Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anna's Jalies

Ok, sew I stumbled on a pattern where there are 22 - 27 sizes in one! WOW. Here's the link: Jalie. These are the best freakin jean pattern! Ok, I made my oldest Princess, Anna, a pair. Here's a few photos:
                Now I have washed them
and they have not come apart! They are WELL constructed! I am going to make me a pair next. I thought I'd make hers first just in case I blooped then it wouldn't be too much fabric lost. Haha. Sew, if you like what you see these come in size 7. Well, this is the size I cut hers in. Mine will be in a size 10. Kids jeans $15 and ladies, $30. I knwo you may say, "That's high," or "That's more than the store". But can you get a pair of custom jeans from WalMart or Penny's? I thought so.  

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