Sunday, May 30, 2010

1977 Part IV

I had the poll for the vintage pattern of my birthday year. For those of you who voted, you voted for this pattrn here.
I was really hoping that you all voted for this one because this one is more something I would really wear:

I had the choice of two fabrics. The first was a Poly crepe in cream and the second was a stretch rayon blend double knit in ivory. The first was closer to the look on the pattern so that is the one I used.

Anywhose. I made the dress. In the midst of other chores and duties, I finally got to it and it ws done in two days. I spent one day cutting and one day sewing. Well, three days if you wanna count the day I did this:

Looks kind of funky doesn't it? Bet you can't guess what I done. Haha, yeap that's right. I had sewn the sleeves as the dress and the dress as the sleeves. Now, don't ask me how that happened, but with me being was no surprise!

Ok, it's fixed. Looks better? It does to me too. On the pattern the sleeves are gathered with elastic. For me, that was not working. I felt a bit constricted with the elastic neckband AND the sleeves. Looks like a choir robe as is so I tried to do something about that. 
I had lots of fabric where I could make a makeshift belt but due to wanting an immediate fix, I subjected to grabbing the "stintion" cord that was just hanging around. (Ya'll know we don't say the whole word of every word round here.) Yeah "stintion" cord. LOL This was the quick fix:

I done a photo shoot with this dress if you would like to see. Or if that is what you would even call it. I wanted so bad to find a vintage car to fit into the background but that wasn't something that going to happen. So, come back in about a day..or two, to see the pics.

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Until later, Schey and Aloe.


Anonymous said...

How can that be vintage? It's from my teenage years.

Scheryka Sews 41 said...

My son just read your comment are so smart... He said "oooh Ma, you called that lady vintage." Wow. Kids I tell ya.