Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Simplicity 6000

     Oops, I had to back up and get to some priorities I had forgotten about. While I’m trying to churn out MY maxi and work on MY flowing blouse, I had totally forgotten that my daughter asked for a dress to wear to her awards ceremony! Whoa, I remembered LAST night...umm around 9:00 pm last night! Dang it! I had to rewire my sewing machine for pink fabric. IMG_0513
Only to find out, I didn’t have enough to make the entire dress. It called for 1 5/8 for the main dress, 1/2 for the collar, 1/4 for the optional tie bow. I had just under a yard and a half.
The pattern is a vintage Simplicity. 6000. The cost then? $2.50. Circa 1983. Today, you may pay thrice as much. It’s described as Girls’ pullover dropped waist dress. According to the measurements, I made size 8 that came in the H envelope.
So, the alternate color? Same shiny fabric type. Polyester. I think I had bought them both for the purpose of lining something that never got sewn up. Blue. I had rewire again...
It’s a bit darker than this in person. I don’t know how the instructions were because I didn’t use them. I was in a mega rush. I also didn’t add the collar that goes around. Mega rush! And I thought she’d look like a super hero from Fantastic Super Friends if I really did put it on.
Anywho, LOL, Ok, I had to get that laugh out.
Congrats to Cheyenne, she got the “Most Physical Fitness Award”. She and her teacher, Mrs. Searight. I give all kinds of thumbs up to great teachers in our public school systems.
Here is the shot when she was called on to the stage.
Here are her shots after we got home and after I had added the trim around the neck. I didn’t have time to do it because I woke up this morning and put in the side seams and hems. Hit it with the iron and we were out. Had to be there before 8. So here the last few shots of my rising 4th grader. Yay, Cheyenne!
IMG_0509She wanted me to get the bot I’d made her for Christmas 2012.
That’s all for now. Back to my regularly schedule sewing.
Super_Friends 1


Tanya said...

Great job, no one would know you were rushed. She's adorable.

Scheryka said...

Aww, thank you, Tanya.

Faye Lewis said...

Pretty girl and lovely dress!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Faye!

Hana said...

Adorable dress and your girl is pretty. Congratulations for the award.

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Hana!