Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

    I have been sewing. Even though I haven't blogged ONE SINGLE ITEM! You see life got a bit busy and complicated. I mean with an 8-month-old, a graduating senior, and in-between jobs (yeah, one would think that being in-between would give me more time to sew and be creative - NOT!). And a lot of other things, too. Anyhow, I have photos of some and no photos of others. Some are to come later when I complete the outfits to them. Since I am not in denial, I am lazy and don't want to go back and do any reviews of them, I'll just post the photos and tell and brief story of the item.

Donna Karan New York for Vogue 1250

My version:

Easy dress! I used a very thin sweater knit in black and white flecks. It looks grey to the naked eye. There is nothing to dislike. And post-baby - I think I look good! Now, does anyone know of a shop where I can buy a GOOD maternity bra! The one's I used previously is just not doing their job!
New Look 6130:
Misses' Sportswear  My version: I love this in polka dot. It was a rave all over the .com and I had to have one. It is a cotton shirting from the stash. In fact, everything lately is from the stash. I don't have a photo of me wearing this one because I lacked a photographer every time I wore it. Believe me, I will be making this one again.
Last for the blog, but definitely not the last item made, is a revisit to Butterick 5497:
 My first version was in a black and white zebra print. For my birthday: Happy Birthday to Me. My youngest sister acquired that top this past Spring Break. My new version:  On me:

One more before I sign out. I made my sister a ball dress for the Kappa Ball. Color Scheme: Black and White. My sister chose McCall's 6283:
 She wanted the gold gown with the black top. NO PROBLEM! Welp, sewing long distance and not being to get a fit during construction, the bust came out too big. And this is with measuring three times and cutting once. The instructions were followed to the T. So, I am not sure where I went wrong or if it was me at all. I went to the PR site to see if any others had the same problem. No one mentioned that, however, a few mentioned with modifications. So maybe they'd forgotten to mention that part? I don't know. But here it is on Aloe since my sister couldn't fit the bodice and therefore didn't wear it to the Ball.

Beautiful dress. What a shame.
Well, until next time everyone! Smooches and Be Happy!


SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Scherka - I think you have done a brilliant job of managing to fit this in around a new baby and all the inbetween jobs - yes, they are more tedious to work around than the regular hours, I know what I'm doing type jobs.

Faye Lewis said...

Your fashions look divine!

Scheryka said...

Hi, Sarah Liz, thank you!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Faye!