Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I've Made...

Ok, I have been busy doing other things lately sew, sewing has been on the back burner from point to point. Before I post some past things I have made, here is a list of the patterns I need to post:
1. The dress I made to wear to a wedding.
2. Chenii's baby jean romper.
3. My 30 minute skirt.
4. The girl's Resurrection (Easter) dresses.
I think that is all...

Now to my older things that I have made:
A pair knit gouchos I needed for the left over baby fat because I couldn't fit my jeans...or anything else for that matter.

I made this skirt for our Breast Cancer Awareness service at church two years ago.

The top was made for Anna when she was three. It was supposed to be a dress. She put it on for a top when she was 5. WOW! And look her style. The girl has got fashion passion.

For my oldest sister, I made this "maternity" top. It really isn't for maternity, but you sure can make it that way. I tried to turn it but failed. Sew, if you turn your head slightly to the left, you can see it.

Corey's house pants made from this past Christmas. I chose Orange because he plays football for a school whose colors are Orange.

The robe chosen by Brad because he likes basketball...or so he says. I think it really doesn't matter as long as he's moving around. 
 Chad's house pants that he has finally worn. Now these were made almost three years ago and he has worn them - maybe - four times. Go figure. I like them. I also made a matching scarf or small blanky.

Ok, I am done for now. When I get back I'll be posting Chenii's baby jacket.
Until later, Schey

peace love and Sewing!

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