Monday, April 19, 2010

Frilly and Jeans

Ever went to the local department store and just knew you were going to purchase the right pair of jeans? Well, me either. They are too big. Or they are too small.  
Well, let me tell you about this pattern by pattern maker Jalie. I know, I know. I'm a little late jumping on the Jalie wagon.   ..But not really. You see, I have already made Anna's Jalies.
I did make me a pair of Jalie's, but they were mistakenly made from NON STRETCH denim and the pattern specifically calls for STRETCH denim. Now, I could show you how they fit but I refuse to be copied and pasted on YouTube and put on blast around the world. Let's just say they didn't make up my thighs and my pockets were on my high thighs. 
But let me redeem myself. I REMADE JALIE AND SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. I may never (I didn't say I WILL never), buy a pair of jeans again. Move over Old Navy, Gap, WAL-MART! Jalie has entered the building. 

Made with Jalie is actually a top that was made about a year back. It is McCall's 5853, a very comfortable top that I plan on making again in the sorda' near future. Ok, I won't make you hurry up and wait any more. Here's my outfit.

Quit looking at my toes. No, they are not painted! Next, are the pictures of this beautiful ensemble. No body does it better than making something something that you know no one else will have.

Fron pocket detail.

Leg hem.

Waistband  and yoke.

Yikes, won't do that design again.

Leopard pocket lining.

The inside of the fly and zip.

The embroidery is my name. Bet you won't find that mark in your local shop.

Yes, I know. The pants are just a bit short. I am going to take about an inch down.

The frillies are just strips of circles sewn on straight. Too easy. And with a great knit there is no need to finish the outer edge because the fabric does not ravel. At first, I thought the print was too busy for the frillies but they actually hide my extra serving of macaroni and cheese very well.

This is how I feel now that I know I don't have to pay for another pair of jeans.

Until later....


Emma said...

Those jeans are just incredible, I saw your top review on PR and saw you were wearing the jeans. Followed the link to your blog to see if you've made them. They look AMAZING on you, the fit is incredible. Absolutely stunning.

Linda said...

Great fitting jeans! I like the top also.

Raye Ann said...

great jeans AND top! i love your lined pocket design, too. you did a fantastic job on these. i am pregnant now, but really want to try these post pregnancy:)

Myra said...
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Myra said...

Sorry about the double post! VERY VERY CUTE! I absolutely love the fabric choice for your top too! I must be one of the only individuals whose not made these Jalie Jeans yet! LOL! Ok, I now have this in my sew list. (and your toes look good from here!)

Michelle said...

I think your jeans turned out great, now I want to make the top! I just started cutting out the Jalie pattern, this is my first attempt at jeans. Just curious what thread you used on yours - it looks really nice!

Schey_Butta said...

Thank you all for warm comments. My heart is filled.

Michelle, I used regular thread in the bobbin and heavy duty on top. I just didnt want to pay extra for the jean thread. For the top stitch you can use heavy duty too. I used embroidery thread for my top stitch because I wanted a little glimmer. Oh, and I doubled it so it can be seen.

Myra, Jalie is off the chain. A sure TNT.

Raye Ann, you can make a pair now. Just put a panel in it. ;)

Linda, thank you.

Emma, yes, I made these jeans. I am so proud that I don't have to pay for a pair that doesn't really fit like i want them too.

Thank you every one!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous job on the entire outfit. I've made the ruffle top in a solid, thinking that the detail would be lost in a print, but yours looks great. I have the jalie pattern waiting to be used. I hope that I can obtain as great a fit as you have.