Friday, October 28, 2011

Mount Pleasant Christmas Banquet 2011 Pt. 1

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     This is the first time I will attend my church’s Christmas banquet. Last year, I purchased a ticket and didn’t go because my husband was out of town. This year I am going because I hear of the good fellowship and fun everyone had. I had to be sure of the attire because I was told it was on the lines of ballroom dressy. Screeech! No way! I am not the ballroom- dress-drag-to-the-floor type of gal. I can not see myself in this:
V8729     Vogue 8729
Nor can I consider the fishtail-Jennifer Hudson-and-Beyonce-in-Dream Girls-look. So these dresses are out as well:
V2931Vogue 2931V8190Vogue 8190
So, I had to verify the dress codes. The attire is dressy. Now I can take that in many different ways. A dress that I would normally wear? But this a special event and therefore warrants special wear. These are out:
V1271Vogue 1271V1242Vogue 1242
I thought of a pant suit but that didn’t settle with me well, either. Here’s what I looked at but then scratched it too:
                                    Vogue 2779
     Notice the trend? I know I want a Vogue and I know I want it to be a Designer Vogue. So, what will I decide? That is where each of you come in. I need help deciding and I need to do it NOW for the banquet is Dec 3rd and Hancock’s sale goes off Sunday. This will give me enough time to actually fit and get it right. Here are my choices:
V11551155 by Guy Laroche
I have a black looks-like-a-shantung for this one. I have this one lower end of the choices because it looks like a skirt and top but is actually a dress and I love the lines.
V12081208 by Tom and Linda Platt
If all else fails I would choose this one because it seems very simple. But I think it may be too simple. The only thing that draws me to this dress are the tie shoulder and hem. Nothing special.
V28992899 by Guy Laroche
I love Guy’s designs. I would like to do this one, too. I lurve Erica's turn out. If I do make this one I can only pray that mine turns out this fabulous! I do have a black fabric for this. I would also have to worry about a cover up for the back. Just imagine what would be said because my back actually out but sometimes things get misconstrued to ‘my but was out’. You know how it goes.  
V12181218 by Donna Karan
I started cutting this pattern out so long ago…and there where I stopped. The pattern is cut out. I have some white knit for this one but it is not Spandex as the pattern calls for. I also have a black knit. I wish I had a red. Maybe I can do a bolero for a jacket in case I get a chill? Though the event is inside, I still somehow be the only one freezing. :/
So, you tell me what you think. Since it’s the weekend, I will make it my business to get photos of the potential fabrics. Everything is coming form the stash unless I may need a lining, zip, button…stuff like that.
Until a decision, Schey


GodsgirlT said...

Hey Schey - I like the V1208. It's simple but really elegant. I like the other choices as well but not so much for a church function. What about V1196? Have you considered it? Or V1195? I am not sure why I like this pattern so much - have yet to make it though. V8766 is not designer but has some real good potential and it's an easy option. Whatever you do look at the line drawing on this one and not the dress the model is wearing! Oh well, decisions, decisions - this is my input! Hope this helps!

Scheryka said...

Hey, God's Girl! Actually, I had considered 1196, but then changed my mind because of the bow sitting across my chest. I figured I woul dprobably be the universal door prize for that night! Lol I like 1195, but never considered it. I willhave to what's in the stash for this one. As far as 8766, I looked at it and was like ugh. So, I went straight to the line drawings this time after reading your comment. The lines are cute and simple. I like A, B, and C. For A, I would add the ruffle at the bottom but not as long. For B, I would also shorten the ruffle. For C I would like to make the hem asymmetrically higher in the front than the back. Am I being difficult? Lol Thanks! Yes, your input helps because I would have never reconsidered 8766.