Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McCall’s 6318

From the previous post:
McCall’s 6318 has to be done by next Sunday. Our colors are Yellow, Black, and White. And I have had this Tiger Lilly print for a long time. I ordered it from one of my Favorite online fabric store,

That was over a week ago. I got stuck. You see, I had this problem where I was trying to fit a 9 inch zipper where I needed to put a 12-14 inch zipper. The dress, so far, is easy along with the directions and illustrations. Don’t let the pieces and the lines fool you. This is how my dress have been sitting lately because of the too-short zipper, school – again, and my niece came down to visit with her daughter (hey, that makes me a great aunt, huh?). I can actually get out of that by saying she is my husbands niece, so technically I am not a great aunt, but I won’t be that way. At least that’s my story, and I am sticking to it. lol Ok, now – this is how I left the dress:
full front stopping point It looks pretty good so far, huh? I think it does. Here is the front a little closer:
close front stopping point
I like those details, but they are a bit hidden by the design. I will make this dress again because I think it will make a cute LBD or LWD.
I will continue to add to this post as I assemble this dress, so visit back soon.
Next: The zipper.
and after finishing this number here, I have added the zipper:
The pattern calls for an invisible zipper but I was trying to use what I had in stash. I had two black 9'' zippers and every other color that did not match. So, I had to make a quick trip to WalMart (because I was already going that way) and grab a zipper. They only sold regular zippers so that’s what I bought. …And I put it in per the invisible zipper directions and this is what I got. I want to get a bit more closer to the teeth but risk the chance of ruining my dress because no matter how close I get; three things always happen:
1. My zipper keep moving from under the foot.
2. The needle would hit the foot – thus bending and then breaking.
3. I keep hitting the teeth with the zipper.
I don’t know why I had such a hard time but I did. So this is what I am settling for. (Note to self: buy special feet.)
The next steps were for the preparation and assembling the shoulder straps. Very easy. The directions says to under stitch as far as possible on a tube that is about, maybe, five inches wide and maybe twelve inches or so long. I didn’t even attempt it! Turned and pressed – It came out nice. I would top stitch it but that would take away the cleanliness of the straps. Here are the front and back views:
Full front with straps              Full back with straps
Next – the lining and finishing. I hope to be done so I can wear this Sunday.
FOUR DAYS LATER: (And not worn to church)
I have started on the lining and have not finished. I had to do a few projects for the girlies. I forgot that kids DO grow! My oldest one had only TWO pairs of shorts that she could fit. So, I was destined to make her a few pairs of shorts. THREE to be exact, in one day. They were pretty easy and fast, though. Neither pattern was new to me. I made them both before. And having sewn pants makes it pretty easy to put together a pair shorts.
This is how far I have gotten since our last visit together:
I believe I mentioned that I ran out of lining fabric and I had improvise. Ok here is how I am left to siggarig my lining. I am only lining the top and the middle bodice is left out. Here is how it looked as I started the lining sections:
Full view wo lining attached               Inside out w straps
The back and the front…well, side fronts will be lined. I am going to blind stitch by hand. Here is the back and side fronts close up with the lining in place, ready to be stitched.
Wo lining attached     Side insideout
Now that it is lined. Here is the back. It is very neat, if I must say myself. Hand-stitching really does yield some great results. One just needs to make sure there is enough time and patience to get it done.
Lining attached by hand

Here is the side front and how they stand right now. I just can’t bring myself to sew them yet. Thus the saying, patience is a virtue.
Need to attach pricess seamHow I held it in place by hand.
DSCF2760How it is now being held in place by millions of pins.
I think I will leave it as so until I am ready to tackle it. It might sit there until Tuesday. While I watch HowthoRNe, I can blind stitch. Yeah, that sounds like a plan but my plans never work. Sad smile Lol. Sew, I will attempt to do this hand work – eventually.
While the hand work for the side fronts are in limbo, I finished off the front bodice, today. Since I had not enough lining fabric I had to modify my assembly and cut some facings. Here is what was done.
DSCF2756I lined the fabric under the part I needed to give a clean finish to and cut that portion.
DSCF2757Here is what I needed to make the lines neat and crisp and to look decently finished.
DSCF2758Facings attached and unfinished.
DSCF2759The facing is looking better by the minute.
I have to go and take a few more photos because I had no more space on the camera. (Exiting left…I mean right)
Until a few more photos, Schey and Aloe.


Adrienne said...

Cute fabric!

Mz.Choize said...

It already looks great, love that fabric!

ScheyF. said...

Thanks Adrienne and Choize! I hope it still looks good once I am done.

Myra said...

I like what I see so far...can't wait to see the completed project on you. Nice fabric!!!

Tanya said...

Love it, I think you should go with the exposed zipper as a design element, they're all the rage now and I think it works with the fabric but that's just my two cents, I'm sure it's going to be fierce whatever you decide.

Erica B. said...

That's really cute. I have this pattern too and maybe I'll find time to make it!

Sheila said...

The fabric is very pretty and the dress is coming along nicely.