Monday, June 27, 2011

Butterick 5354

Can you believe I started on this top before Easter?! It is now three months later, two and half, that I have finished it. I am just now making time to post it. So, you ask me, “What took you so long?” Well, there is this little thing called dis-encouragement. Yeah, that’s what I call it. You see, this top has pleats around the neck, where if you don’t pay attention, you can easily sew them the wrong way.


And that is exactly what dis-encouraged me to finish. It wasn’t until four weeks later that I decided to finish what I started. Here is the finish result of that neck line.

Neckline upclose

  There is a nick in the fabric where I had to rip the seam. I tried to hide that one but couldn’t. There is also a double pleat where I hid a couple more. It’s supposed to be only one there.

The sleeve can be just a tad bit longer but I am happy with this one for now. I will add an inch and a half to them once I make the top again.Sleeve 1

I had to press the hem down with knit hem tape then sew. The fabric kept moving and sliding and getting my nerves! I eventually got it to look a bit decent. I will have to go back and re-trim closer to the stitch line when I get some TV time.


Here is the front and back views of my new blue top.

B5354 front                 Back

I must say this is very comfortable top and a unique twist on the basic T.

 Feather Pleat T-Shirt

Eddie Bauer for $35.00.


Joan Vass at for $78.00 on sale for $38.00.





I believe mine looks better and it only cost me $3.90 plus thread! Surprised smile 

Good job.

Until later, Schey


Tanya said...

Cute top and those pleats are the reason I passed this one up for now, yours looks great.

GodsgirlT said...

You know what they say....better late than never! You made it work and it looks great! Okay a nick here and/or there....that's what makes it your own. Great color and fabric! Nice work!

Adrienne said...

cute top!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

It's a cute top. And no one but you will notice the inconsistencies other than you.

Myra said...

I like this top a lot and think I may need to run out and get this pattern after seeing yours! Very cute top (don't tell anyone about the irregularities...they won't notice!)

Juanita said...

I can believe you started this top before Easter, because I started the same top in March. LOL I like your version! Wish I could get mine into a wearable state, but the neckline stretched way too low and I've been in battle with it. Soon though...

ScheyF. said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

I like your version! Looks great. I've made this top too! I really like the style, I waited a while also before finishing mine because of the pleats, but once I started it was OK.