Monday, October 31, 2011

MPCB Part 2

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Finally …narrowing things down here.

I don’t like to be traditional nor predictable. Sometimes my thought on putting together an outfit comes totally on how I am feeling at the moment. And if I feel happy – cheerful colors are in order like orange and turquoise. If I feel sad and utterly heart broken – out comes brown and dull gray. Sexy brings out red and dark pinks.

I would expect members to show up in traditional colors such green, red, black, and white. Not too much white because some folks are stuck on “no white after Labor Day”, not me. I wear white when I want to. Of course that would have to coincidently fall on a day that there are no kids around!

Anyways, I went through (not nearly even 1/4) my stash and found a few fabrics. To go with the pattern choices.

Vogue 1208V1208

Three fabric choices for this pattern are:

White poly crinkle White poly crinkle 1This a white poly crinkle that was supposed to have been a white button down blouse that I haven’t gotten around to, yet.

Forest green Poly Forest green poly 1A forest green poly that has been in the stash for YEARS. It looks kind of turquoise-y on my computer but it is a forest green.

Poly crepe Poly crepe 1This one is a silver poly crepe. I love this fabric and it feels very soft. The sheen says Holiday and it is not red nor green.

Butterick 5026

Item image

I like the flowered version although I would not make a flowered dress for the event. I have two fabric choices for this one.

Teal Teal 1This material here is more of a dark teal and feels like it would be a great fit for the dress. It is not too flow-y nor too stiff. I don’t know the content but I do remember this one being a Walmart fabric. 

Silver Paisley Silver Paisley 1I don’t know the content of this one but I bought it from Hancock a hot minute ago. I also bought a royal blue in the same design. Paisley has always been a love of mine.

So, I am going to go do some mandatory house cleaning and hopefully I will have made, yet, another decision.

Until later, Schey.

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Myra said...

Some very nice fabrics in your line up!! Can't wait to see what you do with them!! I can't wait until I return from vacation so I can start my fall sewing too!!

Glad to hear there's someone else out there who wear's white after labor day!!!