Sunday, November 28, 2010

Endless Combinations 2010

These are the J. Stern jeans pattern. They are the first piece for the PatternReview Endless Combinations Contest. The purpose of the contest is to make endless possibilities for outfits that will end the dreaded ‘nothing goes with nothing else’ in the closet syndrome. I have a lot of UFO pieces, RTW and hand made, that are stuck in the closet. They are good pieces, they are just lonely. To remedy this from happening again, I think my new way of thinking is to build new looks – endlessly. You start with a piece, I chose a pair of jeans since a wardrobe can spin off in several directions with just a pair of jeans. This is the pattern:
                                             J Stern pattern
I used a black stretch denim even though the pattern does not necessarily call for stretch. It’s a personal preference because it feels much better than being all stiff like a frozen sausage in non-stretch denim.
During construction, I incorporated a few tip I learned from other phenomenal sewers. The first thing I decided to do at the last moment was bias bind the pocket seams. This gives the pockets a so much better look. The next time I will make sure the thread matches. It was too cold to run out to the sewing “hut” and grab some thread so I used what I already had for the jeans. I also would liked to have used purple bias but I couldn’t find any and really didn’t fell like making my own. Note to self: MAKE OWN BINDING WHEN NONE CAN BE FOUND.
J stern inside pockets The next picture shows the pocket prepped with the coin pocket from the wrong side. I am glad there is coin pocket piece. Makes it more RTW.
                              J stern inside pockets
This one is the coin pocket face front. J stern front pocket 1
The back pocket design was an after thought. I wish I had made my mind up before I cut them out, but since I didn’t, I made a simple design and I am quite happy with it. It’s only on one pocket though. I wasn’t quite wanting the symmetrical look.
J stern pocket
I took picture with the hot pink top I wasn’t too long made. The top is not part of the contest. I needed something to take the pictures in besides nude “buttons”.
The length of the jeans are quite long for me. I am 5’3”. I do think I will keep them a bit long so that I can wear them with some heels. In this picture, I am wearing a pair of hot pink mules where the heel is not so tall.
J stern hem length  

Here is the front view:         Here is back view:
J stern front           J stern back
J. Stern pocketsJ. Stern yoke rise
Up close on the pockets.                            Up close on the yoke.

I need to redo the back loop because the stitches are pulling. I always get that! I think it is due to the fact that I need to raise the yoke. Which I will do on the next pair. Excuse the raggedy belt. When you have something that feels so comfortable, you don’t want to let it go.

Here are some more pictures that I took with the jeans because I felt the pink top over powered the fact that the jeans were focal point.


                           J stern front 2                      J stern back 2                     J stern side

I should have taken pictures and then ate! But I was full, though!

My son wanted to play with the camera so I told him to use it on me. I know, how conceited. But what can a Mother say? My children love me and I love them.
J. Stern side
Until later, Schey


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

the jeans are cute

Sewtellme said...

They look so good. I'm even inspired (slightly) to try to make some for myself.

ScheyF. said...

Thanks Carla. Sewtellme, you should really give it a go. The first time making them will be ust a bit challenging. After that, you'll want to make them all the time for no reason even if it's just because you want a new pocket design. The are fun. The best ones I have come across are these, J. Stern, and Jalie. The Jalie have pictures gallore. They may be all you need as they are as detailed as any can get. ;) Try it and let us see how you do. You can only get betterwith each try.