Thursday, June 23, 2011

McCall’s 6270

From the previous post:
McCall’s 6270 is for the baby girl. Another stash spree. I finally found a great match for this fabric. I am going to do the modeled version. Too bad I don’t have enough to do the shorts. But that’s ok. As a seamstress, I will sew find something that will look great!
I am done! Again, I started over a week ago but life happened. I finished yesterday right before we went Bible Study. It took a total of somewhere around four hours of sewing time only.
When I first bought the fabric, I was in love with it. No – really – I kissed it! lol I had found the perfect fabric but for what pattern? I wouldn’t know until I went to the Hancock pattern sale and stumbled on this one. what drew me was the tiered ruffles in different but coordinating ruffles. Too cute and perfect for my 2 year old.
I still have to put on the bows. I will not use the pattern piece provided but I will use some ribbon and tie a cute bow. I have literally NO more of this fabric left. And the little I did have, my dearest husband decided he needed something to wipe his hands on! –He’s a mechanic for goodness sake! Arggh! His excuse? “Well it looks like you couldn’t do nothing else with those cuts.” There was lots I could do. Like make yoyos or test the serger.
Anyhow, no needing to cry over scrap fabric. Moving on. I happen to get some pictures of Nii in her new pretty mini dress. (It was supposed to be the top – View C.)
Here are the pictures:
Oh, and I got more than two this time! Yay!
FrontFront: She’s actually smiling. I think she likes it! Winner. 

Back: This it total progress! She turned around with no pressure! Still winning.

Front up close              Back up close
These are the up close front and back. These were no hassle. I just zoomed the focus and shot. She never knew I had taken them. W-I-N-N-I-N-G!
Now here’s the fun:
I got in four pictures until Nii decided that –yet again- she was too done.
  Inside out                   Inside out back
She did not want to take and inside out photo. So, I quit. But, we got six, SIX, 6, photos! Now this is what I call progress. My oldest daughter gave me some daughterly relief. She said, “Ma, it’s because that side is not cute like ruffles.” Winking smile
One more photo I snuck in: the button up close:
Neck upclose
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Sheila said...


KoLa RoTh said...

Too cute! Love your fabric choice.

HeathersSphere said...

Your model (smiling and not smiling) is just too CUUUUUUTE! I like the alternating fabric and those vibrantly lovely colors.

Tanya said...

So cute, I need a little girl to sew for, she's adorable.

narcissaqtpie said...

Awww! So cute! I wanna hug her. Isnt it great sewing for your little girl?