Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Laid to Rest

     .....for right now. It’s been recovered! I was attempting to take a stab at Butterick 5884.

It’s part of my items for the 2013 Style Your Stash Sew-a-Long.


However, I thought I’d enough fabric. Nope. For some evil reason pattern piece 2. Hid from me while laying and cutting the fashion fabric. I had all, or so I thought, the pieces laid on the fabric in such a way that all the pieces were matched with the stripes in the fabric. Viola, they all, or so I thought, fit. Ok, let’s move on to the lining pieces. Front bodice lining, back bodice lining, front skirt lining and back skirt lining. Whoa, back bodice! How did you get here and why are you now showing your face!? Yeah, since now I am out of fashion fabric and the only piece left was claimed by a 9-year old for a head scarf.


    Yeah, so, umm, I am going back to Hancock and see they, hope that they, pray that they still have this fabric. It’s one of the newer stash additions. It, a zebra print, and two other stripe fabrics. It was during their spot the bolt sale they’d had a couple months back.

     If this fails, then I I will use my lining fabric as the fashion fabric as well, since the cape of the sleeve extends all the way across the back.


     With this being said, Butterick 5884 has been laid to rest for a while and on to the next project(s).

While typing this post, the smart side of me said to go get the ‘said’ scarf and just see. Just see. I did. It worked! Even though the stripes aren’t lined with the bodice, it doesn’t make a difference because they match with themselves and that is enough. IMG_0750After Erica Bunker had made her number, I knew I wanted to go ahead and get mine out of the way so I, too, can wear my caped out dress. I already had the pattern in my stash but was timid because I was lazy and didn’t want to tackle all those itty bitty steps. But if I wanted my dress, I had to do it. So, I did it; and with a lot of frustration and ripping and whining and well just ugh! BUT, it’s not perfect, BUT, I love it. 

I used a sheer poly that was on the spot the bolt clearance at Hancock a few months back. It’s one of four that I’d gotten for a great price. They were all some kind of stripe. The seams of the fashion fabric are instructed to be in French seams. Done. The lining is done in double stitching as instructed. BEWARE: if you don’t like super narrow hems, just get ready because the sleeves are super narrow hems. The top and the bottom.

IMG_0757You can’t see it in this photo, though.

I cut the 14 and should have graded out just a tad for the waist and in just a tad for the front bodice. I didn’t recognize the bodice until it was all sewn and forgot to do the waist. It is wearable and I will be wearing it. I have a few more pounds to loose anyhow, so I should be good in a couple of months or so.

I like everything about this dress. Now the other view, View A, is just ordinary and looks like any other dress I’ve seen. The open and airy sleeves really gives this dress some out-of-the-ordinary pizzazz.

IMG_0755     IMG_0754

My nine-year-old added the belt. I kind of like it!

My dislikes are totally on me. Let’s see - for one I wanted this dress in a stripe. Check. A blue stripe. Check. To line up stripes. Not checked! I couldn’t for the life of me get most of those seams to line up. One would then the next wouldn’t. It5 just kept going. So I said fudge it, I was tired of fooling around with it and just put it together.

Another dislike, and again, totally on me, was that darn invisible zipper that took me a whole friggin day to put in and it’s NOT perfect by any means! I had the hardest time simply because I just wasn’t ready to tackle so many itty bitty steps, but I WANTED this dress with that darn invisible zipper that I’d put in with a regular foot because I have yet to buy a foot for the invisible zipper. Ok, I put it in VERY.SLOW! Yay! I love it! It’s in! Time to put it on Aloe and test it out. S*#@! That zipper stopped midways and didn’t move. Ok, a little giggle and it’ll be ok. It giggled up. Cool. Now to try it on me. Since it had a bit of trouble the first time, I’d scraped it with soap to get it slide a bit better. Nope. Stuck. Darn! Help. I call me 9 year old and we worked and tugged and POP went that darn zipper! I spent a whole day trying to put it back on, zip it without too many hiccups, but with no success. I WAS NOT, do I repeat myself - WAS NOT going to take it out, buy another and put it in! NOPE, not going to do it. I got the zipper back on and right where the zipper keeps popping, I slipped that baby together wrapping the zipper shut with the thread. This right at the waist seam, so the zipper doesn’t go any further than that. Now I have to wiggle the dress over my head instead of stepping into it, and then wiggle out of it. No problem. Besides who would know besides my blogging sphere, right?

So long with my blabbing. I do recommend this pattern if you’re up for some super duper narrow seams and some hand sewing. Go for it! I love it.

My horrible photo shoot was done in a rush. I wanted to get this done so I can move on, really, I’m moving, and get other things done.


Oh, what the heck, here are the photos that were edited out. We’ll call them Bloopers:

IMG_0787Falling out of a pose! Who does that?! LOL

IMG_0797No quite ready! I was still talking.

IMG_0796Looks like I am about to do the Dougie! LOL

All I have to do now is put in the hook and eye.

Up next:

Month of July project: Simplicity 2700 Amazing Fit in a vibrant Blue McCall’s 6553 in a very cute pink and white print.


Mini projects for July: 7 bowties for a client in a variety of fabrics and colors; No sewing will be done for clients until I settle. Burda Kids 9491 for one of my Munchkins; and Simplicity 2380 for another Munchkin.


I am not doing any special 4th of July sewing. (You see, I was supposed to post this on the 1st but, hey, things happen.)

Until later,



NovyLove said...

Turned out nice!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, NovyLove!

GodsgirlT said...

I agree...this turned out nice. Love the fabric choice too!

Scheryka said...

Thanks, God's Girl! I want to make a solid one but that zipper has done it for me with sheers for while! Lol

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Lovely dress on you Scheryka - and how on earth do you manage to survive so many photos - front, back and rear is all I can survive:). You do look fantastic in them all though, and they do show the dress.

Scheryka said...

Hi, SarahLiz! I tell who ever is taking my photos to just shoot one after the other. Then I'll do a few poses. I keep what I like a cut the others. This dress, I kept them all. And thank you!