivy keep coming back! I need to get that down.)

Up close...I am too pretty. Don't you think? Well, if I don't think highly of myself, I shouldn't expect anyone else too. So, darn it I look good!

Just kicking up the heels. Boy would I look a mess if this wood fail. LOL I'd laugh at myself...really.

Thanks for your time, until later, Schey and BBQ grill.

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