Friday, April 9, 2010

Blue Butterick 4449

Sew, I was invited to a colleagues wedding March 27th. This dress gave me pure hell. I mean, I actually felt like I was never  gonna get this dress done. Let alone done on time. I would have been posted photos but for a strange reason, ALL the photos taken at the wedding were erased from my camera! I am furious...well, not as bad as I initially was. But I am still upset.

The pattern I chose is an OOP Butterick. I think it may be vintage. It's this one here:

The first chest line was way too big. The first chest line alteration - I took in the side seams a little more. About an inch each side. This made the front look funny. I think because the side bust seam that's going on.

Second take - I let the side seams out again. Then the chest was gathered with a 3/4in elastic. IT LOOKED HORRIBLE!!! RIP!

Take three. I took the elastic out. Now what?! Ok, I don't why I did it but I did. I took in the funny front side seam by an inch. I took in both side seams by an inch, too. This kind of worked. It still looked funky though. Sew, with time winding down, I still didn't know what to do with my over flow of material and the possibility of having the wedding stop in mid Bridal arrival because my happily so called breast jumped out the bag. By this time, I was pulling out my eyebrows and ironing interfacing on the side. (Anyone know of good way to get the glue off my iron?!)

Fourth round. I got the house iron and redone the strips of interfacing, (this time on the right side!). This gave me the smooth top hem I was looking for but there was still the chance of, let's say. a Janet Jackson wardrobe mishap? Quick, it's 10 pm and I finally got the idea to put a strip of elastic under the arm, in an inconspicuous are, to pull the extra fabric taught. YES, It worked! Why didn't think of that in the first place.

No, I didn't use the drill and nails for this project, but it seem like I did. Actually, my dear husband was putting a shelf at the to of the "sewing hut" for my school books and others.

Now, a few hours of being sleep deprived with puffy eyes, 1,000 rips, and the need for brows, my dress looks very well made to my likings. I should have done a bolero or shawl but due to time restraints. Sew, here is my special dress that I made for my friends wedding.

I shoulda' put on some lotion, my legs itchin. lol

Keeping my posture in check.

Back view, didn't know it was like that. Jenny! Craig that is. Haha.

The top hem. It's kind of falling because I'm trying to take pictures and keep my 1 year old out the way.

PS. I should have taken a photo of the elastic under the arms but, umm my photographer was frustrated with my camera so it got cut short.

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Until later, Schey.


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Worth persevering through Did you have to use a boning inside? I have a similar project in the horizon.


Schey_Butta said...

The pattern called for boning. I didn't have any and wasn't going to bothered about getting any. I think if I had though, it would have been better at holding the twins.