Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chocolate and Green–LV

Our church choir coordinates with colors on Sunday mornings. For this Sunday (About three weeks ago. That’s how behind I am. Or is it slow?) we were to wear Chocolate and Green. As colorful as my closet is, I had neither color. Well, I did but not worth church-wear.

I had to come up with something or I would be singing in another color totally off from the rest of the choir. Like Turquoise and Black. :/ So, this is what I came up with.

New Look 6035 (Skirt D) Labeled: Misses’ Seven Sizes in One. The sizes are 4 through 16 and I made size 14.

Misses' SeparatesThe skirt looks similar to the photo and drawing except for the split on the side hem.

The instructions were some the most simplest ever! If you have sewn a skirt…you have a sewn every skirt…almost.

I liked that this is a simple go-to pattern when you need something quick and easy. It’s going to be a keeper. There are no dislikes.

I used a fabric that cost me $25 a yard! The most I have ever paid for fabric. It was in the stash for over a year because I was scared to cut it. I still regret cutting it because in the back of my mind I am kicking myself for not doing a pencil skirt! But oh well. It is an LV fabric I bought from China.

The only design change or alteration done was that I full y lined the skirt in an iridescent polyester in chocolate and dark gold.

I may sew the skirt again because I want to do other views but who knows…

To go with the skirt, I made New Look 6816 (Top) Labeled: Easy 2 hour. Let’s see, from cut, pin, to finish, it took an hour and 15 minutes.

Misses Separates

I think the top looks like the drawing/ photo on the envelope.

I am not sure about the instructions because I did not look at them. There are only 3 pieces to this pattern.

I liked the simplicity of the top. I thought at first that I might look heavy on top and cinched at the waist but that is not the case. It’s very cute. The only dislike is the center back seam. It is really unnecessary unless you need to make a gaposis fix.

I used another stash fabric. A poly-lycra blend knit in a kiwi kind of green.

Alterations: Added an inch and a half to the length and after adding the facing I wonder-ironed the neck facing to the top.

I don’t think I will doing this top again. I will, however, keep the pattern JIC.

Here’s the whole outfit on Aloe. I need a photographer (hence my late postings and non of which I am in):

LV front                      LV back

There is another addition to the outfit. I made a cinched belt in the LV fabric to match the skirt. I wore the top out with the belt on top. I’ll post that photo once I clear the camera.

Until later, Schey and Aloe. Be blessed.


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I am SPENT that you Have LV fabric!!!!!!!!

GodsgirlT said...

Wow! That's nice! I think you made a good choice with this skirt - you could have made just about anything with that fabric and it would have been okay! Lovely ensemble!

Scheryka said...

Serenity, I am too. I was sceptical on buying it and it's been in the stash for a while. I have some Coach too. I want to do a tote but I am not that confident. So, it may become a pencil skirt.

Scheryka said...

Thank you, God's Girl! I love the scrunch belt to go with it too.

Myra said...

Oh my! Now that's what I call some very nice fabric!!! I don't blame you for paying the money, you would have been kicking yourself later if you hadn't!!! Great choice, it made a very nice skirt and bet the compliments will keep coming!!!