Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Endless Combinations: The Inspiration

After changing my mind a few times on what I wanted my theme to be for my Endless Combination 2010 contest to be, I settled for one of the most beautiful fabrics in my stash. But the decision wasn’t just a hunch, it was motivated by some very pretty, oh so my style, booties.
I put them on with my J. Stern Jeans and was taken aback. I loved the look. I knew right then I had to change my mind on my color scheme, then. I went from purple, black and white with my pop color to be red; to purple. Yeap, just purple. This was the red and white heart fabric I was going to start with:
Red Hearts Satiny
     Here are more views of the inspiration:
The background fabric is the inspiration fabric that I had in my stash for a while and finally decided it was time for it to make its debut. I have named my Endless Combination:
Purple Paisley and Papaya Passion
Paisley Parfait

Until later, Schey


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

Alright now, where did you get those shoes?

ScheyF. said...

I got them from They were on sale for $15. Yummy.