Friday, June 10, 2011

Khaki and Burnt-Orange

Simplicity 9825

Another color scheme for our Sanctuary Choir. I thought it would have been a good way to get rid of a couple of yards of stashed fabric. So I chose to do S9825.

9825 Originally, I was going to do View C, but after I measured the finished length to my body, I would have to add another full skirt to it to make it church decent! The finished length for View C (in ALL sizes) is 17 inches! Now we ALL know that a 17 inch skirt will not fit


the same way it will fit


(Photos from Photobucket)

So, I had to go to the View B skirt. Much better. I put a few personal touches on this one. (I actually liked how another reviewer put bias on her seam allowances so I bit.) It actually made the inside a whole lot better.

Front seam                     Inside back

The side seams are nice too although I did not put bias on them. I serged them in black to coordinate the bias. (Actually, that’s all I have is black and white serger thread. lol I chose black.)

Here are the buttons and the full shot of the zipper. Boy am I getting superb results these days!

Buttons        Back seam w zipper and buttons

Free Vogue Pattern

I took lots of photos because three reviews are in this one outfit. The free vogue shirt was very simple and my second time at this top. I like it a lot but I think this is my last time making this one for a while. This is the first version.

Simplicity 4227

The last article is the pattern for this tank top I had for a very long time. I made the long sleeve blouse a long time ago and kept the pattern…because that’s what I do. I keep patterns. I decided to go ahead and do the tank and retire it. Although this is just a mock up it’s ok. (The reason for the ripples in the pictures.) I did not sew down the tricot lining because I am going to use it in the ‘real thing’.

Here’s the pattern:


The pattern calls for a woven. I used a knit. Hence the reason this is a mock up. But away with the blabber, here are some photos:



I like this look with the belt:

Front w beltSide w belt

Another look with the scarf I made with left over fabric from the vogue top:

Side w SacrfSide w scarf 2

I have to add the pictures with the Vogue top later because my camera died in the midst of the session. I have more batteries and will take pictures tomorrow and post them for the world to see.

Until Later and more pictures,



Myra said...

Schey, I have this skirt pattern and made it only one time years ago(I keep patterns too!) I love your version. What fabric did you use? It almost looks like a denim, is it?

Also, why would you retire such a great tank top??!! That one looks really cute, is it easy to make??

I love all the favorite is with the black belt!

ScheyF. said...

Hey, Myra. I used a stretch twill. I'm going to put it in the back of the box after I make the real tank. Yes, it was very easy to make. I had second guesses with trying to make it out of a knit. I had to cut off a bit to get it right. I should have cut the top v-part too but didn't and it sits really crazy. I will redo it then move on to other patterns.
I love the belt look too. Really cute.

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

cute outfit.
Nice Job!

Tanya said...

Great outfit, love the color combinations.

Heather said...

Very lovely combination, those colours look better together than I thought they would! I think I like the tucked in version best of the 3, especially with that belt. Very classy. :)

GodsgirlT said...

Superb results in deed! Love your skirt, top, scarf, and shoes! My fave is with the scarf around the waist. Ce' chic!