Saturday, October 29, 2011

MPCB - Part 1a

MPCB Part 1     Part 2
This should actually be Part 2 but I had to go back and revise because I received some great feedback from Virginia’s Daughter, God’s Girl T. She recommended V1208 which I had a choice because of its simplicity.
She also recommended that I take a look at V1195 and V1196.
1195 and  1196
1195 I had actually considered but couldn’t think of what was in the stash for it. 1196? I couldn’t fathom the thought of looking like a mass door prize. The dress is pretty, it’s just not for me.
She also told me to look at 8766 with specific instructions to NOT look at the dress on the model, instead look at the line drawings. I had actually passed this pattern up a hundred times because the model is in an all over lace dress that reminds me of Lucille Ball. Also, if I wore that dress next to my husband I might have some xplainin’ to do! Lol I did look at the line drawings as instructed and the dress has some very pretty lines.

Line Art
Cute, huh? I think so.
Fast forward: I take a ride out to Hancock and they are out of 1195 and 8766. I have 1208 in the stash. I find
McCall’s 4440 and Butterick 5026 that I can probably substitute for V8766.
M4440          and         Item image
Seeming as though I am moving away from Vogue Designer, I decided I might as well consider other stash patterns. Boy, do I have P-LENTY.
I pulled out:
B5519B5519 B4914B4914 B5314B5314
                        I have two recent purchases:
B5674B5674          and           V1267V1267
See, I am supposed to be narrowing things down and they grew! That is why I named this blog Part 1a because I am back at square 1 the second time.
Ok, this one’s for you, God’s Girl. Gimme some input.
Until a decision, Schey.


GodsgirlT said...

Ewwww weee! You DID make this grow. I don't know've got some GREAT options here. I like the substitutions for V8766 but I also like the added options, uh hmm....ALL of them! I'm stuck.

Scheryka said...

Me. Too. Stuck. But I have narrowed it down (from the time I posted the blog and undergone the days chores to until now). I have either the B5026 or V1208. I'm in the process of picking, photoing, loading the fabric choices for each.

GodsgirlT said...

Can't WAIT to see it!