Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Obi Ob-cessory

I have been loving the Obi Belt since I first saw them. I just could never bring myself to buy one. I tried a while ago to make one but that was soon scrapped:

Obi back tied 1Back of said scrapped Obi.

Obi front tied

Front of said scrapped Obi.

On me





Said Obi on me. (Before I made the big chop.)                                         

I made this one without a pattern from an upholstery fabric I founds in Big Lots. I never knew Big Lots sold fabric. It was $5 for 6 yards, if I am remembering correctly. The peach trim is a polyester lining that I gathered and had sewn to the burgundy fabric. There was no need to interface it since it was stiff enough to stand and walk away on it’s own! 

So. It has been over a year since this belt has been made and discarded. Here’s to a new Obi. The instructions came from a YouTube tutorial.

Obi belt with S2315 Excuse the wrinkles. This was right after church.

Back Obi belt w S2315Back.

Upclose front

Gems put on with the GemMagic to give it some oomph.

Matching earringsSome earrings I was playing around with. I made these with some scraps left over from the obi.

Well, that’s it on the Obi Belt.

Until later, Schey.


Myra said...

Cute, I never heard of an Obi belt. I could see endless possibilities with this pattern!

Scheryka said...

Thanks! I like the Obie belt. It's worn with the Japanese Kimono if I am not mistaking. I could take the time to actually look it up but my computer is running kind of slow.