Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

This pattern is an OOP. Don't know what OOP is? No, it's not a mistake. It stands for Out Of Print. It has been discontinued. I have made this dress three times so far. This is the only up to date photo shoot Ihave for it because it was made for this past Easter. Resurrection Day. The day Christ arose or resurrected from his borrowed tomb.
It actually has a bolero or short jacket that goes with it but do to time restraints, staining a front porch, rearing four children, supporting a dear husband, keeping the house clean and food cooked, and battling allergies, it was NOT done. I do plan on sewing it up because it is cut out and ready to go. Even though it is a one time wear I'm sure I will find a nice home for it. Zeta, (my oldest sister), you have any suggestions? I just have to make sure I do it discreatly because Ann does not give her clothes up easily.
Sew, I guess you are tired of waiting, huh? Ok, here goes...

I didn't line the bodice as called for in the pattern. I put some twill tape around the neck edge and turned inside; stitched. You can't see it here but I modified the neck. It was originally a kind of sweetheart shape but since I couldn't put the twill in on that type of neckline, I cut it v-neck. Simple as boiling water.

I know you can not see the dress real good because my darling daughter thought the photos were for her basket our church gave out to the all the children. Sew, here is the print of the over lay closeup:

Yeaper, it's Easter eggs.

Question of the day: Why is it that the symbol of Easter is a bunny and we dye chicken egg? Can you answer that one for me?

Now this one is for the baby. It is pattern New Look 6877 in size large. She is pretty big for her age. It is also made in the same material as Anna's dress. I kept it simple though. You really don't want too much fuss when it somes to clothes and a baby. I didn't do any changes to the baby's dress. Made it right out of the bag. I am going to do another one for a more casual look because she is just so cute in it. Not nothing frilly, something so she can play in. But that's at the bottom of my never ending list of things to make this spring and summer. Here are her photos:

 Ok, sew, she's not a happy camper. Here are your alternative views....

 front                                                            back
Here's the pattern. I done the third view with the fourth view sash. Happy Easter everyone!

Schey and the bunny crew.

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