Friday, April 30, 2010

Lekala 6093

I decided to make my husband a pair of jumpers for work. He's a military vehicle mechanic by trade and loves to fix on his 1986 Monte Carlo. Oh yeah, there are perks in this...I don't have to pay labor and those awfully high service dollars for my car! But back to the sewing project that's at hand. 
I heard him make the comment that he was tired of messing up his clothes when he was working in the car. Granted now, he does have work clothes, but once they are dirty and greasy they need to be washed and it's usually grease and goop and who knows what else. So, me with my ever so loving and thoughtful self. I didn't want my washing machine messed up with motor grease and goop. My goodness, I have to prewash my denim for my jean projects, afterall! I can't have a stained machine...yeah but with all that denim dye bleeding from raw denim it amazing I haven't been banned from the laundry room! 
Oh, yeah. I got off the subject again. So, the pattern I found for him, because I can't really find too many patterns for the males in the house, was Lekala 6093. I know, you're probably thinking LeWho?! Ok, here's the site: Sewing Patterns. It is a collection of the different patterns that are offered to us. You must type "Lekala" in the search box. Go to about the 11th page and the 5th row, 1st picture (or about the 198th picture if you have the view all activated). You should see this man: 

I told him I was going to make him two pairs and put my little touch to it. And I did as I said; except I didn't make him two. The jumaper has been finished for about 2 weeks now. Not once has he worn it! DO he not like it? Is it not good enough? Or is it too good to be worn? You wouldn't believe what his answer is: "Well, it's too good to be worn and messed up. I'm going to wear it our first." WHAT!? I mean, I made this for you to work in. But, do you think I believe this answer? Neverrr. Lol. Needless to say, I had to get the jumper off the hanger out the closet where it was HANGING UP! I took pictures without him in it. So, here is what I got:

Suspended from the champaign glass rack from the roof. (Nope, I don't drink. But I would like to have a pepsi on the rocks.)

A little closer. You can see the two waist pockets and the chest pockets.

A look at the straps and zipper. Yeah, the pattern photo has buttons. What man you know want to button up when they can zip up and be done? Really though. Simplicity is the key. 
Did you see my design element of love? 

The tool lining...I thought it was so cool when I ran across this fabric. But by it being pricey, I only ordered 1 yard and lined the top front and top back bodices, straps, and lined all 4 pockets with it. Really there was none left. I twisted and turned that fabric to get the most used.

For his second be made after he weats this one!, will have an old cars lining fabric. I love what I do.

Until later,


Bethany said...

Major talent alert! That's impressive :)

Ophelia.k said...

You're so sweet! I had never tried to sew something for my husband:p Well done! It can be cute for woman as well. Here in Japan, jumpsuit is getting really popular these days.

Schey_Butta said...

I plan on making me a pair as well. ... eventually. But I think I want a white pair. I just don't know where I would wear them to. I'll see how that turns out. I have so muc in queue to sew...I'm drowning. ;)

Thank you Bethany and Ophelia for your kind comments.